my relation with media

my relationship with the media and technology in general has always been a bit fluctuating, because on the one hand I think that media and technologies in general are truly the future, both as regards the circulation of information that can be done freely by anyone, but also as mentioned in Marc Zuckerberg’s text, through the foundation of real digital infrastructures, which would completely revolutionize, to cite an example, the concept of public administration.

On the other hand, however, the media influence our everyday life much more than we think, they also force us to expose all our data on servers, as well as filtering and tracing pretty much all the all the actions we do in the platforms, as mentioned in the last lectures all our researches are received, analysed and interpreted in order to be able to show us ads that correspond to our tastes or to something we need; moreover over the years a real supremacy of some media platforms has been established over the others, the two most striking examples of this phenomenon are certainly Google and Facebook, this has led to a homologation of the contents as well as to a further homologation of the average user of the internet, which was forced to use only that certain social network and only in that specific way.

concluding I find that in order to be able to effectively exploit the functional type of media platforms, it would be necessary to raise awareness of the potential that these tools can offer nowadays, furthermore, in order to have a system based only on media platforms, it would be necessary to inculcate a real digital culture.

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