Media Leads Us To The End Of The World

I believe the end of the world is unity. Everything will eventually converge to form an entirety with trillions of integrals. Media is somehow helping us, or at least simulating this process.

Despite the fierce argument on twitter or fragmentation of different platforms, we are unconsciously living in one same internet world. We could share our perspectives through various measures on different platforms on climate crisis. Unless you have never been on any media which is impossible as media is assumed to be pervasive and ubiquitous.

Many signs are already showing we – human beings – are gradually integrating altogether. When wearing vintage becomes popular, it’s not only trending in Japan, but almost everywhere in the world. Such phenomenon is extremely visible on Gen Z.

As a short wrap, the relationship between each one in the world is pushed closer than ever. It is a corollary driven by media as we may never conceived.

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