Love-Hate Relationship with Media

  These days media is an integral  part of our life. Our generation was born into a world full of different kinds of media. Right now it is hard to even imagine living without it. 

When it comes to my personal relationship with media it’s extremely complicated. On the one hand I can definitely say that media is one of my best friends. Every single day I am using my phone, which  helps me to stay organized, reminds me of my meetings, classes or my to-do list. It’s crazy to think how harder studying would be if we couldn’t just google a topic that we’re interested in and instead we would have to browse numerous books to find necessary information. Now the browsers do this work very efficiently in no time at all. 

Another thing is my love to cinema- media allows me to watch almost every possible movie I want to because of variety of film streaming platforms. Media can also help us with communicating with other people. Currently I am studying abroad so because of that I am not able to see my family in person every day. And here comes the media! Thanks to FaceTime I can talk to them and see them regularly. 

On the other hand it’s quite easy to lose yourself in all this media world. I can’t tell how many times I had to do something important for school but instead I was binge-watching some TV series or just scrolling through TikTok.   What is more, sometimes the social media can also have a harmful impact on us. Everywhere on Instagram we see how perfect other’s lives are or how good they look and we are trying to meet these fake standards that are almost impossible to reach. We have to remember that in media world everyone shows only the aspects of their life that they want to and often we create a slightly better version of ourselves.

Sometimes I also feel that media push me away from the real life or nature and because of that I tend to feel lost and distracted. But I think it is enough to put some limits and restrains on using it to enjoy fully its benefits and to have a healthy relationship with media. And that’s what I am willing to do!


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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