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As the proverb says, every coin has two sides, and the internet or media is no exception, it has both advantages and disadvantages, but from my point of view, I think media and technology provide a gigantic help for me in studying, communicating, setting the relationships with others and so on, although, sometime I will feel depressed because of media. 

As an international student, I have to leave home and parent to study abroad. During the period that I study in the Netherlands, the mobile phone is the only channel for me to communicate with my family. Frequent video chats reduce the sadness caused by distance. Also, my parent can know a country that is totally different with China based on my introducing or searching online. As I always call my mom, she will know lots of things that happened in my daily life, which will eliminate the gap that generated because of the distance. Therefore, media and technology is the useful tool for me to communicate with my family.

Furthermore, today’s world and society allow people to share their own opinions and perspectives freely because of the development of media. It is easy for people to find a person who has similar interests and minds with themselves, which can remove the sense of loneliness. Specifically, if people with lots of fresh and advanced ideas, but lived in a traditional and enclosed place, the neighbors will not understand him or her. It is easier for him to communicate those ideas with people from outside. Taking myself as an example, in my childhood, I was always interested in studying and observing insects, but my friends around me and my families do not understand me. I thought I was wried. However, I found a chat group on the internet that was organized by lots of people who liked insects. We always discuss our observations in that group, which brought me lots of happiness, and gave me a lot of psychological comforts.

However, it is difficult for people to have strong control in front of absolute comfort. I will spend about 10 hours on devices per day, even if a small part of it is for studying. I felt frustrated about this fact because I think a healthy life should not be like this. It will be better for me to spend some time on outdoor activities or doing some sports. I expected to crash my iPhone into small pieces and get away from those electronic devices as far as possible. As I do not want to be a ” smombie” to feel numb with spending lots of time on technology and mobile phone. Even so, we cannot deny the place of technology in our lives —— dominated position in our life. 

All in all, in my opinion, it is not possible to against those media machines or technology, because they have penetrated every aspect of our lives. Therefore, I should enjoy the benefit and convenience bring by media and the internet. 

Anna Guoyiwei



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