We are all protagonists

Stories allow us to communicate and empathise. They are a safe mechanism to gather people around a bonfire and amuse them with our narration.

In response to our human need, social networks have quickly become the ideal place to tell stories: more specifically our story.

Social media tell about us or rather: our own version of ourselves.

On a platform I can tell the story of my life but in a personal and revised version. It shouldn’t be seen as lying but more as point of view. Who establishes what is true and what is not? I’m free to feel like a fashion blogger, and who cares if I’m actually not? I have the right to portrait myself however I want. 

And that’s not all.

These platforms give us an audience.

Humans want, demand attention…and if telling a story is the most effective method to get it, doing it on socials guarantees us the maximum audience possible. The more people we have in our ranks of followers  more understood we feel.

We want to be present, to make our voice heard, possibly stronger than that of others. We want to be seen, we need to be seen because we feel like we don’t exist if no one looks at us.

With social networks we all become protagonists, everything we publish becomes a form of self-celebration.

Social media just offers us all the tools to tell a wonderful story with what we have available every day: ourselves. 

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