Why I (not always) heart my media

When I got into seventh grade my parents bought me my first smartphone. This was my first own digital device. Like most kids my age I immediately downloaded every social media app I could think of and created an account. Especially Snapchat had my heart and the so called streaks were almost as intense as a mini-job. When I look at the pictures that I took back then I sometimes can`t handle the amount of embarrassment they evoke in me but I know that it was during that time that my passion and my true love for media started evolving and therefore I am grateful. 

Until today this has not changed. As for most people media is a big part of my life. First thing I do in the morning is look at my phone to check messages, read the news if I am feeling very productive and then open Tiktok which is always a fatal mistake.

I enjoy scrolling through Pinterest for hours; looking at outfits I can`t afford and places I want to visit. Or binge-watching every single Youtube video of Babish Culinary Universe, Emma Chamberlain and Cody Ko (even though I practically know them by heart) only because it gives me this feeling of comfort.

Obviously all this time spent on social media does come with negative side effects. 

For me personally the biggest issue was the content related to a very unrealistic and unachievable body image.  The algorithm makes it nearly impossible to escape a specific type of content once you have shown interest in it. But at some point I managed to find a solution for this issue, deleted all my social media accounts and had a fresh start. 

From that moment on I loved spending time with and in media. Mostly because it gives us endless room for creativity and imagination.

Other media forms such as books or film totally have my heart too. Books have always been my favourite form of escapism as they have never affected or harmed my mental health in any way. Since I was a toddler watching movies has been one of my most loved forms of entertainment and I could make movie nights on a daily basis. 

To conclude, I would say that I heart media because it is so diverse and for the many different possibilities to be creative and be inspired. 



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