Why I Love (my) Media

I’m in a kind of love-hate-relationship with my media, so in the following text I will explain why I love and why I hate my media. But since this assignment is about why I love my media; I’ll start with all the good things about my media.

Media in general makes me feel connected to the world. I know it sounds cliché, but I really do get the feeling of being in touch with the people and things I am interested in and since all these components are geographically scattered over the earth, media presents itself as a portal to whichever place I want to feel connected to. For example: I love chatting with friends and seeing what they’re up to these days, but I also love reading a book which is set in Japan in the 1970’s, listen to music from my favorite American artists, or watch a Spanish film. Media gives me the opportunity to travel the world when I come in contact with my media.

But, like everything on this earth, every bright side has a dark side too. At a time where life moves very fast-pace I feel the need to disconnect myself and teak a break. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible because we are constantly dependent on media. For example, most people (in the Netherlands) communicate through WhatsApp or email (even business or school related conversations) and we find our way in the cities with a route planner on our phones.

In conclusion, I love media because it connects me to the world, but I sometimes hate it because I cannot easily disconnect. Media is a beautiful but dangerous beast that we cannot escape from .

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