i actually kinda love media.

In the traditional sense of love, that is. Which, if I truly step back, is quite the peculiar statement. In many ways, all that’s bad in my life has in some way stemmed from or been agitated by media. And let it be known, I’ve never been one to look on the bright side of things. I mean, hell, I’m more depressed now than I ever have been. Seeing the bright side to life is barely even a possibility anymore. So why do I have this positive view on media? I know why everyone tells us to be afraid of it. I know how shitty media can be. But, due to the sheer fact that everything I adore in my life right now is intertwined with media, well, I can’t just ignore that. I’m in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, so without video calling I wouldn’t have the ability to talk to the one I love most in this world. Film, television, music – those sensory jewels are a part of me. They are what I hold closest to my heart in the midst of an otherwise unappealing world. A tasteless world. When I follow a recipe and cook up a fine meal, I have media to thank for that. When I order a pizza from the comfort of my apartment, I have media to thank for that. 

There’s this grand delusion surrounding media that it is inherently evil. It ruins relationships and it ruins lives. I won’t deny the possibility of that, of course. It would be foolish to go against such a prospect. But, it would be equally foolish for me to turn a blind eye to the many, many wonderful things media has brought and will continue to bring to my world. To our world. 

I am wholly – and undoubtedly – indebted to media.  

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