Why I Heart my Media?

The last thing my mother told me before I left for my flight to Amsterdam was, “I will facetime you everyday. So we can keep in touch”. It got me thinking about how heavily dependent we are on media to keep in contact with our loved ones. The possibility of connecting with anyone at anytime by just a click of a button.

I have been in countless situations where media in general has made me avoid an on the spot breakdown literally. For example, one afternoon I was craving Indian food but I was not that great at cooking. Immediately I called my mother and asked her to guide me. It tasted great just to let you all know.

It amazes me how various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or even WhatsApp make it easier to stay in contact between people who live far apart. Just because you are away form them does not mean that you are are not part of their life. Media might not not be able to grant you physical access to that person but it can still give you the experience of feeling connected. Just by sending a “snap” on Snapchat or Instagram, your close ones are updated on your daily doings or the exciting new things that you tried or stumbled across.

All I am saying is that we have progressed so much in the field of media and it has continuously helped us connect. Especially students who are away from home, or family members that you cannot visit due to the pandemic.

-Drishti, 13882244


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