Media far away from home

My life in media is divided in two different worlds. One in Amsterdam and one in Sofia. In my country my media could be described as entertainment. I am scrolling through social media, I am reading a nice book or I am binge-watching a series. However, in Amsterdam the word that I will describe my media with is connection. No matter how many kilometers away are my parents, my friends, my family members with only one click on my phone or my laptop I can see them. I am pretty sure that I have spent 1/3 of my time in this beautiful city being on video calls with the people that I love the most.

Sometimes pursuing your dreams and being away from home seems awful. Sometimes you cry and think that media cannot bring anyone to you. They are there and you are here. You cannot hug them but you are connected with them. Living in a media world makes us a part of a global system of connections. I talk with friends in Spain or with family members in Austria and Germany. The truth is, yes, I cannot hug anyone of them. However, it is so much better to know that you can talk to them while seeing them laugh, cry, smile at you or even when they are angry at you. We should appreciate what media give us because without them we would have been a lot lonelier and sadder living far away from home.   

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