How does media influence my life

In the 21st century, media became an essential part of our life. What we think and how we behave are significantly influenced by media. Nowadays, people are not only consuming but also producing media contents in many different forms. It also connects people, no matter how far you live, and plays an integral part of communication in a global scale. As a person who is quite active on multiple media platforms, I think media usage has positive impacts in general and I’m happy to have media in my life.

Even though it is a virtual space, the sense of belonging in media satisfies the desire for self-actualization. The more interaction takes place, the greater satisfaction I get. In the times of Covid, I became more active than ever in social media and I used multiple platforms to join communities and share my own creations. People I met there and their engagements were great source of energy for me at that time. Since the account started to grow fast and gain popularity, I was asked to get sponsored by some brands. It was an amazing experience to cooperate with companies using my talent to influence the world. Sometimes it even feels like the particular persona I create in social media represents the real me beyond the virtual space and makes me feel more confident than in real space. It also seems like people tend to have positive perception on me when I introduce them with my account; halo effect. Thus, I’m becoming more and more addicted to this comfort zone.

I’ve been in long distance relationship going for almost 3 years and technology has enabled us to successfully maintain it. If you wonder what it is like to be in LDR in today’s media saturated society, it isn’t that hard as you may expect but something different. We were able to overcome the distance and the different time zone easily through media. Instead of seeing each other physically, video calling allowed us to establish some degree of emotional communication and share deeper feeling and thoughts than other couples. We often spent time together on playing online games and watching movies and these kind of little events let us realize the value of our relationship as well as greater appreciation on every moments. Also, there are numerous amount of posts under hashtag #couplestagram in Instagram as a tool to feel more connected with their partner and protect the relationship from other people, and we had our own private account too. Through the endless contents and various platforms that media provides, couples in long distance relationship can build a strong intimacy and eventually it becomes a new form of love today.

Media is ubiquitous and it is almost impossible to imagine the world without media. I consume media all the time as I want to stay connected with my family, friends and partner and to get inspired by seeing others creation:pictures, musics and videos. I also produce contents to entertain others and to achieve self-actualization. Personally, I can’t guarantee that media is beneficial for us in every aspect but if there is no media in our life, it will be difficult for a lot of people to maintain careers and relationships.

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