Do I even heart my media?

Media for most parts is fun and exciting – watching entertaining videos on Tik Tok, sending the best moments to your friends on Snapchat, seeing the best celebrity outfits on Instagram, or getting ideas for your new apartment on Pinterest. On the other hand, it can be reading or watching the news or basically anything else on TV. Also, wasting your time trying to find the best Youtube video or show on Netflix to watch while you eat your 2 euro microwave pasta from Albert Heijn. Whatever you do, enhances your life experience on this planet. And it goes like this for most of us living in the developed world.

But since I started studying media, one thought comes up in my mind every time I finish my online (how ironic, right?) lecture – I WANT TO THROW MY PHONE INTO THE CANAL. I’m so sick of it. It is basically like coming from the best course of analyzing media to being in it and “doing” it. When you are aware of it, it makes you go mad. Why are we doing this? What’s the point? Does it make our lives easier? Obviously not. These are the questions I ask myself every day, but I doubt that I will ever figure out the answers. Like never. That’s why it is more and more harder to come up with something under the title “Why I Heart My Media” every day. I don’t know if I do.

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