Our never ending relationship

I can confidently say that my relationship with media could be easily expressed with the lyrics from the song “I hate you, I love you”, which is “feeling used, but ı’m still missing you.” The reason behind this is that when I’m on my phone and get the weekly screening time notification, I find myself thinking “how on earth did I spend this much time on phone?!” and cant help but feel used. Then I start thinking about what I’ve been doing on my phone… Except the time I spend on my lovely game 1010, I use my phone to connect with people, sometimes through whats app, sometimes snapchat, sometimes instagram. And then ask myself the question: How can I not miss this? Especially ever since moving to a new country, I’ve started appreciating the usage of media more and can hear media telling me the line “if I were you, I would never let me go” from the same song. So I guess what I should be doing is appreciating how media “helps” me:)

Student no: 13559354, Aleyna İrten


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