why i heart my media.

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Zoe Meeajaun

I have a pretty love hate relationship with my media, on the one side I love it, it is what I spend most of my time doing, it helps me keep in contact with all my friends as-well as help me “disconnect” in a way from real life. That’s a bit weird to say, usually people stop using their media in order to disconnect but I guess I am a bit different in that regard. Anyways alongside the love I have for my media, there is the hate I have for it also. Specifically, my physical media, my phone for instance, I got my phone stolen whilst on holiday this summer and my reaction to that was out of the ordinary. I mean it is a piece of metal, but by me not having that piece of metal with me, I couldn’t post about what I was doing whilst on holiday, I couldn’t keep everyone updated on my life. Looking back at that experience I realised that I was on holiday, there was no need to post every single thing, there was no need to share every aspect of my life with the rest of the internet, but the thing is I am so co-dependant on my media, that losing my phone felt like one of the worst things in the world.

So there has always been this part of me that wants to try and limit the amount of media I use, the amount of time I spend on it or the amount I use it, but quite frankly for me it is impossible. There is no escaping media, I need it to see my schedule for work for the upcoming weeks, I need it to contact my classmates for group projects, I need it in order to call my grandparents who are abroad, and this is all great and very useful but at the same time I am yet to discover a way to escape my media.

As I mentioned I used my media as a way to escape “real life” which is possibly another reason as to why I am so dependent on media. Pretty much what this all comes down to is, life gets a bit stressful at times, but the use of media is also stressful at times, with all the notifications and updates and the amount of up-keep all physical media needs, it becomes a lot, overwhelming even. However, in this century, in this time it is pretty impossible to be without any media. We have in other words merged and become our media, whether that’s a good or bad thing, I am yet to determine that for myself.


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