A Snapshot of My Media Life

When I think of my media, it brings back memories of events and people I love. The small moments of life that I want to capture and hold onto forever or the ones others share through different platforms and mediums. The warm feeling of rewatching a video of my brother’s graduation or a shared experience with my grandparents who I can no longer make new memories with. I always had a strong longing for nostalgia and my phone allows me to archive all these special moments, edit them and compile them into folders almost like a personal library without the inconvenience of physical space. Media allows me to communicate, to share ideas, and to gain them and learn from others. When I think of role models in my life, some of the primary ones after my parents are youtubers or people who’s journeys and lives I have followed online, who I’ve learned from and have helped me form my ideas growing up. 

The other side of being exposed at a young age to all ideas and perspectives online is somewhat darker. My interest in leading a healthy lifestyle was supplemented with videos on different diets, plant based lifestyles and habits that were unattainable with my lifestyle and surroundings. Additionally to social media strengthening my low self confidence as a young teenager, I also looked up to movie and tv show characters and their actors as ideal, perfect people. It caused the decline of my mental and physical health and the start of a dark period in my life. I can never fully blame my media for this time, but I do believe that I abused the media that surrounded me, and consumed it without enough caution. 

Looking back, I recognize that everyone has their own journey and history with the media that they use and interact with on a daily basis. The technologies around us are becoming more intimate and pervasive by the day. I feel like I can express myself and be comfortable using media, exploring and being inspired by art and creativity shared online that I otherwise would not have access to. I love my media, from the movies and pop culture that shaped my childhood, to the apps that help me gain access to music, public transport and help me communicate with my family and friends. I know that I can’t reject it completely, it has already become too entangled in my life. The only thing I can do is accept and love the media which I use.

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