my best friend.

My media is my best friend. It captures all my memories, gives me a reason to laugh, to cry and to bond with others. It makes humdrum routines enjoyable and gives me a chance to escape the stress of our daily lives. We have grown up together and witnessed each other become more social, more sophisticated, more nimble. In fact, it has kept track of all my interests and experiences throughout my life that it knows me better than anyone else. Sometimes I wonder if it knows me better than I know myself.

However, once you spend so much time with someone or something, you’re bound to get sick of it.

While my media encourages me to love myself for who I am, it tells me that I’m too short, too fat, too boring. It tells me to buy the hottest clothes yet warns me about fast fashion. It tells me I’m enough, but says I should try harder. It has increased my confidence, yet made me more insecure.

It is a taxing relationship, but I can’t get enough of it.

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