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I would want to start this in a modest way, claiming that I have a love-hate relationship with my media, yet I can’t bring myself to do that as most of my everyday life activities happen through various Media, making it hard to hate. What I have come to realize is that nowadays, especially since COVID-19 hit, people spend an awful amount of time on all these different kinds of Media, ending up -most of the time- exhausted. Nevertheless, we all still go back to our dear Media and continue the cycle. 

My relationship with media started at an age where I was only enjoying the services and fun, foreign activities it was able to provide me with, or rather, the only ones I was introduced to. I never really worried about the effects Media could potentially have, or how it could influence everything and everyone around me until I started getting interested in music. This discovery of music and how it can provoke so many different emotions in a split second is what drew me into the journey of exploring Media. This is why I am here today. 

I could speak about the multiple opportunities and ways in which Media is helpful/useful to the majority of us, however, that would be sort of biased. My experience with and within Media is much different than my boyfriend’s, for example. Some people get moreover affected negatively, which in all honesty, is very hard not to nowadays. Media, in the form that I think my generation is mainly surrounded by – the Internet, is quite an evil space to exist in. It is basically one big bullying platform. Of course, this phenomenon has always existed, but since now pretty much everything we do goes through Instagram, Snapchat, or a platform of the sort, it seems like the environment has become increasingly more negative. 

With this being said, I would like to wrap this up believing that my relationship with Media is mostly a loving one, but I definitely do recognize the harmful aspects of it.

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