Why I Love Media

Around a year ago a friend of mine introduced me to a program that he downloaded on his computer, called FL Studio. With this program you can make music in your bedroom, without having to use equipment such as real instruments or having to rent a music studio. I immediately fell in love with making music on this program, so I downloaded it for myself on my own PC. The first couple of months of making music didn’t go very well. I didn’t like most of the music I made and I was unexperienced. But as time went on I liked more and more of the music I made. At that time I learned about how people are putting their music on Youtube calling them ‘type beats’. These are beats with a specific style of a certain artist which other artists can use. I also learned that people are making money by doing this and that some of the beats are even used by the biggest artists today. So I decided to give it a go and post my beats on Youtube. The first thing I noticed was that a lot of other Youtube producers were commenting on my videos, leaving positive feedback. This showed me the communtiy with people with the same passion and dreams as me: making music and becoming big one day. I love to see how this makes people connected with each other.

Last week I sold my first beat for $75. I hope more will follow in the future.

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