why I love my media

The main reason I use media is as a form of distraction. When things in my personal life start to get difficult, I escape my problems by constantly watching, reading and/or listening to something. I do this to the point where I cannot even brush my teeth or make a sandwich without watching a youtube video. To the point where I cannot fall asleep unless i watch Netflix, listen to a podcast or read until I physically cannot keep my eyes open anymore.

Because of media I never have to be alone with my thoughts. This has gotten me through difficult times. On the other hand, it has resulted into me pushing my problems so far away that it took me ages to make difficult decisions (like breaking up with my boyfriend or deciding on what school to go to).

The weird thing is, Ive always been aware of the fact that I tend to do this, from a very young age. Yet, it seems i am never able to break this pattern.

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