For as long as I can remember, I have been watching movies and TV shows. From every single Barbie movie to Martin Scorsese’s disturbing Shutter Island, watching all these films has brought me so much pleasure and happiness in so many ways. It’s quite funny and embarrassing at the same time actually, how I used to watch a movie or show when I was younger and get completely obsessed with the characters and the world in which those characters lived. I remember one of the first times this happened, with the Harry Potter franchise. After watching the first couple of movies, I would secretly go on my mom’s computer to search up who played the role of Harry. When I found out it was Daniel Radcliffe and seeing pictures of him on google, 8-year-old me decided to write him a love letter. I don’t remember much of this time in my life, as I was quite young, but this I remember very well. Once I started using social media, these obsessions with cast members and the worlds in films took a new turn; I was able to actually keep up with all these actors and see what they were posting about and what they were doing in their lives. You could say I was a fan girl. I even made fan accounts on Instagram at one point…. Looking back at this now I cannot help but feel embarrassed about some of the things I would post and how obsessed I would be over people I did not even know personally. Yes, some things were embarrassing, but overall, when I look back at this time of my life, I realise how big of a part this played in my childhood and that it genuinely made very happy. I was always able to go into this ‘different world’ when doing things on the internet related to movies/shows and the actors. Being in these ‘online fandoms’ even made it possible for me to make friends that I would meet up with back in the days and create friendships that later did not even revolve around being fans anymore. I cannot imagine my childhood without this part in it, because it has made such a huge impact on me and on where a lot of my interests lie today – and that is why I love my media.

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