Why I Heart Media

Why I Heart Media

I think media fucked me up. I have a habit of studying things that have given me distress. Now I’m  suddenly here in Amsterdam trying to listen and understand as my mind wonders and I get distracted by media. At the moment I’m looking for information about a news article I read this morning. I googled it, searched for the instagram of the person of interest and his relatives. I am listening to the music he has made, read a couple more articles and read his wikipedia page. I have used about 15 platforms online in the past 15 minutes while I had the intention of writing about Why I Heart Media.

 I often wonder about how life would be without internet. My mom travelled around the world while that was still the case. When I left for my trip around the world, I had an idea of doing it without internet and documenting my travels navigating through the world without a GPS. It felt like it was going to be near impossible so I went the easy way, used all the lovely accessories we have been given to make our life easier.

I don’t love or hate media, I just feel for it. 




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