Time Going Too Fast

The first time I realized my love for the media was when I was eleven or twelve years old. My parents had a Sony Camcorder and they used to record me on tape with it since I was little. Of course, because I was so young, I had no recollection of that happening. We had bought a new television and we were going to project the tape videos to the screen for the first time via cable, which at the time was a huge technological advance. The possibility of recording a moment forever, watching it again years later, and being able to relive it, albeit with a hope, had a profound effect on me. From that moment on, I started to think that perhaps it would be more important to record that moment rather than living in it. I thought that it would prevent me from forgetting those memories it in the future because I was so afraid of amnesia. The reason why I was so afraid is because I was aware that everything was developing very quickly, just as time passed very quickly. Therefore, I also am angry with the media for the same reason because everything is losing its originality. While I could easily watch cassette tapes before, over time I had to convert those tapes to CD and CDs to USB. Now I’m trying to keep the recordings on the USB alive and the fact that it’s an endless loop is driving me crazy.

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