Why do I love media? (if I do)

Why do I love media? I wonder.

I could barely think of anything because the media is recently repelling me a lot.

I hate the anxiousness that I get from social media; I hate the peer pressure from all these talented and gorgeous people; I hate bad news, fake news, and propaganda; and I have a mixed feeling for performative activism…

So is there any reason for me to like media? There must be. I think.

Oh, actually, I can just google it.

Whether I like it or not, whether you like it or not, media is there. It has always been there, and it will always be there.

The fact that you can always find different opinions on media could always help one to see the other perspectives of an issue. For instance, I am a student struggling to develop reasons to like media and write an assignment about it. So I simply googled: reasons to like media.

The research told me that we as humans have a desire for a community and to extend it, that media can strengthen interpersonal relationships, that media can promote better habits, etc. So now I am sitting in my room, eating pasta and typing this blog without comprehensive and practical research on why we should like media. Media makes it so convenient to know different perspectives. One could always argue that the algorithms behind media strengthen the conflicts between people with different opinions because they strengthen confirmation bias by suggesting evidence that supports each user’s belief. However, a person with a decent education and critical thinking skills, he/she should be able to be aware of the fact that confirmation always exists, especially in media. And for them, the media’s function of collecting different opinions (which could be easily found if one actively searches for evidence of arguments from different perspectives) is precious because it is a database fall of new primary sources.

That is one reason that I should like media.

I think there should be more, though.

Hmm, maybe the other reason could be that whether I like it or not, I can constantly update myself about the world via media, and in the meanwhile give the world some updates about yourself. It could be reading politician’s tweets to know what is happening and estimate in what ways our daily life will be different because of changes in politics and get prepared for it (or choose to go against it); it could be posting your art on your social media, so you have more opportunities to be found by companies who want to collaborate with an artist. This can go on and on if you’re trying to find the valuable parts of media.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that, yes, media puts pressure on everyone, and sometimes it can be really unhealthy. However, we might have ignored the fact that media was not designed in the way that we use it today. It is only a source of anxiety if we make it into it. So we should try to learn how to appreciate it and build a healthy environment on media knowing that it is almost impossible for one to completely abandon media and yet still have a comprehensive understanding of our world nowadays.

And I love media. (no)

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