Media Memories

I have only recently started to seriously think about the way media impacts me, my personal life, my emotions, and why I love my media. This recalls particular occasions in the past where I was involved with media.

Two friends and I ran the school media team together during the last two years of high school. We helped document and record school events or projects, as well as create our own content and bring our creative visions to life. Throughout this process, I learned the importance of communication, organization, and teamwork. Additionally, I gained valuable experiences with filming, editing, and handling various media-making equipment, all of which will hopefully come in handy in the future. I am grateful that I was part of a team that consisted of many passionate and enthusiastic students and I am proud that we were able to create and accomplish many meaningful projects.

Another memorable occasion was being part of the process of organizing our high school graduation. Being in charge of the media department of the graduation committee was quite stressful at first as the whole event was student lead and it calls for collaboration and clear communication with the other departments. However, the feeling of accomplishment and relief after seeing the event successfully unfold makes it all worth it.

While brainstorming for the content of this blog post, I scrolled through others’ for inspiration. I read many wonderful stories and ideas written by fellow students and it got me thinking, maybe my experiences are not as fascinating, as interesting, or as grand as others. But they are unique and special to me, even if it is just scrolling through social media late at night or editing a birthday compilation video for a friend. With all that said, my experiences with media mentioned above and many more, no matter big or small, have not only influenced my choice of study and direction of career path, but it will also continue to impact any life choices I will come across in the future. Fingers crossed, I guess?


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