Media are pretty cool

Random reasons why I love my media:

  • I can play games on my phone while on the toilet
  • A pug on tiktok determines how lazy/active my day is going to be (bones/no bones day with Noodle the pug)
  • I have an app that counts my steps and gives me random vouchers just for walking (sweatcoin)
  • I only have to think about things, and ads for these things will appear (makes online shopping so much easier)
  • I can put my phone on airplane mode after sending a risky text
  • Buzzfeed quizzes
  • Siblings or dating insta account 

Overall, I’m happy to have media in my life. Even though sometimes I wonder if media have a bigger, more overwhelming impact on my life than they should have, I wouldn’t have it any other way. In a way, it’s just like real life relationships;  they’re never perfect and it’s important to set healthy boundaries.

I feel like media has never prevented me or stopped me from doing something that i want to do, on the contrary, it usually pushes me to do things and enhances my experiences. So in conclusion, media are pretty cool 🙂


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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