Media Fever

being a person whose life started with taking pictures and sharing to others by my mother, I’ve always been affected by media. however, the extent of how I love media reach the peek during the pandemic. cuz I was so boring been locked in my home, and my only friend is my phone, although i know i talked to my real friends through social media, I’m still using phone as the medium to be connected with the outside world. and i started to post things(such as the my own photography work and my own vlog) on a bigger platform, which could be seen by the people from the whole world, people started to leave comment on me and like my post etc. but the most exciting thing is that, some commercial shooting started to invite me to do the shooting for them, this means i can actually make money just by posing something i like, and i can even make money from that, this made me feel fascinate about it. things started to get toxic cuz i started to pay more attention on the statistics, i started to care about how other people think about my work, which actually affect how i feel. I know it’s not that healthy to obsessed in social media and i started to looking for some info about why people get obsessed with social media, I found that the description is exactly how i feel, thus i feel media is really interesting especially in the temporary world because everyone have their phone with them, everyone is ‘online’. After a period of self reflection. From that time My media fever started to get more and more serious, and the result is that i abandon my scholar as a economy student and started to chase my media fever in uva

student number:13958348


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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