Stop complaining.You don’t have the Stockholm syndrome 

1:34,Friday 22nd of October 2021,Poeldijkstraat 70.Me,a cigarette and a 1€ Tiramisu enjoying the cold nights of Amsterdam.He’s 5’7,self-obsessed,brunette and probably indian.She’s a first year at Psychology at UvA and smokes a cherry flavoured vape bought from the supermarket on the corner of the street.They’re making out right in front of me.Gross.

I’ve spent 2:34:07 h on the phone today arguing with my “so called boyfriend “and about 30 minutes texting the other guy that I actually like .Don’t even try to judge me.It’s student life.It happens.The first one is brunette,terrifyingly smart and a little bit of a psychopat.The second one is blonde with blue eyes and the prototype of a future successful business man.Pick your fighter

My mom is a really nice person but sometimes she gets so passionate on politics and it annoys me terribly.She’s a lawyer.I guess you can call that professional deformation.I tried explaining her that she will slowly rotten from the inside if she keeps empathising with every other lost grandma on the internet but she won’t listen.Yes, you guessed her argument “I rest my case”

That Niacinamide Creme that i bought the other day from Douglas is not really working for me .I should try another one . Off topic.I hate Adele’s new song.You people should consider listening to more oldies but goldies.Try QUEEN and you’ll finally see the difference between music and noise

Quick quiz

Pick my Halloween Costume:

A.Female version of Godfather(58€+a red rose)

B.Elvira, Scarface(20€+a blonde wig)

C.Just some “excuse-costume” so I can rock my new black dress and a pair of heels (that does not come with a price.It’s just the attitude)

02:06 and you still don’t know how why or when I was talking about media.That was too much intimate information right?Well let me enlighten you.Don’t roll your eyes on me.You do that every day to your media.Poor little well…super complicated system.Your location, your purchases,your time spent on the internet,your mother’s hair color and the interests of one of your boyfriends-they are all stocked in these beautiful never ending universe called media.You’re doing it again…You have a grimace on your face while reading this.Stop it.It can cause premature wrinkles.

Back to the topic

Probably because now you feel attacked you’ll simply answer.So what?It’s not like they don’t track you anyway.No.”They” don’t. I’ve been going trough some of the answers of other students before and I saw the term”toxic relationship” quite oftenly used.I was tempted to use it myself to describe how I feel about media but I decided I’ll better stick to toxic relationships in real life(I know,I m quirky).Everything you do and act on and trough media is mainly coordinated by you.You chose to post that selfie ,to add that guy on snapchat to create a detailed profile on Facebook,to search for “How to sell drugs online(fast)” without using a VPN.You’re posing “nude” for the hungry eyes of millions of craving viewers that stare right into your soul and makeup routine.So stop complaining.You don’t have the Stockholm syndrome. That is my relationship with media and that is what I’ve learned in the past few weeks.Media,for me, is a tool. But it’s hard.It’s hard to see it use it and put effort into using it as a tool.As a more or less proud Gen Z member I used to consider myself the “victim” of the Stockholm syndrome rather than understanding that understanding I have the power to stop “the abuse”. In this day and age you are one click away from anything and anyone so use it as an advantage.

“But how do I differentiate the useless information from the one that actually helps me?” Put effort into it.Train.If media would be this endless olympic pool of information learn how to be a professional swimmer. Or not .Also go to the beach and relax sometimes.Watch your guilty pleasure soap opera but only after you squeezed your brains trying to understand how CRISPR and Molecular Biology works from that nice professor from Standford. I love my media, why should I hate it?If there was something to hate it would be you and how you handle your priorities .And there is nothing wrong with that. If you would please everyone, especially yourself it would be a problem.

12:32,Poeldijkstraat 70,me,a cigarette and a coffee enjoying the cold mornings of Amsterdam.”WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO SAVEwell some photos.”

Yours Sincerely,



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