World’s most lovely prison, media.

Imagine, you live in a gigantic prison and its quite nice actually. You can watch great movies, listen to your favorite music and chat with the hottest girls around. There is only one remark. You cant escape…

Media, I love it. Because of media, I can identify and develop myself in several ways. Media makes it possible for me to stay connected with the world and to participate in the contemporary society.

For me as a videographer, it’s essential to have media. Media give me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Its also the place where I can share and publish my work to the whole world. Without media I don’t think the job really existed.

Even though I write very positive about media, I am also critical. I think media is often giving a wrong representation of reality. And you might consider: ”What is reality?”. I think nobody knows. But I think there is a lot of irrelevant information online, that’s not making the world a better place.

Finally I think media are distracting and very addictive. During the time I wrote this blog, I grabbed my phone at least 5 times to check my snapchat. So I often have a craving to delete everything and to be fully offline, but that’s not possible in this beautiful prison. 🙂

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