Living with media is a two way relationship

Everyday we live with media, we put so much time into them. We choose to spend hours every day interacting with posts, videos, images, but why do we this?

I feel that the reason we put so much effort and time into our social media, or media in general, is because we also get so much out of it. The algorithms of the platforms and apps we use everyday have gotten to know us so well, sometimes even better than the people we’re closest to in “real life”. Because these algorithms know us so well they know exactly what we like, find interesting, makes us happy. They know exactly how to make us feel any emotion that they want.

The fact that we put so much effort and time into media and that media give us back so many feelings and emotions makes me feel that we shouldn’t look at media usage solely as humans using media. It is a two way street, we put a lot into it but we also get a lot from it. The relationship we have with media is closer to the relationships we have with other people than solely a utilitarian relationship.

Once we accept this way of viewing media usage will we be a step closer to living in media, instead of with media. This acceptance will help us be more at peace with our media usage and maybe remove the taboo I feel like there is in using a lot of media.

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