My romance with my media

My relationship with media is like a romantic drama everyone watches in their bed with hot chocolate. I hate my media as much as I love it. I try to escape it but then come back every time, relieved that it’s still there for me.

Like everything in life, my media is not one dimensional. I cannot tell right from wrong media sources because each one of them gives me something and takes something back. Chick flick movies made me have high expectations of men, which were quickly destroyed by men on tinder. Instagram gives me a confusing mix of body positivity and body shaming. Ads based on my browsing history, which are everywhere online, make me feel constantly watched. Well, I have to admit that two-thirds of my purchases are made through online advertising.

When I think about my media, I mostly think about social media. Let’s be honest, it consumes most of my time now. However, films and television are media that raised me and brought me the comfort I sought. I just know that I would not be the same without Roman Holiday (1953), Spirited Away (2001), or even The Devil Wears Prada (2006). I have many comfort movies that it would be hard to list all of them here. They distract me from real life, giving me an escape to the beautiful world of film.

My media has many flaws, and my love for it is not always mutual, but I would never want to lose it.

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