P.S. Take My Breath Away

Love is a concept that is hard to fully comprehend. I think that goes for every individual, yet i find myself falling in and out of love with my media. At times, It’s like a bad breakup or one of those “situationships” you don’t know what to do with or feel about, but other times, It feels good and euphoric to post online about the things you find truth in and to simply share the things you do. However, at the core of my media usage, trying to find a balance between the way I feel about my media and the true reason why I love my media is a fine line. I love my media because it enables me to connect with the people I love who are near and far from me. Essentially, i love my media because of the way i’m able to connect virtually with the people I cherish the most. 

From moving around to various places during my childhood, the only way I managed to keep up with my family and friends was through the media. I use social media because it gives me an outlet to connect with those who know me just as equally with strangers who I can relate to. Another form of media that I love is film. It allows me to escape my own reality for a brief moment in time, where im able to learn, grow and understand the world through a different lens.

I wouldn’t say that i’m “in love” with my media, but to an extent, I need it to survive. Even in the most mundane things I do, the media always seems to be lurking in every corner whether i’m aware of it or not. It’s only a matter of time until I realize how nestled and comfortable I am with my media being ubiquitous in my own life, even though it already has been omnipresent in the way that I have lived and will continue to live out this life. 

They say that “love” is a strong word, and yes, that is true, because it’s a feeling that is daunting to encapsulate into one word. All of the feelings, emotions, and thoughts boil down to this four letter word. It’s equally omnipresent as the media. Therefore, you cannot “hate” it even if you try because it will always find a way to crawl back into your life, just like that one text from your ex. As I said before, my relationship with media will never be a “happily ever after” day dream.  In return, it’s a lucid dream, a rollercoaster ride with the torments and ecstatic moments. In other words, it’s like wearing a blindfold on a ride where you can sense the big drop coming, but you don’t know where or when you’ll be diving into thin air or how it will take your breath away. I think that’s what media means to me, and why I love, and hate it equally.




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