My Love-Hate Relationship with Media

I want to share two posts I saw on media about media.

The first says something like this: Why “I hope this email finds you well”? When it comes to those emails from my uni, I sincerely hope they can’t find me at all. Of course, it is about how much stress those emails can bring us and that sometimes we simply want to run away from all those responsibilities. I am impressed by the playfulness of its language. Also, it makes me reflect on my love-hate relationship with media. I don’t want to be disturbed by those emails when I am just about to take a break. However, it will be difficult for me to pass my courses without those emails since I am not well informed.

The second is about a slogan on the London tube saying something like “you are staring at your phone screen just to avoid eye contact with strangers”. Most of the time, we regard our phone as a tool of communication. We can expose ourselves to the public through online platforms with our digital devices and get more information about others in return, whether we notice it ourselves or not. However, when we are actually in the so-called real public environment, we refuse to exchange any information with those right in front of us while enjoying the public space online simultaneously, which is slightly self-contradictory. But anyway, I do think media are more introvert-friendly since we can comment and even passionately discuss topics we both like without worrying about feeling not confident enough when meeting offline. After all, we will not be able to withdraw what we have said offline.

I guess media somehow both shorten and lengthen the distance between people.


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