Why I Love Media

I love the extent of media and the endless possibilities and aspects of it. There is always a form of media that I can use to make me feel better, to be productive, ease my boredom, help me create something, etc. There are, of course, aspects of media that I am not so fond of, like how social media can suck me in and make me spend hours mindlessly scrolling. I don’t like how it wastes my time, but at the same time, I like social media enough to not delete it. It still has its advantages that, for me, outweigh the disadvantages. It keeps me connected with my friends, it makes me entertained, keeps me updated on how the world is doing, and allows me to look at beautiful photography and art, from the comfort of my home. Sometimes, I really want to delete social media, and I have before, but I will always come back, because of these reasons. Anyways, my favorite forms of media are definitely TV shows and music. Those forms of media will never make me feel like I am wasting my time. That is why I love them.

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