A Dive Into Escapism

Media, to me, are the epitome of escapism. A surreal world so close yet so distant from reality. Is it a dream or a nightmare? Maybe it is both. It acts like some sort of comfort zone at times yet a war zone as well.

On the one hand, I adore media and specifically the social interactive features it brings. I have met some of my closest friends through fandoms and online communities. If it had not been for media, I would have never met them since they live all across the globe. In addition, taking a dive in the obscure world of a film or franchise and learning everything about it is something that brings me much joy. I consider being detached from my own world and fantasising about the infinite possibilities within my imagination to be pure dopamine.

On the other hand, media has a downside. The relationship I personally have with media is quite the addictive one. I used to feel ashamed of consuming so much media all the time. However, I recently came to the conclusion that there is no shame in the consumption of the abundance of media. It is their purpose to be consumed. Nonetheless, I am aware of the sheer size of my media diet and how much “wasted” time it requires. This, to me, is where my issue lies with media. Ideally, I would make more time for doing things I love, like hiking, gardening or cooking. Media cause so many impressions and impulses that it often feels hard to resist them. Is it my job to balance this relationship out or the media’s? Some might argue that it is up for debate but since I do not get the impression the media will fix this, I will take the responsibility upon myself. 

Student no. : 13203940 – Calvin de Caluwe


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