Why I heart my media?

I really loved media from a young age, but unlike the children nowadays, I started loving media through books. Most children nowadays are already addicted to phones and stuff at like 2 years old, but when I was young I read a lot of books. Since I was 6 years old, I went to the library every Wednesday with my mom. I was really sad every time we had to leave, because I couldn’t choose which books I wanted to bring. I only could borrow 10 books each time, so I read like 4 books at the library itself.

When I grew up my interest started to switch from books to social media and TV. I really love using media and being able to meet new people through media. I also really like that I am able to just talk to everyone I know at any time. I talk a lot with my friends online and I also met my boyfriend online. So I really love my media.

On the contrary, I sometimes wish I could just take a break from all media. I feel like the pressure sometimes just gets too high and I need to take a break. Even though I feel like I need it, I think it is impossible to actually take a break from all media. When I would really take a break from all media, I think I would miss a lot of things. Maybe that is also a kind of FOMO and I just need to do it, but first I need to gather the strength to be able to let go of media for a couple days.

But even though I would really like to take a break from media sometimes. I  will never be able to live completely without it, because I just love it so much.

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