Media Changed My Life. Literally.

We all hate them, the little Instagram ads that pop up and make you want to buy random stuff you don’t really need. Back in November 2019 the same thing happened to me. While I was innocently swiping through my Instagram timeline an ad for a Bartending School popped up. And for me being awfully impulsive in my decision making I basically let that Advertisement on Instagram change my whole life, with actually taking the course I saw on Instagram. It was one month filled of learning stuff about booze and meeting cool people from all over the world, it was honestly amazing. But when I did the course in January I wouldn’t have assumed that just two months later the whole world would go into a lockdown because of a pandemic. So, basically I had a new found passion, but no way to actually work in a bar, because you know… Covid. So I did the same thing as most other people and raised my screen time by an impressive amount with spending way too much time on Social Media. Then lockdowns where lifted and guess how I found my new job. Like honestly guess.
If you guessed through an Instagram story, you’d be correct. That event was not really all that life changing though. Just the second time Instagram had something to do with where I’m going with all of this. Just wait for it. It’ll make sense in the end.
Months and months passed until I saw another Instagram story. It promoted a mentorship program. Obviously I tried to get in because by the time I saw this special little story, we had already reached the second lockdown. So no more bars. Again. Long story short, I got into the program, met my mentor, who was coincidentally the owner of my favorite bar in Amsterdam. So we got into contact, obviously over Instagram, and soon enough I moved to Amsterdam and started working in her bar. Looking back, I live in my favorite city, working in my dream job, in my favorite bar, because a 7 second long Instagram Story.
What I’m trying to say with this is, that we spend loads of times with media. Sometimes we actually notice it, and sometimes we don’t even realize that the billboard from across the street just made us look up this one new album on Spotify. Every day of the week Media has an influence on us. It can affect our mood, our style and even our life decisions. Without the seven second long instagram story or that one minute bartending school advertisement, I would not be sitting here to write this blog post, in fact I probably wouldn’t have moved to Amsterdam in the first place, and this is why I think this is the most impactful time in life, that media had an influence on me. Because Instagram changed my life. Literally.



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