What to love?

When I as an international student think of the media and especially social media, I feel many mixed emotions. On the other hand It gives me comfort, a warm touch to my home country and a way to keep up with the life of my close ones there. On the other hand it creates a demanding , almost scary pressure wave over me. The most interesting thing is that the parts of media that give me and many others a lot of anxiety and pressure , meaning for example popular platforms like instagram, are completely optional. Still the connection and fellowship are an invincible resource to a young human like myself. Many would not even dream about deleting that part of their life, would anything even exist if we would not be able to post about it or not be able to get acquainted with it just a few clicks. 

As said, the social media is a contradictory subject, and for me it’s impossible to evaluate if it brings more negative or positive effects to my everyday life. Still I could not even think that I would have had the guts to move far away from my hometown, if I wouldn’t have had the access to find about my future country or studies online through media devices.

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