My love-hate relationship with media

I love my media because it makes me feel connected and not alone. I can always contact anyone at anytime and especially when I’m in a relationship, connection is important. My mom would tell me stories about her relationship at my age, how there was no way for them to contact each other except on every Saturday when they would usually meet. I wouldn’t be able to imagine seeing my boyfriend once a week and not knowing if he would even show up. So, media can become very handy in this case. I also hate the fact that I would waste so much time on it, either texting or just distracted by the contents I could easily swipe up. The endlessness makes it hard for me to break the cycle and thus I would spend about an hour or two on my phone. 

Media is great don’t get me wrong. But it either keeps you entertained or waste your time and it’s usually both for me. It’s my guilty pleasure to be distracted on my phone, watching dog videos instead of doing work. This would make me frustrated because I wouldn’t get things done but I would still be on my phone because it’s more fun than doing school work. See? Love-hate relationship. Even while writing this blog post, as soon as I picked up my phone I completely forgot about that I was supposed to be writing, and watched more dog videos. 

More things I love but hate at the same time: my laptop is very useful, I can take notes on it and never need to buy notebooks again. But it can lag or have bad connections which would often lead to me losing my notes. My alarm clock helps me to wake up early in the morning but it’s annoying at the same time. I use social media to talk to my friends which is convenient when we want to meet up somewhere for example. But there could be posts on the platform which could make me feel insecure about myself or make me wish I was that person, and etc…

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