Why I heart my media 

For me Social media is pretty awesome. 

It introduces me to new music, inspires me with recipes, connects me to people I love and care about. 

Sharing my experiences on Instagram, staying in touch with people I have not seen for a very long period of time on Snapchat or what’s app, getting entertained with funny videos on TikTok all this makes me feel comfortable. Media let me feel comfortable. 

The possibility to Face-time with friends or my family is such an important function to me. 

Moving to a new city without knowing anyone  is not an unchallenging step but the opportunity to talk via video with people I need around me keeps me feeling safe, connected and comfortable. To actually see them speaking and also to see their surrounding is incredible. 

Particularly through this course, Media and Culture, I perceive media in a more valuable way. There is so much to learn,experience and find out about this broad  media world and I am super excited. 

13853783 student ID – LISA KORBER


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