why i love my media

it’s sad to admit this but I am addicted to media. Every-time I get bored or have nothing to do my first instinct is to grab my phone and check my social media. Texting friends, watching movies and funny videos, tiktok, listening to music, reading celebrity gossip, entertains me a lot. I use media to distract myself from stress and loneliness and it is a lot of fun most of the time. I live very far away from my friends and I love using media to keep in touch with them and keep contact. Media is great entertainment but it has also created a lot of issues for me, the unrealistic body standards and “perfect life” portrayal by almost everyone has an impact not only on me but on many other young girls as well. When you see someone with a perfect body and perfect face and perfect life and starts comparing yourself to them it’s hard to like your own body and face and life. Yet, I am still addicted to the small dose of happiness I get from looking at a funny tiktok of a dog doing cute tricks or a a youtube video of a funny dude reacting to weird things people to online, I grain nothing from it other than a few minutes of laughter. I know a lot of people who are trying to use media less but it does’t really bother me how much I use it. I enjoy it a lot but I also hate it.

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