Descriptions of what the point is of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media.

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  1. In my opinion, the point of looking at myself and the world I live in from the perspective of living in media, it can be explained through media artifacts and the effects of these artifacts, such as is it real or not. From the perspective of living in media, there’s full of media artifacts around me. Such as film, video games, ad commercials and so on. All of these affect me everyday. They place me in living in a media world. The world I am living in now is consist of any types of media artifacts. In other worlds, it’s a media world, I am living in media. However, although I am the audience in this media world. I am the role in this world as well. For example, When I was seen by the micro-cameras or monitors, I can prove that I am living in the media world.

  2. I believe that it is important to view yourself within the world of media today because it today’s world technology and ways portray yourself in the media are constantly growing. In other words in today’s world we are constantly updating our lives thru the internet and connecting with online versions of one another. We can post pictures, videos, messages and much more to show our existence within the media. Therefore I feel that due to these reasons the main idea in viewing ourselves from the media perspective helps us not only protect privacy but to also show how important media life is actually is in our lives and that with out it many things in this world would be different. For example, our lives would be much more private and the people we meet thru social networking sites. We would be lost without the media in our lives thats why it is important to know yourself in the media because to some you may be completely different form of your media self.

  3. We are the media. The majority of the US population is engulfed in the media and what it has to offer. I find it almost impossible to look at the world and myself in any other way than through media. With websites like Facebook and Twitter, and devices like the iPhone and other smart phones, the world is constantly connected to the media and each other. Because we are the media, as technology advances, so do we as a society. We need technology to survive because we’ve made it such a necessity over the years.

  4. I think that viewing yourself in media life today is especially important for three main reasons, cities are developing, media is consuming all aspects of life, and everyone around you is using media. Everywhere you go now a days a new city with new technology is popping up, many cities think if they resemble New York City then, they will seem more appealing to tourists. Whether its using a smart phone, tweeting, or on Facebook media is everywhere I think its essential that we accept who we are through these types of communications. Finally not only do we constantly use media, but its all around us, everyone you know is using it, whether its just making a simple cell phone call, or sending an email. The plain and simple truth is that I think its essential to view yourself as one with media today, for the plain reason that it’s developing and engulfing our everyday lives, there really is no exit strategy for avoiding media.

  5. We need to look at ourselves as living through media because that is how most of the world works. It is impossible to meet everybody, travel everywhere, and be informed on every idea. People that realize this look to media for the answers. Most of life (people, places, and ideas) will be discovered and analyzed through media and not first hand. Because most people experience life this way it is important study media with the same perspective.

  6. This class is about examining whether we effect or media effects us. As we evolve, so does our technology. We have examined things such as whether we have lost social skills through the creation of modern media, whether media will take control of US, whether we can function without media in a world like ours, whether we are safe after the creation of modern media, and things of that nature. This is a really interesting class that forces us to rethink what we already take for granted.

  7. Living in a media world is important, but i believe we make it a lot more important than it really should be. Basically if you are using it correctly and are HAPPY with it then you are doing it right. Media effects us, and we effect media, we fuel the machines with our hard work and desire. When it all comes down to it, it is all up to us on how we experience life in the media world.

  8. This class forces you to constantly ask yourself “what is media?” It makes you step outside of traditional thinking and ideas to analyze every aspect of media: what is media? How does it affect your life? Could you/would you want to escape media?
    Everyone knows that media is a huge part of their life, but I think that the point of this class is not necessarily to learn something new but look at things you already see and know in your everyday life in a different way. I think it is very interesting to analyze media in your everyday life that we are so accustomed to that we normally just overlook.

  9. This class is great because it forces us to take a more in-depth look at media and how it actually affects our lives. Most people don’t realize that media is all around them and that they are being exposed to it 24/7. Through this class we have learned all the great things media can do, like help you connect with a family member overseas through skype, and all the bad, such as media addiction. One of the most important lessons taught in this class is that your media is never erased and even after you die your media “footprint” will live on. It forces us to realize that media is harder to escape than we think it is. We are fortunate enough to hear guest speakers talk and listen to different point of views. I think this class can be summed up in that it gives us new perspective. After this class we should all have the ability to take our minds off of “media autopilot” and engage in media at a more conscious level.

  10. Honestly, T101 Media Life didn’t teach me a whole lot, and a lot of it was repetitive. But I still believe that this was one of the best, if not the best, classes I’ve taken all semester and probably will be all year. The point of this class to me, is to make people aware. Aware of a lot of things. Aware that we’re all zombies, aware that we’re all addicted to media, aware that media never dies, and aware that we are alone together. It makes us aware of simply media in general. This has been a great class so far and looking forward to what it gives out in the coming week. I certainly am more aware than I was before this class.

    Scott Stewart

  11. This media class has driven me nuts. Half the time im confused and the other half im loving all the videos and comments. Recently, I have started to like Media life more though. For me, everything is coming together and I am starting to realize the point to this class. I am living in my own m edia world. I am the star of my own reality. While this sounds pretty straightforward, I now realize that my reality is on display for everyone to see. Myself, nor others around me can escape my reality that i have built for myself. Doing the Google project was an eye opener for me. I didn’t realize how easily accessable my information is. People can find my street that i live on, my telephone number, my siblings names, and even find pictures of me. After knowing how much information I can find on myself I feel so vulnerable and I am starting to thinl that maybe being so tuned into technology may not be a good idea. I have learned there is no way to completely turn off the media in your life, but learning to slow down my media usage my be a good idea. This class has forced me to think in a way of theories and to create my own theory about my reality and the way I live in my media.

  12. We have to look at the world as though it is through media, so much of what we take in today is through media. And if we hear it from somewhere else chances are they heard through a media source. Not that media is a bad thing, but if we all accept whatever media tells us, than we are like zombies in that regard, all marching the same way without asking why. People look at us through media so it is only natural to look at them the world the way it views us. So much of our view of people, or even the world is altered not by what we see in person, but what we are led to believe. That could be through their facebook profile or some other source, but our reality is no longer determined by what we believe but by what we are led to believe. I didn’t realize before taking this class how influential media was to me, I saw it as something that added to my reality but never realized how much it has overtaken my reality.

  13. In all honesty, I found media life to be an interesting class up until midterms. After midterms, however, I lost all interest in the class. Everything became repetitive and no longer enjoyable. HOWEVER the class did teach me things about media. But more than that, it taught me about myself. I’ve recently discovered that the point of T101 media life is to make one take a deeper look at their self not their media. Its to teach each one of us to question our surroundings, habits, and addictions. Teaches us about what drives us to do certain things and act in a specific manner. Before this class i never gave most of the ideas one minute of thought. Now, i find myself questioning all of these things and coming up with new explanations and purposes.

  14. I believe that it is vital to consider your life in media, because media is constantly expanding throughout our daily lives. I have learned that there is truly no way to escape media and it will always be a factor in the ways in which we conduct ourselves. I also learned that each generation is becoming more media literate. Meaning our younger siblings will be more technologically advanced than we were at the same age. The point of T101 in my eyes is to come to the realization that media is life and there is nothing to do about it but learn to adapt.

    DeJuan Foster

  15. This class teaches you that media is everything and more importantly, that we are the media. It has really changed my perspective on the different technologies that we use every day, and what media really does to us. The class also drives you to think more critically about the different types of media. On the surface, we see many positive aspects about media, but T101 Media Life helps you to see the positives and the negatives, and leaves it up for you to decide what is personally best. The class creates more thought about your reality and what you do with it.

  16. From this class i have discovered that we are becoming more and more interactive through our media. The concept of “together alone” is the current state of being in almost every situation. We use are media to exist, with the theory being that if you don’t show up in the first 10 hits of a google search, you don’t exist. We share every detail about our lives on the internet as a desperate attempt to show the world we exist. Everything we share is stored in a living archive that will live on beyond our physical lives. Media life is a combination of these concepts that describe the present and future of our lives with media. It is rapidly changing and we are finding ourselves more connected to each other, but we have never been so alone in doing so before.

  17. This class taught me that media is everything, and it follows you everywhere. It can never be fully deleted out of your life. It really made me see how careful i have to be of what i post about myself on websites like Facebook. We live in a media life, where everything can be found. T101 helps you understand that media is never forgotten, it will always be there for you. This class teaches you the positive and negative aspects of having media control your life.

  18. In this class I have learned that everything you do involves the media. Many people don’t even realize that the media is exposed to them at all times. Media follows you and you follow the media. This class has taught me how much media effects the lives of people and how it is almost impossible for people to live without it. Without websites such as Facebook, and Twitter people in the world today would be lost. I’ve also learned how much media has evolved over the years and the impacts it has on people. Media always changes and as it changes it becomes more and more important in the world today.

  19. Entering this class, I came in knowing not much about the media. Not just technology wise, but unaware of how much media is out there for the world to experience and to see. After only a few classes, I became so aware of not only important, but effective the media has on our everyday life. Media Life has allowed me to realize that you are everywhere. In the media, you are everywhere and it is almost impossible to escape. The media has such a strong influence on our everyday lives, that I did not even realize it! This class has taught me pages and pages of information that I would have never known and now I can finally realize that we are the media.

  20. Media life has taught me to always remain introspective. It’s one thing to understand media from a broad scope, but it takes much more effort to realize and understand that you, much like everyone you know, are contributing to the massive media collaborative whether you approve of it or not. It is always expanding and affects us just as much as we affect it.

  21. In my opinion, the whole point of T101 is proving and examining the idea of narcissm. We all display ourselves in media in the best possible way, no matter if it is the truth or not. The idea that Mark talks about food advertisements is the perfect example of the main idea of the class. Yes, we may all be hamburgers, but we are all not the juicy hamburgers we portray ourselves to be through media. All media is a gateway for someone to share their opinions and thoughts even if they don’t make sense or are just plain stupid.

  22. The whole point is to realize what’s going on around us and to notice the changes. What i’ve taken from Media Life is that i’m not more consciously aware of the media around me. I can see how attached people are becoming to their media and i can see how it’s affecting society as a whole. We’re becoming less social and relying on media to keep in contact.

  23. Through some really interesting lectures and short stories, T101 started out about making its students aware of all the different types of media interactions that each person faces. In the beginning, it was more about explaining our interactions with media and how they effect us. In the second half of T101, the idea of messing with and changing our reality was the subject of most discussions. I now think it is important to look at the world from the perspective of media life because of the theme and subject of the second half. This very interesting idea of being like Neo in The Matrix and realizing that we live in a media society makes it so that we can alter our world to do whatever we want with it which is the most intriguing idea that came from T101.
    Jonathan Corum

  24. Even before I started taking T101, I was always interested in media. Now that I have learned more about it through the lecture’s and discussions, I have had a chance to develop my own thoughts and opinions on media. The point of looking at ourselves and the world through the perspective of media is to broaden our horizon and view everything differently. This is exemplified by how our technology has advanced with media such as cellphones, laptops, etc. Media is almost impossible to eliminate, therefore we are always surrounded by it. It has become universal. What people should realize is that living in a media life is not a bad thing; it is something that has changed our ways of doing things and the means of communication. One way or another, media has impacted our world. Whether someone appreciates media or not, it is something that will always have some kind of impact.

  25. The point of looking at ourselves and the world through the perspective of living in media is to show how often we actually use media and to think about what our world today would be without media. After taking this course, we’ve learned that media is virtually everywhere and there’s escaping it. It controls our lives and has turned into our main form of communication. I couldn’t even imagine life without media. That’s how profound of an effect it has had on our society over the past 20 years.

  26. The point of T101 is to imagine what it is like when you immerse yourself in your technology. The class goes into detail about the relationships you develop and how you develop them; whether the relationships are with your technology or with other people that you connect with through your technology. It also describes why we do surround ourselves with media and how our media instincts/technologies have changed over time. Additionally, the issue of “realness” comes into play quite often.

  27. This class has allowed me to see many different aspects of media life. It not only taught me about media in our world today, but also about media in my own life. I have realized that media is around us a lot more than I had ever realized before. Everything we do can be related to media. This course and it’s assignments helped me see how I portray myself in the media. It showed me how others can view my life and judge me just by what I put online. After taking this course I do feel that media controls our life whether we realize it or not. I also feel that there is no real way of escaping it. It has become to much a part of our life for it to ever leave.

    Meghan Robson

  28. I think the reason we need to look at ourselves as living in media is because thats what we really are doing. As years pass, more and more media develop. Our generation is engrossed in media more than any other, and I am sure future generations will be even more in touch with media in their daily lives. We can’t help ourselves, we are addicted to media. It is a part of our everyday lives and most of us can’t imagine living without it. We need to be able to understand this life we have that is so much a part of media. We need to understand how we interact with it, how we are portrayed in it, and how it controls us. Media will always be expanding, and so our understanding of it needs to as well. We can’t escape it. This class allows us to look deeper into our lives with media, more than I thought I ever would. It presented many questions and allowed me to think about so many more aspects of the effects of media than I thought possible.

    Molly Harbor

  29. T101 Media Life is about discovering how to survive in the mediated world. As our lives become increasingly dependent on media, we have to adapt the way we interact and deal with all situations. This class helps to bring all aspects and views of media to the surface. As the material is covered, students are presented with ways to think about living in the media. Media and technology are here to stay. Students can make a better judgement on how they are going to live in media after taking this class.

  30. T101, in my opinion, was a lesson on being aware of media’s ever present and evolving state. It is inescapable and more than important. Our media is essential to progression in society. If everyone has access to the same media, we could have a better chance of understanding each other because we have something in common. With our media, we are able to connect and become more of a global community than ever before. It is important to embrace the use of media to remain a relevant, informed members of society and this global community. If one decided to ignore the fact that media is an all-encompassing part of our lives, that person would not reap the benefits of media. He or she could try to abandon media’s influence in life, but I doubt that it would matter.

    Go ahead, pretend you don’t care for media. You probably won’t get that event invite that only got sent out on Facebook and your social life will spiral downward into oblivion.

    Bridget Johnson

  31. Entering this class, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know about media and how it affects my life daily. I knew media was a big factor in my life, but I didn’t realize how much my life revolved around media until the lectures became more in depth. Media controls every aspect of my life, and I had no clue as to exactly how much it controls. We live in a society today in which media is everything to us. Media is growing at unbelievable rates, and we buy into every technology that is offered to us in order to boost our sense of pride and show off to the people around us. We are so caught up in our media, and without taking this class, I would not have realized all of the aspects of living of media. The world in which we live in has evolved so much, and is more technology-oriented than ever. Many people try to fight this reality, and say that media is evil. It is important to look at the world we live in from the perspective of living in media because it makes you think about what reality really is. Is reality sitting in front of a computer screen, listening to music, and texting your friends? A lot of people would disagree and say that reality is much more than a new iPhone 4, but is it?

  32. Entering this class, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know about media and how it affects my life daily. I knew media was a big factor in my life, but I didn’t realize how much my life revolved around media until the lectures became more in depth. Media controls every aspect of my life, and I had no clue as to exactly how much it controls. We live in a society today in which media is everything to us. Media is growing at unbelievable rates, and we buy into every technology that is offered to us in order to boost our sense of pride and show off to the people around us. We are so caught up in our media, and without taking this class, I would not have realized all of the aspects of living of media. The world in which we live in has evolved so much, and is more technology-oriented than ever. Many people try to fight this reality, and say that media is evil. It is important to look at the world we live in from the perspective of living in media because it makes you think about what reality really is. Is reality sitting in front of a computer screen, listening to music, and texting your friends? A lot of people would disagree and say that reality is much more than a new iPhone 4, but is it?

    Kari Morgan

  33. I believe that we need to not only understand that technology is apart of our generation but will continue to grow long after we have gone. We have to accept the fact that media is a large part of what our society has become, from watching television, keeping in contact with friends and family, looking up information that one would usually not have access too. This class gives you the information that allows you to make the choice, the choice to understand where the world is headed, an opportunity to get an head start in the direction where the media wave is headed. So instead of listening to “your watching to much tv”, or “get off the computer”, No. Understand it, respect it, grasp it, and live your life with the resources that we’re given to you. Take advantage and embrace media.

  34. As the world and technology are constantly changing, it is important to become aware of the effects that it has on our lives. We all live in media. I believe this course is the foundation to understanding how media in our life is portable and networkable. With a better understanding of our role in media life and having the capability to recognize the various ways it is used in our everyday life is key. This class allows you to comprehend that there really is no life without media because it is ALWAYS surrounding us. With the knowledge I have gained from this course, I have become more aware of my media surroundings, the true impact that it has on my life, and the limitless impact is has on the world.

  35. We are becoming media more and more everyday. We are constantly being required to use media for multiple different things and its nearly impossible to avoid. People need to live their lives through the perspective of living in media just to understand how often media is really used by everyone and how much it helps us accomplish. Most people have at least one way to connect with someone else through media, so most careers use media as well. Media has also been around for all of our lives and will continue to grow and expand in many ways. If some body doesn’t pay attention to media and how much it affects the world around us then they might simply get left behind by it and every body else.

  36. When I signed up for this class I figured it was going to be an easy blow off class. It’s about media. Everyone uses media daily. What else is there to learn? However, as I began to attend this class I learned that I was mistaken. This class helps you gain a better understanding of the new media filled world. We love our media so much that we do not even realize that we are searching through our phones or listening to music anymore. It becomes a natural thing that we carry around everywhere like its our keys. We are constantly on some form of media of every second of every day. Anything we do now, we are creating a different reality of ourselves. If we are sitting with a group of friends we are acting like one person, however, whenever your iPhone goes off, you are suddenly in a different world. This class helps us go in deeper and understand where our media has been and what is about to become of it.

  37. Media Life has taught me to think about how media such as social media and media websites, affect our everyday lives. One of the key points that has been stressed is that we are together alone. I have thought about this idea throughout the class and noticed how it shows up in almost everything. Being together alone as well as media awareness are the two most important things, I believe, that I have taken from t101 Media Life.

  38. I think that the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is to show how much we rely on it. As we go throughout our day, almost every waking second were plugged into some sort of media. This frightens me a little, but i know that without the use of media the world as a whole will not be able to grow. through the use of media we are able to observe people in their natural habitat. People think of innovative ideas because of this, and the world becomes better off.

  39. Media Life has broadened my perspective not only in media, but in the “real world” as well because it made me realize that what we do and say in our media reflects to the fullest of who we are if we are true to our media and not necessarily who we want to be.

  40. Media Life is a class that exposes the complications of living in a society so rich in media. Overall I enjoyed this class. It kinda opened me up to the different aspects of media use that the average media user doesn’t see. I did feel that some of the themes were reoccurring and many of the ideas were redundant, especially after the midterm. However, if you get the chance, I would totally recommend the class.
    -Tyler Leeth

  41. T101 Media Life has taught me that media has and will always exist. The biggest thing that I’ve taken away from this course is that there is no way to truly escape media. Media isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, it is just something that is a major part of our lives and we should accept this and use that knowledge. The idea that always stays with me is being “together alone.” There truly are so many situations that we are both together and alone at the same time. Media is something that should be embraced but in this class we’ve considered so many ways that media directly influences our lives.

  42. Personally, I think the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is that media is now a necessary part of our daily life, and it contributes to every aspect of the society. Although the fact that we are watched and watching all the time through multiple media makes us feel uncomfortable, we can not get away from it. We all act like zombies and always “together alone” in the media world. Indeed, media helps us to see everyone everything from everywhere at anytime. It truly connects the big world as a whole, however, the reality in our mind is reshaped by media. In a word, mediatization becomes the trend of the whole world, and we are media. Therefore, as we are more aware of the existence of social media, we can live in media and use media to benefit our life positively.

  43. In my opinion, the purpose of the Media Life class was to show people how affected their lives are with the presence of media. Many people rely so heavily on media that they don’t even realize when they use it. This class made me realize how much I depend on my media devices and made me wonder how I would live life without them. Our generation has grown up in the face of media and has no idea how to function without it. Before taking this class, I honestly just saw things such as my phone, iPod, computer, and TV as part of my everyday life. However, after taking this class, I realize that these things were just added over the years to distract me from what my reality is. This class proves the point that living life without media is nearly impossible because it surrounds us in everything that we do. T101 brought all the aspects of media to the surface and made me realize, once they were all combined, how much of my life is part of media. I really enjoyed the way this class made me think about the way that I live my life using media, and question how life would be without it.

  44. Media has somehow become inseparable and intimate part of my life, at the same time, it has become so imperceptible. However, this class pushes me to ponder on questions regarding to how media influences us, our life, our mind. Media Life grasps the broad idea from many perspectives. Media is not just a general term for computer, iPhone, Xbox, etc. It is more than that, it almost seems like we are evolving around media. I love this class, it makes me recognized how powerful media has become.

  45. The point of looking at everything from a media life perspective is to see the world as the rest of the world sees it. This does not mean that the point is to detract from your individual interpretation. Looking at yourself and the world through a media-life-lens allows you to understand it all as an outsider does. As we’ve discussed, our media lives (in our opinions) typically differ from our real lives, as do our media selves. Yet these are the things the rest of the world sees in us. It does not matter who we are on the inside, because the media world only sees what’s on the outside – what we broadcast. Sometimes we lose track of that. Viewing the world from a media life perspective forces us to confront and understand what we are in the eyes of others. Likewise, looking at how everybody else views… well, everything else, allows us to open our perspective. When we can all understand each other like this, it opens us up to unity.

  46. The most important lesson I learned over the course of the semester is just how much we are all connected. Media is first and foremost a way of SHARING information. Television, print and the internet have always been used for the purpose of connecting with others. We share knowledge, art and culture by whatever means we can because we want others to have the same information we do. More than anything, this demonstrates the connection between every member of the human race. We truly are all working together towards something, even if (like zombies) we don’t know what that something is. Yes, it’s important to question everything we see, but it’s just as important to have an open mind. Please do question everything you see and hear, but if it turns out to be valid then embrace it. We, as the human race, are one entity working towards something and we will find out what that something is together.

  47. What is the point to T101 Media Life?

    For the mundane listener, the student falling asleep during lecture, or even the person missing from class, there really doesn’t seem to be much of a definable point to class. And if there is, it’s simply about media being prevalent in our lives. However, the point of this class goes much deeper than that simple premise. T101 Media Life is built around several philosophies, but there is one that stands out more vividly than others: Media is not just something we use on a daily basis, but is a fully functional part of us as human beings. We’ve seen extreme examples of robotic body parts, or cameras integrated into the flesh, but we also know that media is apart of our lives on a less drastic standpoint. We create, remix, tweet and retweet, post and repost. We share our lives on the media we cannot live without. From this integration of media and human arises another philosophy; a philosophy of reality. Because of the unbreakable bond of media and humans, we have blurred our definition of reality. How do we know what is reality and what is not? Is our Facebook profile any less real than our perception of who we are in the “real world?” In class, we listed that there are four main realities, but I believe the point of T101 Media Life is not to simply define reality, but to alter it according to our own interpretation of reality. In this reality, we have created a universe (or universes, depending on you’re opinion of reality) where we are alone together in media. As a society, we have inherited this need to be social, but doing so without encountering another human being physical face to physical face. So our media has become our window to living life. It is the glass we look through to see friends and family. Media is the gateway to living the lives we live. We are media, and media is our reality.

  48. As I think of my past, I feel as if we all start off similarly to the Amish, where we see the world as it is in front of us. We can only see as far as our eyes can see in the distance. Gradually we become more receptive to different technologies, and our horizons broaden to see the world in its entirety. Though we may see the world in its entirety, we face a biased view, we may see what we want to see or we may see what others want us to see. Over the last 21 years, I have gradually immersed myself with newer technologies. I am now only a pocket device away from some form of connection to the outside world via media. I am sure I am unable to return to the state where I can function normally, without some form of technology occupying my interests and curiosity. This class has instilled into me just how much media has shaped who I am, my interests, my curiosity, and my future job career interests.

  49. Over five million years ago mankind took his first steps. From here on out mankind would view one another through their own eyes, and view themselves, whether it be in the reflection of a puddle, or the mirror on the wall. Just as mankind has evolved into something more intelligent, leading to many breakthroughs in technology and life in general, so has the way in which we view one another. Social media, and the concept of media life, are perfect parallels to mankind’s evolution. Within several years we have gone from being connected via cell phones, to texting, to having the ability to update a status and connect with anyone on the planet. I view all of this as mankind’s next big step, the new proverbial “looking glass”. Rather than simply view oneself in a photo or in a mirror, we can now see ourselves as we wish to be created online, and see how others view us via comments and so on. Neglecting to pay attention to this new way of viewing ourselves would be a disservice to not only ourselves, but the many steps in evolution taken before this. Who knows where media will be five years from now, let alone twenty or thirty. By observing ourselves through media, we will not only better understand ourselves, but understand where this road is going.

  50. I believe the point of looking at myself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is a very important aspect. If a friend were to ask me what this course entails, I would simply reply that it teaches you awareness. Awareness of the fact that we do take media for granted, awareness that we are unfortunately zombies, and that a majority of the time we are together alone without recognition. In addition, it brought me to a state of awareness that media life is inevitable and forever evolving. It’s almost as if there is no true escape. We discussed hypothetical situations such as: Is media taking over our lives? or, Will we ever try to escape from this undertow? Moreover, Has media more or less made our connections with people stronger or has it completely discouraged our efforts towards “in-person” relationships? These questions will always remain in the back of our heads. Sadly, before this class, I took media so much more for granted than I do after the completion of this course. In fact, I believe T101 made me a better person, overall. By viewing the world from a media life perspective, it makes us realize how and what we are in the eyes of other people (and vice versa); a concept we often overlook. Although I am a Biology major, the choice to take T101 benefited me without a doubt and I truly am pleased with how this course was taught so personably and effectively. Well done Mark.
    Nicholette Smock

  51. I think that this class emphasized how media life is our reality. It is not just that media has a significant impact on our lives and our world, but it has become our world. There is no escaping it. The concept of ambient intimacy and the idea of maintaining relationships with people through media was a reoccurring topic in this class, which I found very interesting. I think it is still debatable whether communicating with people through media is suffice for having relationships with people, but I think it just further proves how media has become so immersed in our lives. It has become a norm to communicate with people through texting and Facebook and other social networking sites just as much as we see them and talk to them in real life, which is a concept that is still bizarre and alarming to me. It has become a norm that has somewhat replaced real human contact. I have been trying to maintain a friendship with a close friend of mine solely through media so it always interests me to discuss this concept in class and see to what extent you can have a real friendship with someone with media. From this class I have come to see that there is no escaping media, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. This class helped me recognize what a significant impact media has on my life and it reassured me that I was in no way alone on this. We are all zombies to our media. Every day our media becomes more intertwined with our reality.

  52. The point of viewing ourselves through media is as simple as asking the question of why does someone who performs music look at themselves as a musician, why does someone who plays sports consider themselves an athlete etc, it’s because that’s who they are. Every single one of us is a consumer of media. We have have consumed media during this class as part of this class, and for the most part, none of us were surprised by anything that shown in this class, because we all take part in creating/consuming media. This class has given me a complete revolution in the way I have thought of media, and I could not be more pleased with what I have learned in this class.

    Travis Jauregui

  53. The point of looking at myself and the world we live in through living media is to learn how to be safe using it and educate others. We need to educate others about this so that media does not get out of hand in the long-run. A lot of what we have been discussing is how fast our media is changing and getting to be more ‘creepy’ in a sense. Maybe if more people are educated about the issues this brings up, companies will not make new inventions such as human-like robots or anything that could eventually learn more than we know and ultimately rule us like in some theories.

  54. I learned in media life that there is no loving or hating media. It has become to influential in our lives and we have become so dependent on it, that we are one. If you come it loving media, you will end up finding many faults and negative things with it as well as the positives. If you come in hating media, you will hind many pros and positive things, as well as the negative things. You study how media has truly become an everyday part of your life, and the course allows you to decide all topics for yourself.

  55. I believe that yes we do live with media but it is important to understand that in today’s society we ARE the media. This is important to realize because it is significant that we understand how dependent we are on our media and media artifacts. Before this class I never looked at media as being a part of me but now I have come to the conclusion that media is a part of all of us and is something we will rarely ever be able to escape. So instead of rejecting it and looking at the bad sides of media….we need to accept it and cherish all the new and exciting possibilities that come with using our media artifacts!

  56. I think an important element of T101 correlates with concepts that are taught in all media and telecommunication classes. It helps drive home the importance of understanding media convergence and how media and technology can virtually run your life if you are unaware of your surroundings. A large part of media is our ability to understand the role it plays in our lives. I learned about media literacy in T205 with Mark Bell, but didn’t really understand it until parts of T101 drove home the fact that we have to understand media to be knowledgeable consumers, informed users and be able to combat its addicting nature. T101 helped me realize that media literally surrounds us, and the best “escape” of sorts may actually be the ability to control our consumption and open our minds to the vastness that is media. While this is not escaping in the traditional sense, it is escaping in that it allows us to avoid the craze and hectic trends and consume what we want when we want, while remaining in full control.

  57. From this class i learned that its not about getting involved in media, it that media is all around us and that we must except it and understand how it influences us in our daily lives. I learned that we must except the fact that everything we do in media from pictures to comments to liking a status, it as all recorded with out our consent. Before media we lived in one reality the simple reality of the day to day world. Today we have multiple realities from online networks to online communities. The fact that we can die and still be in media, in a way living on, in a way is exciting but also scary, at what point do we actually die. This course doesn’t really teach you anything, but it changes the way you think about everything, and helps you control your media.

  58. This class has taught me that media is everywhere, there is no escape. It has made me realize that we live our lives through media. We communicate through it, but more now than ever we publish ourselves. It has put us under the delusion that everyone is important and therefore, we make constant updates as to what we are doing in our daily lives. Through media we have created multiple versions of ourselves, multiple ways that we want people to view us through social networking and simply acting out in different ways in different settings. We are media. This course has opened my eyes to make me realize this.

  59. This class helped me reexamine the importance of media. Media is everywhere. It’s at home, at school, at work, at sporting events, at concerts, and pretty much everywhere else. It helped me see that people don’t control the media alone, and that media doesn’t control us alone either. Media and people have constant interaction that change each other. I know that media is one of the biggest things in my life, in fact it is my life. Whether it is skyping with loved ones to keep in contact, texting friends, watching television, or browsing the internet. Media plays a major factor in my life, and always will. This class really shows both the negative (such as loss of verbal communication skills due to texting) and positive impacts (such as the ease of connecting with someone far away) media can have. My life IS media.

  60. The whole point behind living in the world of media, is really no different then living in the real world, or what we consider as real. It has its rules, its taboos and will point out every time the mass majority notices you have done something wrong. So as human beings, we all have the choice to do whatever it is we please following whatever social norms if any as we interact with one another through media. As for me, the point of me living in media life is to do just that. Live. Explore unknown places and read about things you normally wouldnt, its at your fingertips so why not?

  61. Looking at oneself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media illustrates just how dependent our lives are on our media. We have an intimate relationship with our media and devices, a strong bond, which most people don’t even realize. T101 opens our eyes and makes us aware of this dependency and the prevalence of media in our lives today. Humans and media coexist and the bond that people have with media is only getting stronger. We are “together alone” and there is no escaping this relationship and narcassism we experience when using media. We create our online image to portray ourselves in the best possible light and brand ourselves so that we can be known to the world. T101 has made me more aware of our relationship with media and the dependency we experience, as well as the need to make oneself known.

  62. I agree with what Mark said on the first day of class, that this class doesn’t really teach anything. But what I can say for sure is that this class has opened my eyes to the reality that I knew existed but never appreciated or fully understood. This world is so absorbed in media that it has become an addiction, a soul sucking mechanism that causes us to depend on our computers, phones, internet, and other creations that fuel us. We are driven by our desire to be more connected, more informed, and essentially all knowing. No one can escape this or the clutches of media, everything that you do is captured and documented some way or another and stored for ever. The only escape we have is death, and even in that we escape it but our history will live on for forever, our videos can be watched, our voices heard, our words read. We are immortal in media and cannot escape that fact. T101 has been an extremely interesting to me and I am so glad that I can say that about a class I took just to fill gen ed requirements, well done Mark!

  63. The point of looking at ourselves and the world through media is that we ARE the media. The media effects us, and we effect the media. Those two are not separate, but together. It’s up to the person however to decide how they use their media. Media is constantly with us, constantly watching over us. There is truly no way out of media life, there is no exit. This really struck me in class the other day because it’s so true. I never really realized it until we watched all those clips from the Truman Show. Media is truly a part of our life, whether we like it or not. When we put our information online, we choose willingly to be watched and followed by media. It is our choice in the first place to be consumed by media, but we are the ones who can control what we put on the Internet. I think that is what I have learned most about media life this year. We control what we put on the Internet for everyone to see. It can be 100% true or 100% false, it’s truly up to the person because media will form to whoever the person wants to be. Media can be a good or a bad thing depending on how the person chooses to use it. Media is everywhere and we are media.

  64. With the process of globalization of international trade, more and more people realize that good and smart use of information and information technology can be the most effective ways to gain a more competitive advantage ahead of time. The appearance of a global economy, transformation of industrial economies, transformation of the corporations, and the emergence of digital firm make information systems essential in business today. we are becoming aware of the media effect .media and our life effect each other.We must understand what is media.T101 class help us know what is media . media and our life relationship .it is very important. Our life cannot leave the media.Media is very popular in the world now.T101 class tell us media although without entity, but it has been around and influence our lives. media is everywhere

  65. With the process of globalization of international trade, more and more people realize that good and smart use of information and information technology can be the most effective ways to gain a more competitive advantage ahead of time. The appearance of a global economy, transformation of industrial economies, transformation of the corporations, and the emergence of digital firm make information systems essential in business today. we are becoming aware of the media effect .media and our life effect each other.We must understand what is media.T101 class help us know what is media . media and our life relationship .it is very important. Our life cannot leave the media.Media is very popular in the world now.T101 class tell us media although without entity, but it has been around and influence our lives. media is everywhere

  66. The point of looking at ourselves and the world through media is that media is part of everything we do and there is no way to escape it. We are constantly exposed to media of we know it or not and if we like it or not. In today’s world everything we do is documented through media and there is no way to escape it. People are turning into zombies by just following each other and acting the same because of media. People are forever “together (and) alone” in media. People are changing as media advances and becomes more and more dominating in our lives. We couldn’t go back to the age of no media even if we wanted too.

  67. For me, I have found the main reason I view myself and the world through media–whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks–is to reminisce on the memories captured with friends. Life goes by so fast and there are some times that I wish I could transport myself back to relive. Media, especially Facebook, is like my time machine. I can log on and click onto photo albums. When I view the pictures, I can still remember the feelings and emotions I had when taking them months earlier. In one of your lectures, you had brought up that idea that even when we die, the media we created lives on. This a little too close to home. My cousin died almost a year ago. Every once and a while I find myself typing his name into search and bringing up his Facebook page or Youtube videos. I can’t explain my exact reasoning for doing this except that it makes me feel closer to him. I can’t visit his grave as often as I wish to, so I am thankful that media has allowed me the chance to connect with him. Although I write on his wall and he cannot write back, his friends or other family members will comment and we will laugh and joke times we shared with him. Essentially, though, if I had to give one exact reason that people in general look at themselves and the world through media, it would be because we are our media. We have made accessing others, whether alive or deceased, so easy through the use of technology it is almost like we have become the technology.

  68. I’m going to be honest, I’ve avoided writing this because I was afraid to sound stupid. And I wanted Mark to post this on Twitter. So, instead I was posting inane things on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It’s all about image, right? It’s all about what you appear to be, with how you present it. And you can’t present anything without media, because no one will see it. It may sound bad, but it’s true.
    Think about it. How many times have you checked a newspaper versus checked Facebook for news? Media is used for anything and everything. Now it’s starting to be used to literally run houses and fast food restaurants, among other things.
    What did I learn in T101 Media Life? I learned life is media, it’s possible to be a zombie and not even like brains, and that there is a way to use Twitter as a studying tool. I learned everything should be questioned. I learned that technology is more dangerous than I ever imagined it to be. I learned that I will never die, no matter how long I’ve been in the ground.
    There is quite a lot of stuff I learned in T101, but even more I’ve learned to question. T101 hasn’t actually taught me anything; it’s showed me to question everything, and therefore come up with my own ideas and opinions about life as, in, and around media. Mark has planted an Inception-type seed in my head. I can’t stop thinking about what everything actually might mean, or what it was actually made for. My life has seriously changed from taking this class. There is no way I can possibly return to the way I was perceiving media, or in other words life, before. Thank you.

  69. The take-away from Media Life is that we cannot blindly accept our media. If we examine reality TV shows, any normal person can deduce that the show is fake, but the following behind the show believes that it is real. The drama they want to believe is real engulfs them and quickly fades real reality.

    The effect that reality TV has on society is fairly harmless, but if we look at news media and biases, we will notice that if the brand of news that this particular media outlet is selling confirms biases, the same will happen. The people will be engulfed in the “news” and will blindly accept it. Moreover, they will be resistant to reason and it will be impossible to persuade them otherwise. This can have a huge negative impact on society as a whole.

    Media Life has taught me to question my media. Question life, for that matter. If we blindly accept the reality presented to us, we fail at living a proper media life. If there is one thing that I take away from T101, it will be that we need to think for ourselves. Reality, although we may want it the way it is presented to us, may not be what it seems. It is important to ask why.

  70. The point of looking at yourself and the world we live in through media is that it helps you make sense of our own reality. Media allow you to survey everybody else while they survey you at the same time and this helps you figure out what is going on in our lives socially because humans are social animals. It gives you unparalleled accesses to information that can be utilized to help our society form new opinions, ask questions, and progress because not only are humans social, they are also ambitiously curious. Most importantly, media today is so intertwined with our society today that it has become a living archive; it lets you see the world we live in as a reality that we can fuck with and it is a medium for you to have an impact on the world.

  71. The point of questioning what reality is to understand your life. Media plays a role in that because is can alter a infinite amount of realities because you shape your media. We as a society shape the media around us which alters reality. Which to me its never been about what reality is real, and what isn’t. Its about which reality you accept as the real one. Once you can accept, and understand why this reality is real then you can truly appreciate life and the media that shapes it. Its has never been about what reality is real, only what reality you accept and are satisfied with.

  72. Media has become a potent tool in our society today and to become ignorant towards it would be likened to committing social suicide. Man has always been traveling in groups and we are constantly learning how to make those groups bigger. The psychology behind all of this has been to connect with others. But as of late, it has also become who can lead the pack, and who can look the best while doing so. To take a glimpse of what your identity is online would serve as a reminder of your connection with society, and how healthy that bond is with others. Media isn’t an escape, it’s a union. The more you integrate yourself with others and bring your own thoughts to the table, the more you inspire others to return the favor, but only continue to power the growing masses of media that are only growing stronger. Everyone needs to be aware of this tool. The world is getting smaller because of it.

  73. What is the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media? : We live in a world that relies on media to properly function. The pros and cons of living in media have been expressed this whole semester, but something in particular is REALITY TELEVISION. The show Jersey Shore expresses eight individuals who live this bitter sweet life style, which is highly scripted and unrealistic. It’s unrealistic to believe someone can live a life with drinking and partying every day and still have time to do the things that a person needs to survive. We watch these shows and get the idea that something shown via media, on a digital screen, can be considered reality. Mark states reality is your perception of the truth, but the real question is does media give you false ideas on what reality should be or thought out to be. Whatever the answer may be, it’s important to look at yourself and the world through media to get a raw understanding of what may be real and what’s not. Some believe media isn’t real but whether that’s true or not it helps some individuals find themselves, interact with friends, and get closer to the world around them.
    I personally live through some of my social websites. I look at myself as a better person than I see myself in the real world, and my social websites even help me interact with a wider variety of people, who I may have never even met in a life without media. My connection inside media draws me closer to the world and allows me to be places I couldn’t be in real life. Living in media makes my life easier. “Now that I have it I don’t know what I’d do without it (Jimi Hendrix).”

  74. Media has been a part of my life ever since i was created. I believe this class as a starting point to understanding and developing the ideas we need to understand the media community. We are zombies to this media as we have no idea how much were using this life changing/evolving technology, but we do it with a purpose and we use it to live. We use this media to be social as we are social animals. Are minds are changing constantly due to our media along with our perspectives of situations and events. With media we are “together alone”…but the question is are YOU alone…and is this reality real since media is completely revolutionizing the typical American househould we have learned to know? We live through media…WE ARE MEDIA!

  75. After taking this class I have become more aware that the world I live in is not the only one that exists. The other world is the one made out of my social media. I have not been aware of it until taking this class. The interesting thing about it is that the version of me that lives in this world is not necessarily the same person in the “reality” I live in. Not only has this class made me aware of this alternate world, it has taught me how it works as well. This includes things like the shiny hamburger syndrome where people create this image of themselves that does not reflect who they really are. In the end I learned that these two worlds are starting to intertwine more and more as new technology comes about and there are positive and negative effects of this….

  76. T101 pointed out how media, such as smart phones, have influenced the way I go about my everyday life because it is everywhere. Upon looking at myself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media, this class helped me realize that because of all the media in our society we’ve become similar to zombies, in that we are drooling media-craving people. Everyone has to get the new Iphone or the next best thing in order to feel that sense of control that is produced over time from having constant relations with different forms of media. The evolutionary characteristics of media leads me to believe that media use and media multitasking is going to continue to increase and evolve. Overall, the fact that our society relies heavily on media, myself included, has lead me to believe that the “together alone” concept is only going to become more common.

  77. Media has become essential in almost every aspect today. Whether to chat with loved ones overseas, order pizza via internet or phone, or to update your FaceBook profile page, media is involved. I love my media because I couldn’t run my life as efficiently without it. I am a Telecommunications major, leaning towards the media field, so I personally need media for almost everything in my day-to-day. Many can subsist without the use of media (i.e. the Amish) but though they do not realize it, they are missing out on a lot. We are now defined as the Media Age so to not use it would be rather silly.

  78. Micah Niedner:
    I would say that the point of looking at the world and life as living in media is that there would be no point to look without it. Media is such a hug part of the world, and a gigantic part of what makes the world run on a daily basis. Without it, it would be a completely different world. The ability to live in media is the ability to be connected with the world around us at the touch of a button. To look at a mediated world without living in a mediated world would be extremely hard, and would make the world seem like a more confusing and difficult place that it is or needs to be.

  79. What is the purpose of looking at ourselves and the world we live in through the eyes of media? There are multiple reasons one could list on this blog. I will say what I believe is the most important reason. Media today produces an image of what they believe life is supposed to be like. We as free individuals need to study, examine, and understand the flaws of this argument. Or we will lose and never get back what make us unique individuals. We have to understand the media portrayal of life because if we begin to live that portrayal we are truly lost. The initial reason I took this class was to get easy credits. This class taught me that I have to take pride in being an individual.

  80. The point of looking at myself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is very important. Media is such a prevalent part of today’s society. Most of the activities we participate some type of media. We text people to make plans, we use our IPod’s when we run, and we use are laptop computers for a gigantic portion of our workload at IU. Without media we would all be doomed; we use media throughout all the ends and outs of everyday life. Without media, our nation would be able to survive, but they would be very confused and not have as much knowledge as they would have with the World Wide Web.

  81. T101 has taught me so much about media in my life. Coming from a small town where media use was not a big deal at all, T101 has shown me that no matter where I live or what I do, media consumes me. Media Life really opened my eyes to how much technology I use and how it really defines me. Through my Facebook and Twitter I share everything about myself, and if I don’t then it’s because I don’t want people to see the real me. Media Life has shown me that no matter what I can’t escape media. It is growing so much that I should just enjoy the simple life that comes with it.

  82. The point of looking at yourself and in the world from the perspective of living in media is essential in order to mark our existence. Media life has taught me that regardless if I want to accept it or not we are media. What once was a line separating reality and media has become a fusion of the two. Although it might seem smarter to try and differentiate yourself from the media, what’s actually smarter is to take advantage of the fact that if you don’t create yourself through media, media will do it for you. In doing so you can show how you want to be seen as opposed to google doing it for you. In addition having learned that nothing through media is ever erased, it makes me think before I act, considering all the things you would and wouldn’t want people to know about yourself. Overall media life gave me a better understanding of the impact that media has on my life and the importance to understand the benefits as well as the consequences that comes with it.

    Ashley Gertz

  83. This class taught me a lot of my media usage. I didn’t realize how much that I really use media until I took this class. After taking the course I realize that without media, I wouldn’t be connected with the world as much as I am with my media. We literally use media in every aspect of our lives. Whether it is using our cells phones to send a text, skyping our families back home, or even using media without really realizing that we are doing so. In this class, I learned that the way we act with our media (what we post on our Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc.) can really define the way people look at us. It can change how you look at yourself as well. The main reason I took this class was to get general education credit. However, in doing so, I didn’t realize that I would come out of the class with a whole new perspective of how I use my media and how much media effects my life.

  84. T101 classes let me know we are the media. We are living in the media and cannot escape easily. With media we can improve ourselves and show our individuality,creativity and power. Using media has becoming a habit for all of us, we share our status, our emotions, which has becoming an attitude. Without twitter, Facebook, how can we connect to the society life, and how can we know some new friends and new things through this new technology? Living in media, our thought has changed. Without media, people will not live in the real life since we are all media. For example, people orient themselves more to media than to each other when interacting in public places. Living in media and focusing on media are trends. Since everyone is in the media life how can you escape? If you don’t want be out of date and losing the new way to know the world and let the world know you , please live in media life.

  85. First, I want to thank T101 class for letting me realize how important the media affect our everyday life and how lucky we are using media device communicate with family and friend who is far away from us! In my understanding, media is us and we are media! Media allow us to connect other people while other people will response us at the same time and this helps us to maintain the relationship and what is going on in our lives socially. Moreover, T101 class made me recognize how careful when people have to be aware of what they post about themselves on websites like Facebook or Twitter. Most people define a person who is social or not because he has physically been to many party, but the truth is some people who went to party and took pictures not because they want to remember the party or friends, they just want to post on Facebook to letting people know they were there. It is kind of narcissism. The thing that I found most useful and most dislike is that everything we can be found in media and those record will stay forever!

  86. Nowadays people can’t live without media. Media effects us, and we effect media. After this class, I have realized about how meadia creates addication and how media is very important to us, aware that we are all zombies, aware that we sometimes lose ourselves in media.
    This class also taught me that media is everything, and it follows people everywhere. No one can avoid the influences of media. And in the class, I learned the positive and negtive aspects of having media control my life.

    Wen Li

  87. To me, Media Life is about how Media affects our society and everyday life. Media is everywhere at all times, we can not escape it. It has a huge impact on our lives and it is through our media that we know we actually exist. We are all zombie slaves to our media, we follow whatever instructions they give us with no questions or regards for ourselves. We are constantly being watched by media, it follows us everywhere. Our media makes us question our reality, it makes us question the world around us. Media Life has shown us all how important our media is to us, because it’s how we connect with others around us. Media Life is the study of how our media affects the world around us. It’s shaped our very way of life in ways that we can and cannot even comprehend.

  88. This class taught me how important media are to us as well as us to the media. To answer the question, with all the media we interact with everyday, i don’t think there is any other way to look at ourselves and the world other than media. Every bit of our lives are shared over the internet with others and with ourselves. We write blogs so that not only other people can see what we think, we, ourselves also go back to see what we wrote years ago, and that is looking at ourselves through the media. Soon in the future, even the mirror will be interactive, then there really won’t be a way to see ourselves other than media. I truly cannot think of any way to see the world without using media. We are so intact with media that we are media.

  89. Our generation is the first to experience the way media has changed and is changing our lives. No matter where we go, media will be there. We as humans are completely dependent on media – whether it be our laptops, cellphones, or televisions. Although society has been completely overtaken by media, our world is now more connected than ever. Not only are humans connected more than ever amongst each other, but humans individually are now more connected with their personal past do to the way new media archives our lives. As we continue into the future, media will continue to become a greater part of our lives whether we would like it to or not.

  90. I think the point of this class was to inform us all that no matter what we are doing we are almost always using some form of media device. Whether its your computer or your GPS in your car. We live through media. If you take media away from us I honestly think the world would go insane, except the amish. But even the amish sometimes use some sort of media. It’s what we are and what we will always probably be.

  91. The point of why we should relate to the perspective of living in media is so that we have a full understanding of the evolution of our society today. Only a few years ago, it was not important to be socially involved and engaged with our media devices. Now, our society has become media and daily lives have become so dependent on it. For example, nowadays the way of texting has become a way to converse with other significant men/women so that it has become some sort of game or art. If someone sends a text to someone, one would hope to get a response so quickly or else he/she would assume there is something wrong. I think even our media has so rapidly become mended to our daily lives, we forget how to appreciate the technologies around us, and even the daily relationships we encounter everyday.

  92. It’s amazing to think that just a few months ago I was simply living life without a hint of knowledge as to how much media I was being exposed to every day. It’s definitely something that can go unnoticed, which is one of the major perks of taking a class like T101 Media Life. It really gives students the opportunity to view life from a perspective they would have never otherwise taken. With this new perspective comes great knowledge of media habits and the purpose of living. When we started this class, Mark gave us a survey about general media habits. One of the questions asked was whether or not we believe the life we are living is real, or if we are simply living in something more like the matrix. I quickly circled the “yes” answer without any second thoughts, showing my stubbornness to even consider my life being fake. But throughout the semester, my mind was opened to a world of thought-inducing questions about whether or not our lives have meaning. Sitting at my computer tonight, if i were to be asked the same question as I was that first day in T101 Media Life, I wouldn’t know what to put. We have been given the opportunity to visualize our lives in a way that no one else would normally do. Simply by doing this, we are becoming well aware of the fact that media is driving our lives. It affects the way we go to work, it affects the food we eat, it affects everything around us every moment we live. Through this perspective, Media Life has taught us to take that into account, and live our lives the way we choose from here on out. It has helped increase our awareness towards media and the way it influences our behavior, leaving us with the opportunity to change our everyday habits. All in all, I would say that Media Life was one of my favorite classes so far in my short academic career. It was a class that encouraged me to think outside of the box and left me optimistic towards my personal future.

  93. I believe this class has done more than just made me more aware of media in our daily lives but it has helped me develop my own opinion about the entire aspect of media. media effects everything around us and we can either choose to fight it or adapt to live with it. In this course we learn how we interact with media such as being alone together and we also cover many far-fetched ideas involving media as well. It helped me develop a sense of all perspectives dealing with media. I did become more aware of my personal use of media and how it effects my daily life. The evolution of media, i felt, would be a way of describing this class. Not only has media evolved physically but it has evolved much more emotionally. Before the media movement no one relied on our media and it didn’t have a big impact on our lives. That is much different today. Today we don’t go a day without media and we have become very attached emotionally. Overall my favorite part of this class is that I have become more educated in the world of media, which is become a very large part of our human lives. This class has been very informing and I enjoyed it very much.

  94. Basically, the point of “living in media” comes down to the four “media secrets” we learned one of the first days of class. Looking through my notes, #1 says “we are everywhere.” Proving that, we can be sitting in class while also posting a tweet on twitter and uploading a picture to Facebook at the same time. Back when my mother was in college, people had to make sure they had a set meeting place at a set time. These days, we have communication in the palm of our hands and can decide where and when at the drop of a hat. #2 says “we are together alone.” My favorite example of this was the Skype video between a military man and his wife showing their new born baby boy. Living through media, we can be everywhere and with others while being in totally separate places. #3 says “we are on the move.” This secret ties in with the other two because now that we can do communicate, work, study, and entertain ourselves anywhere and everywhere, we take advantage of it by being busier than ever before. We take our multitasking as getting more things done at once when in reality just creates more time for us to fill with more tasks. Finally, #4 says “we have become our own media.” In the last lecture, Mark revealed one of our characteristics being solipsism meaning that our reality is the only thing that matters. We believe that we are special and most of our time spent through media is with ourselves. This proves that we are own media. The four secrets of media I think sum the entire class for us.

  95. I believe the point of T101 media life is not only just to look at ourselves in a way that has never been done before, but also to gain knowledge on how media is such an important role in persuasion on who you should be and what you should act like. It also allows for students to see the variety of media circulating throughout the world, some very foreign and uncomfortable to view, and some very generic and cookie cutter.

  96. What is the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living with* media? (*Correction from “in”)

    The point of looking at myself and the world around me from the perspective of living with media is to understand the fundamental role media plays in our current society. We, as a whole, are neither better or worse with the use of media; only we are going forward. The adaptation of cell phones, laptops, iPods, TVs, internet, etc into our society are great leaps forward in our society, but that isn’t the point now is it? It makes no difference the outcome, only the journey.

    We look from this perspective of with media because society and media cannot be separated any more than one can be separated from a child. This media we use are things with feelings, names, and personalities that we treat as someone we care for. We protect them by using cases made to protect it from anything something parents want to do for their children. While we only care for as long as they are the “new, hip thing to have” (aka the iPhone 325982305SG) beyond that media is just garbage, waiting to be recycled into the next big thing.

    What I found to be the best thing to come out of this class is to understand the relationship of my media and I share. I love it and what does for my life. We coexist in harmony, something society cannot accomplish because even with my medias faults… it still connects me to ones I love and that just cannot be beat.

  97. “Media is the air, and we are teaching you how to breathe.” I think this quote from our guest lecturer Mark Bell summed up Media Life class best. Never before had I thought about just how intertwined all of our lives are with media. It is inescapable but it is not necessarily something to fear. We are encouraged to analyze the role media plays in our lives and think of applicable ways to use media to improve our lives and the lives of others. We have tremendous power in this, and this class helps everyone who takes it the chance to see a glimpse of this power and what they can do with it.

  98. We ARE media. No questions asked. It is pivotal that our generation realizes what type of society we live in today. Media shapes who we are. Who we portray ourselves to be. We can’t escape it. I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote a letter and brought it to the post office. Rather I have media that surrounds me to fulfill these types of tasks. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and the list goes on. The point of looking at myself and the world we live in of living in media is simple. It makes us feel “together alone”. We have all become to indulged, obsessed, and even run by media that we don’t realize it anymore. This statement has led me to question my reality and the world I live in. That is why it’s important to look at life in the perspective of media.

  99. The point of media life is to figure out why we wake up in the morning. It’s why we have homework. It’s why we are who we are. Media defines us. Media is our source of information, communication, entertainment. and anything and everything in between.Media is our escape, our reality, media is our life.

  100. My perspective of living in the media is that it creates the need of success. We are all living in a mediated world. We all want to succeed in life and go far with our careers and our future. This is mainly because we all want a place to fit in. We all see so many people on tv,radio, and more doing so many things at such little time. This creates such a desire to become social and brand ourself to everyone we see. We create facebook,twitter and linked in to get our name our their. We are all in this reality even if its real or fake and throughout this class we are able to learn all sides about different perspectives. Media is our way to show who we are and brand ourself, we could not go one day without we love our media and it is our life. Erica Silver ,

  101. Until I took this class, I was never aware of how much of my life really revolves around the media. I am constantly engulfed in my media devices, and the way I live my life is drastically different form the lifestyle when my parents were my age. I walk around campus plugged in to music, and in an awkward situation or to waste time, I find myself constantly turning to my cell phone to occupy my time. In my room, my roommate and I are constantly “together alone”– we can sit for hours in the same room and not say a word because we are interacting with our media.
    Because I have chosen the profession of Theatre, I use the media to produce the best version of myself possible. I am constantly monitoring my Facebook, uploading videos to Youtube, and will eventually have to compose a website of myself. I do not believe the media portrays a different “Allison;” however, there is definitely a shinier version of me that I allow the media world to see.
    I now believe I have the power to change opinions and raise awareness through the media. I am an intern for the Broadway Dreams Foundation, and I have become extremely active in promoting on their Facebook page and sending e-mails.
    Society’s relationship with the media is only going to continue to grow, and if people are not aware of their constant interaction with media, our person relationship with one another in person and relationship to the world we live is going to change in great measures.

  102. Media Life helps define what media is, in a tangible and non tangible way, and then presents pros and cons of living in it. It helps explain why we do the things we do in our media filled world. Over all the title of the class seems perfect to me.

  103. T101 Media Life has shown me many directions our society is growing in. From this course I’ve learned that media is a tool everyone can choose to use to their advantage. Branding ourselves in the mediated world today is necessary otherwise you will virtually become nonexistent. Although that does not seem imperative to everyone, I see how crucial media technology is becoming within our corporate and government worlds as well. If anything, this class has raised my awareness about the way technology is being used pan optically. The larger the intelligence gap becomes between society and large corporations, the more power and opportunity they have for insight into our personal mediated lives. This is scary!

  104. T101 has given me a new outlook on media. It has made me more aware of how much it surrounds me. Media has a large emphasis on our culture as a whole, maybe affecting individuals more than others. I never knew I live in a Truman Show delusion that I call reality until taking this class. Mark has taught me to be more media literate and has brought to my attention it is easy to become a zombie in media. Also, I have learned many different types of media use other than the obvious computer, cell phone, and ipod/MP3. The silent disco was a really neat aspect I might have never heard of as well as the shiny hamburger effect which were both brought to my attention. After this class, I now try to accept the presence of media for it is inevitable instead of trying to find an impossible exit. So, I thank you.

  105. I feel as though Media today has become an absolute necessity to our generation. Now, education, communication, and ways of living are all tied within some sort of media. Although there are many different ways to look at media such as through The Truman Show, the Panopticon, and/or the Matrix we as a people take from it what we choose to accept. Some think we are being watched by “the man” and some think that we control everything so much that essentially we are “the man.” Being involved in the media can have a positive as well as a negative effect on your life. However, it is all based on what you feed into the lifestyle of such. Either you base your life completely on it or you rely on it when it’s needed. We are the media and we are zombies just like Mark said. Nobody is looking into the future. What happens when this technology dies out? Will it even die out? Or will it become more extravagant to the point where we no longer need officials to justify the unknown. Then, what happens to educators and their jobs? My only concern is what will happen 40 years from now in terms of our media and how we use it. It could possibly become destructive but then again that goes back to media affects you how you want it too. This class opened up my eyes to many different aspects and why we are so attracted to our media.

  106. My perspective of living a media life is one that deals with incorporating as much media as you can. I also feel that it is such a life that you can not really escape media, even if you perish. Some people enjoy this type of life and others do not. For example, being watched by cameras, etc… Some people don’t like this and would prefer a less technology detailed life. The question is can we really escape media in our lives or not?

  107. Media can be a very scary concept to accept into our everyday lives. Media, however, is something we all have accepted as part of our human being and use on a daily basis. My perspective on media life is very optimistic coming out of this class. Before, I thought that media was just one of the many ways that the government and big corporations utilize to track our every move and reap the profits. Although this is partly true, we have still accepted it. Modern technology and media is simply the next phase of humanity that the current generation was lucky enough to live through.

  108. In today’s media-driven society, it is very important to look at the myself and the world I live in from the perspective of living in media. Media is everywhere, and I am always using media. Every time I use Facebook, watch TV, or listen to music I am contributing to the mediated world. The way I choose to brand myself on the internet through Facebook and other social networking sites is an important part of who I am. Even though I can control how I interact with media, I will probably always be a part of it. I do not think I can ever really escape this media life. But I also do not feel the need to escape it. It is important to continue adapting with media because it will always expand and try to fulfill the needs and wants of a media-driven society.

  109. Throughout this course of T101, I’ve learned that is everywhere, even in places I never knew. Being constantly watched under the watchful eye of media makes me careful about how i portray myself online. We are the media so there is no real way to escape it. For the Truman show attendance exercise, I said that the only way to escape is to run like hell, but there is no running away from media. Someone is always around with a camera or media device where they can capture any moment and make it into media history. Everyone is affected by the media world, even if you don’t know it. Because almost every one around you is interacting in the media world, you pretty much have no other choice but to be involved in media. We are all media superstars, and it is up to us to define how we are portrayed online, because we ARE media!

  110. Like stated many times before, Media Life–the class–was not intended to either praise or vilify either opposition, stating that Media is degrading or improving society. Instead, it provided insight into the fact that whether it be for better or for worse and whether we like it or not, society is being sculpted by media. We are all entitled to our own opinions on how to view the media–whether it brings improvements or declines to society. However, we must accept these changes are occurring. With respect to this, we must hold ourselves responsible to analyze these changes and try to make sense of them. Why do we have emotional connections with our media? Why do we think and act like media? It is a class that opens the mind into becoming more aware of the media around us. We do not live with media–it is not a separate existing entity that can be shut off or tossed aside. We live in media. We are media.

  111. What I have taken away from this class is that we are media. We can never truly escape media. Everywhere we go we are being “tracked” – whether it is our information being saved on websites or Facebook making it public where we are posting from, we cannot hide. The Truman Show is a good example of never being able to escape media and always being watched. Although we may not be be in Truman’s exact situation, it is a good metaphor for how we are unable to escape. Media used to rely on us, but as time has gone on we have relied more and more on media, and now it controls our lives.

  112. In today’s world, media has become a very prominent and important aspect in everyone’s lives. Everything we do is run through a various form of media whether it is on your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or iPad. Without these types of media, our ways of living would be much harder, let alone impossible. Many people look at media in many different ways. Some see us, the human or the individual, as the one who is in control and the others see someone from the outside controlling us like their puppets as in the Truman Show. In many cases, we are “together alone” because we are so immersed in our media while we are in the room with others who we are not even talking to. Living in media does not allow one to leave or “get away”. Everything you say or put on the Internet is there forever, even after you are gone. The only ways to escape media are to move to a wooden cabin in the middle of the woods or live on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Before taking this class, I did not realize mine and most other people’s obsession with media. As I look around class, I see a majority of people on their laptops or on their phone either taking notes, playing games, or surfing various kinds of websites on the Internet. People are also constantly checking their Facebook page for notifications or are on their Twitter feed. From what I have learned in this class is that media is all around us and we must learn how to live with it during our daily routines. Media Life does not really teach you anything new or about something you have never learned or seen before, but it does open your eyes and make you better understand how the media world is operating around you.

  113. I think it is very important to look at yourself in media and your relationship with media for a number of reasons. Having done so in T101, I have realized a lot of things about myself. I was never really aware of how much media controlled my life until I took this class. Every moment of my day it seems I am engulfed in some sort of media whether it be TV, Xbox Live, or conversing with people online. I realized, while looking at my life through media, that there was something controlling my life. But realizing that the thing controlling my life, media, was something I enjoyed greatly was strange to admit to myself. This class showed me how much I depend on something without knowing it. That is why I truly enjoyed this class. It opened all of our eyes to a drug that we all are addicted to, and there is really no cure for it. The most amazing thing about this drug is that we (I) don’t want to be cured of this addiction.
    I think that the point of T101 is to open everyone’s eyes to what our culture has become. We are a media-centric people who are in constant “media contact” with one another. The class has shown that people in our society react to this media culture in different ways. One reaction is embracing media and allowing it to become us while others have rejected it and tried to live without it. It is becoming harder and harder to deny that we are obsessed and dependent on media and pretty soon we will all be controlled by it.

  114. living in media creates a need for succes. we are living in a world where we are being constantly moniteried. we all want to be successfull in our future. This is mainly because we all want a place to fit in in the future of our lives. we see peole in the media who we recognize doing things everyday. This this makes us want to be seen as well. we use social media to try to get ourselves recognised. in this class we have leared the different perspectivves of media and relized that we are all a part of it. Media is our way to show who we are and get attention. this is why we spend so much time with media and love it. sam gould

  115. T101 is more than just noting all the media surrounding us that we live in. In dives into questions of reality and validity. It questions deep topics in our lives such as if our relationships are real and how we remain in media even after we die. T101 for me opened my eyes to the world that I thought was relatively black and white. T101 created many higher levels of thinking for me and made me curious about my existence in media, and if I even exist without media. T101 is about analyzing your own self in media, and what we take away from this course should be uniquely ours.
    -Allison Hacker,

  116. from my point of view,media is pervasive and ubiquitous.we are living in the media and we built the most significant relationship with media. everyone exposed the multiple versions of themselves to the public.the T101 class told us how to use communication tools correctly then taught us the media industries and various of also mentioned the connection between people daily life and the media.all of us related to the media,but we should formed the individual then shaped the common media.we are unique but we lived in the unitive media.

  117. T101 is life. This idea that a media life is any different from a normal life is quickly fading away. The Media are everywhere is a media law. It is the way of life in todays society. There is almost no option to be medialess anymore, and this class represents the expansion of life beyond discussion. The expression of life through the internet, through television, even through simple career is all that is. Media is both an escape and a focus. Media is becoming everything. I use media as a tool. I use media as a path. Media is what is guiding my life, and it allows me to take my life and double its capacity. This class has opened my eyes to the true reality, far beyond what i have been believing was truly reality. It makes me question life and all its compnents, but in a good way. A new attitude has been approached to Twitter, to the iPhone, touch screeen nano-technology. It makes me appreciate the facetime and the panopticon. Medialife is life!

  118. Media has become the looking glass that we and others use to view ourselves. It is has the ability to create, improve, change, and distort the true realities of ourselves. And it is for these reasons that we explore media life in T101. We look at media from its humble beginnings to its now dominant rule. The questions posed in T101 seek to answer how we can live with media, and how we cannot live without it.

  119. T101 has made me a conscious consumer. Scratch that. T101 has made me a conscious perceiver. I know that sounds terribly shaky right now. Let me explain.

    As this course has run its, well, course, I’ve gleaned as much as I could from it. We’ve traversed media life, living archives, media cities, and even the nature (as much as Deuze is reluctant to get into ‘heady french philosophers’) of reality itself.

    It’s been a long road. And I’ll be honest. At the beginning of this class the lessons were incremental. Is reality influence by media or is media influence by reality? Brand yourself, or you will be branded. Lesson (reluctantly) two. There are many, many digital shadows of yourself. Lesson (anxiously) three.

    But as the class pushed forward, these epiphanies started to grow greater and greater. Media has become so intertwined with humanity, that (sans books), we are essentially androids. We are a click away from the infinitude of human knowledge. We can communicate with nearly anybody in the world in seconds. What once took months to send by postal services. (R.I.P.), we are able to tap, buttonless, to any number of our friends. We are, to a large degree, what many cultures would consider godlike.

    The awe that our machines should invoke. This is what I’ve taken away from T101. Is it overwhelming? Personally, I say yes. Can you escape it? Technically, I say yes. But, (and this is a rather large but) Socially, I say no. You are severely stunting yourself.

    We are people. But we have tools. We are humans plus some. We are androids. We can’t escape.

    Or maybe we can. I guess it depends on who’s looking.

  120. Media has really become a conventional part of society. With no media, there is no reality. And with no reality, there is no media. The fundamentals of media that we have learned in class have helped me to look at life in different ways. We are so dependent on our media and technology, that we have literally become attached to it. However, it is so important to stop and look at the life we would have without media. We would, in some ways, have more intimate human relationships with people we are close to. But with media, again, we are able to be intimate with those who are far away from us physically, but close to us in our hearts, via Skype, the Internet and telephones. Overall, class has taught me that media is a crucial part of life, and technology will always be more innovative than it was the year before, but we need to constantly be reminded that there is more to life than Facebook Youtube, Twitter, cell phones, video cameras, remote controls, and other media devices.

  121. Throughout this class I have learned that media is intertwined in everything we do in our everyday lives. We no longer have a choice about whether or not we want to live in media we are media. I have found through this class that what we should do is embrace the media it has become a part of us. We are Truman and instead of trying to pretend as if we can ignore media, or delete ourselves from the media world lets jump fully in. Like I have learned throughout the entire course if you don’t brand yourself Google will. Brand yourself! There are so many ways to be in the media and most of us have multiple online profiles, be the shiny hamburger or whatever you want, that’s the real beauty of living life in the media. We can interact and make connections in ways people never would have imagined why would we want to ignore that! Like Mark said at the last lecture lets all be Rockstars! So get involved with media we live in it there’s no changing living in the media so control that first page on Google and embrace the media.

  122. Understanding our media gives us a better perspective of the world around us and what it may one day turn into. Media is all around us all the time and it is important for us to look at and understand media as it transforms our lives. Media gives us an understanding of our reality. Not only are we constantly being exposed to media but we are also now creating media. People are taking parts in social networking sites, blogging, you-tubing, and so on. It is important to have an understanding of media because it is one of the most influential things that shape our reality.

    -Justine Cole

  123. T101 has been a very eye opening course. Coming into this class I felt as if I had a pretty good grasp on my life within media. But as the semester progressed I was exposed to how much media really controls our society. This class not only teaches how many forms of media exist in our society but also allows us to explore the many ways in which it can impact it. The course is about examining and developing ideas on the good things that media can bring forth and also the potential it has for bad. Media is everywhere around us and is always watching us. This is a simple and seemingly obvious fact that I do not think I would have ever acknowledged if it were not for this class. Media Life is a course that has given me an understanding of media that I view as an advantage that I plan to use to its full potential. Thanks to this course I will now realize when media is evolving, how it is doing so, and what it means to our society. T101 is a learning experience that exposes us to a world that is right in front of us; it is the most applicable learning experience I have ever gone through.

    -Johnny Brewers

  124. The point of looking at life through media is simple. We will be lost if we don’t. The world is evolving into a media-centered style and if we choose to not take this media perspective, we will be left behind and ultimately, lost. We need to look at all of our interactions and the way we live our lives through media so that we can not only understand others better, but understand ourselves as society sees us.

  125. I believe it’s important to view ourselves in the world of media because media is our world now. There’s no escaping the significance of the media surrounding us constantly through our days, so not looking at our live’s through it would be missing such a significant part of ourselves. Now, our jobs, relationships, and knowledge are heavily influenced by our computer or cell phone screens, so acknowledging ourselves in those mediums is the only logical thing to do. Whether you accept or revolt against the media age that is upon us, knowing who you are in that field is only going to help us.

  126. When looking at yourself, it seems almost vital to incorporate the effects media has on your life. Whether people want to admit it or not, technology has taken over majority of our lives. Communication has become almost an obsession starting with simply a newspaper, and has presently expanded into cell phones, TV, computers, iphones, ipads etc. Life without media has developed into the impossible. This infatuation is indeed a huge part of my life solely through societal influence and demand. The importance of media while looking into my life as well as majority of teens my age is a huge part of who I am and why I am the person I am today.

  127. Upon completion of T101, I have come to realize the effect and importance of media on my life. Media has influenced all academic, social and professional aspects of our lives. Professionally, media links us to potential employers and increases our professional network capabilities. Socially, it provides us with the ability to interact with others and maintain relationships. Academically media gives us the opportunity for a greater access to knowledge and countess resources. The discussion lecture that influenced me most was the topic of surveillance and the realization that cameras are around us at all times, documenting our every move from our physical presence to our data transactions on line.

  128. T-101 has pushed me to realize how much our society relies on media. Everything today involves media; political campaigns, advertising, talking with friends and family, and even sharing every single moment of your life. We share everything with our media. And because of this we feel as if media is a part of us. When we loose our media, we feel lost, just as if we lost a part of ourselves. This class has cemented the idea in my head that as a culture we have harnessed the power of media to use in our own way. We control media to fit our lives. And most of us don’t regret that we share our lives with everyone. It has become the social norm in our society.

  129. This class is anything but ordinary to me. You walk into a lecture of maybe 400 people and the topic of the lecture is media; how it plays into your life etc. The lecture begins and about 400 kids have their laptop open checking their facebook and twitters. This class is like a huge oxymoron. You go to learn about media and are phased out by media the entire time. But that is not what I took away from this class. Mark made it very clear this year that we are all f***ing zombies, among other things. This class challenges you to think about media in different ways. How media affects your life and how it plays such a huge role in the culture we live in. Everyone in our culture and generation have become so media-centric and are always craving the next best thing in technology. We are constantly surrounded by people but live together alone with our media. I have struggled constantly with the question of, is this really an addiction to our media or do we really just live through our media? This class has not only challenged me to think about media in every aspect it plays a role in but how it plays into and influences my own life. It constantly takes ideas from movies and develops them into concepts that portray how we use media. We ourselves are constantly evolving through our media and our media is evolving through us (it makes sense to me). This course challenges you to think more then any other class I have taken. No longer can I log on to my Facebook without thinking about this class; how every move I make on there is being watched by everyone else. If there is one message that is clear because of this class it is that we care more about technology more then anything else.

  130. T-101 has been unlike any college course I have taken so far here at Indiana University. Mark has opened my eyes to things I had never even considered before. I thought I had a good idea of what media was all about, since I have a twitter, facebook, pintrest, and follow other sites very similar to those. However, the topics we went over in class went into more depth of the media then I ever imagined. Whenever I sign on to an account now I think deeper and apply things we have learned this semester. I am more careful as to what I post as well because I now know it is very easy for someone to hack or easily view my personal life. I think in the end, what I loved most about this course is that it is applicable. I can apply what I learned to my life because this is what we are living in today, this media society.

  131. A lot of people warn us, as young, naive individuals, that we need to be careful with our media. We sometimes forget that it never goes away and what we say is, for the most part, set in stone. It will always be on the internet even after we delete it or, more extreme, when we die. Even President Obama warned us to be careful what we put on our Facebook. Throughout this course, the main thing I’ve learned is that social media is “real” but “fake” at the same time. People put their best foot forward when they are tweeting or posting something on someone’s wall. They are not their “true self”, they are instead acting they way they want people to view them. Their pictures reflect this. People will do outrageous things in order to have their picture taken. They seem to live their life for Facebook rather than for their own fun. In some aspects, it seems that if a party or a get together is not documented by photos or tweeted about, it did not exist. And in addition, the people who attended did not have fun and/or will not remember the night in the future. Older people, who haven’t grown up with social media, do not understand our addiction and need for social media. They are skeptical that it will “ruin” us or influence us in a negative way. But in reality, our Facebook, which is not “real”, connects us better to reality. The moral of the story: what is “fake”, makes our life more real.

  132. With this class, my eyes have been opened to the fact that media is everywhere in my life and is inescapable. It shapes my views and reality on life. Regardless of how I feel about this, it is there. I can’t say it is good or bad, but it is there, ever present. With T-101, I now actually stop to think about things when I receive information through any media medium. It’s fascinating that I lived my life without realizing the reaches media has in my life and/or the reaches I have in others’ media lives as well. Also, and most importantly, the topics, views, and ideas discussed in this class are so blatant yet so subtle in this world that it’s scary. I have already gotten into arguments with friends and family on the idea of media. I can apply it to any part in a person’s life. So, i guess what I’m saying is that the point of this class is to give you a chance to not be a zombie, the One, or a Truman, even for an instant. Once you have this chance, you can choose to try to revolt against media, or acknowledge how media is used and understand its workings and adapt.

  133. I would say that T-101 has been a big eye opener. I had no idea how huge of a part media played in our lives. I knew I was very dependent on media, but after this class I would declare it as an addiction. I also have come to realize how I need to be more careful with what I put on the internet, because like we lerned in class, it never goes away! After doing the google research paper, I saw that a lot clearer. I loved the zombie lecture, I thought it was really clever how that theme was brought into the mix. Mark has done a great job keeping us interested and always having something compelling to say. I have learned more than I could even imagine about media. I didn’t even know what omnoptic panoptic and other types of surveillance were and how much they were used until I was introduced to them in this class. I have enjoyed my time in T-101 and will defintely take much of what I learned with me.

  134. The purpose of T101 Media Life was not so much about the media in our lives, but how we come to terms with how media has changed reality. Society’s behavior is skewed by media and by media’s tools. There is no way outside of this reality we have with media. As humans we must realize we have to adapt and understand that we and our media are one. By making this realization through the course one may better go about their daily lifestyle. Having this knowledge behind media life brought about a new way of being. We have been given the principles of what media is capable of and now it’s our turn to utilize the power. The point of it all is that we realize we have this power to make a change. If media is us, and we can change media, then we can change us.

    Be the change you want to see!

  135. The perspective of “living in media”. It’s something that most people will define under their own, unique terms. When I think of living in media, I think of how much of my time and attention is devoted to all things media. Even though I was already aware of the fact that I spent a lot of time “in” media, this course has taught me that people are living in media now more than ever. I think in one class Mark said that the average person consumes 12 hours of media per day. That’s unbelievable, or at least I thought it was. I’m taking another class, J110, that required me to log all of my media usage for a week. I was at about 11 hours per day. From the moment I wake up until I lay my head down at night, I rely on media for information and entertainment. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. Media makes my life easier and more enjoyable without a doubt.

  136. Through this class I have learned how media affects my life and how much we rely on our media. Before taking this class I never thought about how much information I actually gave away by using media. From writing my paper on personal information economy, I was able to see how much information companies get about you from just swiping your card.Media has become so advanced that you basically can’t be private anymore. I have learned that we are basically always being watched. This class has made me realize how much media influences our lives. This class has given me the knowledge to be more aware of how media impacts our lives and the way we interact with people through our media.

  137. The evolution of new media in connection with our everyday lives will continue to be a crucial if not essential tool in how we relate to anything and everything. T101 has shown me how media itself is becoming a reality within a reality in which we simultaneously use it to form our own interpretation combined from the two. As we continue to use media, its transition into our lives will be a thing of the past and instead be a important element of our identities in the future and beyond.

  138. media makes us the people we are today. It is has the ability to improve or cause havoc of our true identities of each other and ourselves. For these reasons we explore media life in T101. We look at media from its weak start to its now dominance in today’s era. The questions we are asked in T101 answer how we need media, how we live with it, how we don’t even realize we use it as much as we do, and how we cannot live without it.

  139. media makes us the people we are today. It is has the ability to improve or cause havoc of our true identities of each other and ourselves. For these reasons we explore media life in T101. We look at media from its weak start to its now dominance in today’s era. The questions we are asked in T101 answer how we need media, how we live with it, how we don’t even realize we use it as much as we do, and how we cannot live without it.

  140. The importance of looking at the world we live in through media is to learn about ourselves through a different scope. Through media we can learn about the human nature in a different light. I feel media is somewhat of a prediction of many things to come, it allows us to study habits which will in turn lead to specific events. All and all the reason for looking at life through our media is different for each individual. We study media life because media can truly affect every aspect of life.

  141. I live in a world bombarded by media. I stroll by a digital billboard, unconsciously processing it; all the while I am simultaneously texting on my phone and listening to my iPod. I arrive in my dorm and turn on my computer and television. Media multitasking has become second nature to me; it has become a habitual part of my day. Changing my image on Facebook is just as important to me as reading an English assignment. It is essential that my online image is what I want to be. It is also essential that I turn in top quality assignments to my professors. Both are completely different needs of mine; yet they are fundamental parts of who I am. Prior to my experience in t101, I took media for granted. However, this was the class that facilitated me questioning how media really does affect me. Is my life like Truman in the Truman Show? Or is my reality really not real? Who knows? What I am confident of is that media will continue to have a phenomenal impact on my life, your life, and future generations.

  142. I believe it is very important to know how to look at yourself and the world through media. This is because media is becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. Media has become a stable item in our daily lives and I think we will only become more reliant on media in years to come. Media furthermore has become a huge influence on our daily lives and actions, along with the world we live in. It is important to know how we are affected and influenced by it so that way media ultimately doesn’t control our lives. We have become the media because of social networking sites and the amount of information we allow others to have about us. This class has been extremely beneficial in illustrating the effects media has and the way media influences us. In conclusion, the point of looking at ourselves and the world through the perspective of living in media is that we both grow together and both influence and affect the counterpart.

  143. We need to look at ourselves in a media world because that is simply what our world has evolved to. There has always been the newest type of technology out, whether it’s the first spear with an iron spearhead or the new iPhone, the world is constantly evolving into the way we as a global community shape it. Every generation has a new type of technology that evolves the world as well as brings us closer together. From the radio to the television, from the first video game pong to virtual reality, each generation has to reflect on who they are, what they’re doing, and where they are going. Our media is the fire of today, it changed the world as we know it and we have no where to go but forward, using this fire to light the way into an even brighter future.

  144. Taking t101 class, I realize that media is everywhere, and I need media everyday. In class, we saw lots of videos or picture to considered media effection. Media are influence our life. At the same time, our behaviors also are influence the evolution of media. In class, we talked about real life interacts the reality of media. We are alone together in media. Media is a kind of social network, where exhibited every public, privacy or personal information . People spend much time in media, and we dovoted more and more of our lives to media. What is more, I still think that are we the media slaves. Media as a show are exhibited everyone and everything in the world. We are also think about is there a exit strategy without media? Media as seen in life, and media imitate us, like online social media, Facebook. Media is a good way to promote society and people’s communication. we all are a small element in media world.

  145. I don’t think this class has necessarily taught me anything in particular… just opened my eyes. I mean, a very general description of what we learn in class is that media is a huge part of our lives… But don’t we all already know that? However, after just the first couple classes I started focusing on it more and more, just how much media we use and where and so on. If I walk around campus sometimes I’ll random start paying attention to how many people are either texting or listening to their iPod, something very average, but crazy all the same. We just spend so much time with our media that we don’t realize is what it really points out to me. Sure, we all know we spend too much time on facebook or something, but this points out just HOW MUCH time we spend doing that. So really did I learn anything from the class? No, not really. Did I take anything away from the class? That’s a definite yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. Am I glad I took it? Yes.

  146. The point is to become conscious of the media we consume so we can subsequently be more assertive and focused in our navigation through the media. It is about knowing how to thrive in media and get what you want out of it. It is about learning how to access media which connects to your personal goals and drives and actively making positive use of it.

  147. We live through the media everyday. We further define ourselves through the media. Some people are a little more truthful then others when doing so. Media means everything to our generation, and it’s everywhere! Media affects not only individuals but a society as a whole. There are many positive and negatives concerning our ability to control media. Media is who we are, its how we see each other. It’s how we gather information, communicate, and entertain ourselves. Media continues to grow. Soon there will be no limit to where our media could go. People will have to travel farther farther to find an area where there is no cellular signal or WiFi. But that scary thing is by that time it might be to late. All the exits could be closed.

  148. After taking this class, I learned why it is so important to look at our world as living in media. Media is evolving constantly and progressing more and more each day. It’s like a runaway train that we need to hop on to. When new trends happen, you have to adapt, or you’ll get left behind. We are slowly becoming more and more of a media environment and everyone is starting to adapt to it. I took away a lot from this class. It let me look at my media different than just what I use to talk on the phone or text. It is a gateway into another type of world. Media leads people into a new reality that allows them to escape from who they are in real life. Media is us.

  149. Media Life has opened my eyes to what is really behind our computer screens. There is a world filled with millions of people, constantly documenting what goes on in their lives every single day. The most important thing that I have learned this semester is that we are all together alone. We create profiles on the internet and alter them to fit the status quo, because someone is always watching and our lives are out there for everyone and anyone to see. We are all media zombies, in which we cannot escape from this virtual world that we live in. We need to start being individuals and think for ourselves before our “computers and cell phones and tablets” start thinking for us so we can be special in our own way and not to just fit in. Attention is addicting therefor social media is addicting to us; we are always socially bonding and socially grooming ourselves. Media is a part of everything that we do, everywhere, all of the time; there is really no full escape.

  150. This course has made me more aware of the media surrounding me in addition the role it plays in our everyday life. The constant surveillance we live in is often disregarded when walking around, but it is everywhere we go. Almost every move we make is recorded by some type of camera. Also, we seem lost in the media life around us. Simply walking down the street, you see people involved in media multi-tasking. Everyone is consumed by their technology, and they rely on it for their source of news and as a way to connect with the outside world. This class has made me think about how my life is drastically changed by media and the capacity it is involved in my life.

  151. It is important to look at our lives and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media because media is the mecca of modern day reality. Many of us are ignorantly surviving a media revolution. Our generation has no choice, the generation above us can’t fathom the significance of relying on media, and the generation below us are born into it. This could be a possible explanation for the confusion between generations, and why face-to-face communication is not only endangered, but why there are no motives to make changes and adjust for the betterment of society. Kids know things that took parents decades to learn or experience. So for the older generations, it is essential to look at life from the perspective of living in media or else their relevance to the lives of the youth will continue to decrease. -John-Michael Polley-

  152. T101 Media Life has taught me so much about media and how it has taken over our lives. Media is everywhere, and it follows us no matter where we go. The different different concepts we’ve learned (for example, “together alone”) have changed the way I look at not only media life but life in general. In a world where media is quickly integrating itself into our daily routines, the term “Media life” will soon become less relevant. Media is such an integral part of our society that its implied that media will always be used. T101 made me realize how much we depend and thrive on media… because we are media. We must embrace media because it will only improve and will soon take over nearly everything we do. Could this be the rise of the machines?

  153. After going through this course, I have learned a lot about such things as how people present themselves online, how we consume media, how we are watched by media, and how we are all zombies. The point of all of this is to gain a better understanding of what media is exactly, how it effects us, and how we use it in our everyday lives. This allows us to navigate through media consciously and see how it is evolving.

  154. The point of looking at yourself and the world we live in through the perspective of living in media, is to see how technology and the way each one of us uses it, effects us and those around us. Each person uses technology in a different way, and a certain type of technology maybe more real to one person than the next. But, at the same time technology connects us all and brings us all together, even though we use it alone. We maybe just like zombies drifting through the internet aimlessly, but at least we are all together.

  155. After the near completion of this class, i have realized that the main point of T101 Media Life is to make us fully aware of all of the media we are surrounded by constantly, how it affects us, and how it affects and changes reality. Not only has media shaped our society, but it has changed it in its entirety. This class depicts to students that whether we like it or not, media is life, media is the reality, and media is the future. Students learn the forms of media, how they affect our way of life and thinking, and the potential good/bad that it could do for us. From history to future, media- through its many forms -is both essential and consuming.

  156. So what has this class done for me? Ever since being in T101 Media Life, I’ve been much more aware and observant about my presence on the internet. Some people may have been scared by what a big impact people are making on the internet and how much information we are all putting out there. However, I look at it differently. I don’t think of the internet as a scary place as long as you are smart about how you use it. We are living in a world where the internet has such a huge impact on our lives. Almost everything is now digital and we are slowly beginning to blur the lines of the digital and the real world. Since being in this class, I’ve picked up on how often websites like Facebook and Twitter are referenced in conversation, in the news, and in the media. I think it’s an exciting time for society as we have so much to learn and so much information at our disposal. We as humans are changing the way that we interact and socialize thanks to social networking sites. In a generation or two, we won’t know any different and hopefully people won’t be as hesitant to the digital changes we’re making. With this said, I still think it’s very important to protect yourself online and make sure not to share too much information in the wrong places. Since being in this class, I deleted my Foursquare account because the class definitely opened my eyes into being smart online.

  157. As we learn more and more about the constant and inescapable immersion of our lives in media, it becomes clear that we cannot simply think about whether or not media is affecting us, but how it affects us and what the hell we can do with that kind of influence and potential.

  158. T101 Media Life has taught me so much about media and how it has taken over our lives. Media is everywhere, and it follows us no matter where we go. The different different concepts we’ve learned (for example, “together alone”) have changed the way I look at not only media life but life in general. In a world where media is quickly integrating itself into our daily routines, the term “Media life” will soon become less relevant. Media is such an integral part of our society that its implied that media will always be used. T101 made me realize how much we depend and thrive on media… because we are media. We must embrace media because it will only improve and will soon take over nearly everything we do. Could this be the rise of the machines?

  159. Through this class I have been viewing myself and the world from a media perspective and it has truly opened my eyes as to how integrated we are with our media. I have always looked a media as something we consume but never realized how big a part we actually play in the creation and influence of it. I now see how connected we truly are and how everything from a simple google search to “liking” a page can drastically change our media life and what results we get. Along with this, T101 has shown me that media is so much more than the shiny compact artifacts we use to interact with it. It is has been around way before facebook and twitter became the global phenomena’s that they are today and will continue even if facebook and twitter don’t because it is so much more than these 2 media sites.

  160. The point of looking at ourselves and the world we live in through media to understand the different versions of reality. This course has made me realize that the reality in which others perceive me in person, the reality of how I try to portray myself on social networks, and the reality of how I am actually viewed through these social networks are all different versions of myself. The world we live in is highly media oriented and everyone, like zombies, is out to create the “best” version of themselves through media. It is important to understand that these images are the bits and pieces of we want the world to see. They are just another modified reality of who we really are. Today, where we share so much personal information about our lives with the media, I question if we are consciously creating our own Truman Show by letting the world watch our every move. Unlike the film, however, we seem to love that the world is constantly watching. That is why every picture posted is perfectly edited; our narcissistic society loves looking at images of the best versions of ourselves. By looking at ourselves and the world through media, we can see and understand the various realities that we have created for ourselves to live in.

  161. We are media… Everything we interact with in our everyday lives is media, from computers to cell phones to newspapers. This is how we promote our existence is through these types of media. As I look at myself and the media around me that’s advancing everyday it’s only implementing its self deeper and deeper into our society. There is no turning back only moving forward for better or for worse media is here to stay. I look at media differently after taking t101 at least internet related media it seems as though the internet is used as a scam to collect all of your data aka sucking the life out of the REAL you and keeping you there until you realize the factual happenings due to the internet

  162. After taking t101 this semester, it has become evident to me what the point is to look at myself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media. I can easily say that I spend a majority of my day living in media, whether it be on my cell phone, my computer, or watching tv and because of this, it makes sense to me that i can learn so much about myself and other people just through the media I engage in. However; the information i might be learning about other people or putting out about myself might not be an accurate presentation of who I am or who they are in real life. I think this has been a constant topic of conversation throughout the semester and has really made me stop and think. Just as Mark talks about the perfect looking hamburger in commercials, our Facebook Profiles, Myspaces, and any other kind of social network online can give off ideas and pictures of us that are not accurate, as we all want to give off that “perfect” person that we might not be.

  163. Looking at life through the lens that is media is almost impossible to avoid. Media surrounds and becomes us. From our cellphones to our Facebook profiles, we all are incorporated in the media world. Being able to look at life from a new perspective allows one to become Media Literate. This course was the first step of many on the path to media literacy. Being able to view certain aspects of my life from new angles allows me to take in and understand more about my life in an ever changing world. Media is and will always be apart of me.

  164. My impression of this class has been up and down throughout the semester. Half of the time I left the class confused and the other half I felt it was more of a review. One of the main take aways from the class would be that media is present in our every day lives and how we adjust to this or if we embrace it can sway our opinion of media. If you choose to embrace media and have a good adjustment you will have a better opinion of media. Media is every where: in leisure and work. We have to adjust and embrace media.

  165. T101 was a class that told us who our media really are. This course not only made it impossible for us not to see ourselves differently through media, but also made distinguishing between life and media life nearly impossible. We were posed with questions about how to get out of a media life, but came to the conclusion that no matter where we are in the world or what we are doing, media will likely affect us in some way: some major, other minor. Coming to this conclusion is an explanation for the course as a whole, because the conclusion of T101 was acceptance that, yes, there is a singularity between our lives and our media. T101 challenged us to come up with savvy examples of the way media can change our lives, whether it be for better or worse. The course challenged a lot of our previous beliefs about media because we were told the ways in that media can seem evil, and then given reasons to be optimistic. While at times this class is like a whirlwind of examples and abstract information, we were able to learn what is at the core of Media Life.

  166. It is fairly obvious to say that through T101 we have learned that media is everywhere! It is unescapable and I do not believe that there is an exit plan. Media is most likely the most prominent thing in everyones lives and it also is the thing that connects everyone. Not just connecting through Skype and things of that nature but it is the one commonality between the world. Everyone uses media. It would almost be like a giant elephant in the room if we didn’t talk about media or look at things through the media. This class made me much more aware about who I’m portraying on the internet. It led me to discuss whether or not I am showing the “real” version of myself in media. It also led me to discover that I believe that I have my own media self, which is different then my normal self. This class also really opened my eyes to how much media affects us. Whenever something happens people post it on Facebook or Twitter. It really is unbelievable how much our world has changed through media.

  167. I feel like I have learned so much from T-101 this semester. Going into this class, I felt there really wasn’t that much to learn that I didn’t already know in today’s media. I felt like I was with the times, but was I ever wrong. I never realized how much of my day involves living in media. I am constantly on my Iphone and laptop. I am always on Facebook and now my new Twitter account, thanks to this class. I get all my news from the internet and twitter. I never knew how dependent I became of my media. I seriously don’t think I could do a whole day without going on to my phone or the internet. It’s like it’s apart of me and I wouldn’t want a divorce from media. Mark has talked about how media will always be with us and we can never escape it, I totally agree with his statement. Even when we die, the we are still involved in media. If we had a Facebook account and died, our Facebook account just doesn’t go away. There’s a website Mark said online that when you die it sends out your will. That is mind blowing to me. I always felt like Truman, even before entering this class. I have always had that thought in the back of my head to what is really real? There’s not a thing you can do to find out either in my opinion. Even TV is fake now. Reality TV has taken over the media. People question how real and how scripted these shows really are. People express themselves through media and I think that is amazing. I loved my time in this class and I hope I answered the question clear enough.

  168. Although I am a telecom major, I really had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this class. I honestly have learned so much about media in the world that I never would have even expected to. A lecture in particular that stood out to me was when we talked about being watched. Talking about the three types of surveillance really interested me. Thinking about being watched literally all the time is a pretty scary thing. I also really enjoyed talking about the different personalities people had on the internet, and how some become completely not themselves. This class has really helped me open my mind about all the different aspects of media and how they are part of our lives every day, and always changing.

  169. After taking T101 it really made me realize how media is in everything I do. It made me realize that when I am by myself that I am really with a lot of people through Facebook and all other media sources. This class has really made me think twice about putting inappropriate comments on Facebook or Twitter because it is out there for everyone to see and you can never take what you say back. This class was very interesting and I now know how much control media has over my life and the world.

  170. The way I see it, this class taught us how to be real people in a world designed for liars and false humanity. While everyone else fights to create new personalities, we of T101 push forward, already well aware of who we are. We few. We proud few, the trumen and truwomen of this world. We do not hide behind false pretenses, we speak our minds on our blogs and Facebook posts. We are the new race of a digital era helping those who we lead to rediscover themselves. We are the only ones who can blaze the path, as we know the path.

  171. T101 Media Life has allowed me to think outside the box when it comes to media, it’s not only a way to communicate with each other but it’s inescapable and a way of life. After taking this course I have become more aware of how much use media, I actually caught myself typing a paper, texting, and using my iPad all at once the other day. I never really noticed these things or thought about how different my life would be if I didn’t have all these forms of communication. It’s not that media is defining us, but we are defining media. Media gives US complete control so it could never define us. Media acts as a tool to enhance and preserve our social lives while were alive and also when we’ve passed. So media is here to stay , Forever.

  172. If there’s one thing I’m going to take away from T101, it’s an optimism and understanding of the media world around us. Most studies and people had lead me to believe that all of this media world around us was “fake” or “pointless”. We’ve been told time and time again how media is pulling us all apart and destroying the nation’s youth. What I loved about this course was that it took an actual look at these assumptions and points, and gave really strong evidence against them, while still leaving it up to us students to determine our own opinion on the matter. And in today’s society where media life has almost become fully integrated with the “real” world, it’s important to look at media life and realize it’s impact and importance in everyday life.

    Bronson DeLeon

  173. When I ask myself the question: what is the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media? I truly think the main point is to make me as a person more aware to my surroundings. For instance, as we have talked about in class, the Internet has made me realize that the presence of my life (kasey glueck) will never leave this world for the soul reason of media. For example, an assignment in T101 was to go on the Internet and Google yourself and when I did so I came to realize that my name was on so many websites. With my name being on so many websites I didn’t only find recent things about myself but I found information about myself from when I was younger which helped me realize that my existence in this world will never leave. Besides that in t101 it was brought to my attention that my existence will also never leave because I am always followed by something if it is cameras in a store, my credit hard swipes, and even the recordings on the phone when you call places. It is now clear to me that it is very important to look back at myself through media since media is currently keeping the existence of Kasey and will continue to keep my existence through everything it has previously recorded through my actions I have taken. As the class went on I slowly stalked myself the best I could possibly do and have taken down certain information that I really do not want others knowing. I have become aware to cameras on me in stores and try to cover myself. I have taken down certain information about myself on my Facebook. This class altogether has opened my eyes to so many new ways of media and how almost everyone’s life is lived through media.

    Kasey Glueck

  174. The great thing about T101 is that the class is unique to every other class that I have taken at this point in my life. It is not a “teacher gives you facts, you memorize the facts, regurgitate the facts on the test, then forget the shit and move on to the next one.” The class’ purpose is to jump-start the thought process of how me view our media activity, and this T101 has definitely done this for me.
    Entering this class, I looked at myself as a “ruler of all media,” as someone who had complete dominance over his electronic devices. But now I begin to question whether this is true. I feel more now that my devices are a part of me after take Media Life. It is not a bad thing though, because in reality, there is no way to escape it. Yes, because of this, it is simple to become a “fucking zombie” as Mark likes to put it. Everyone can simply be non-unique people and just chase the new shiny hamburger that Apple or Microsoft or whoever just released the next life changing device to the masses.
    The way i look at it now is that this easy accesses to media actually makes it easier to make yourself known in this world. Just look at all the random, awesome things on the internet made by ordinary people. Everyone can have their fifteen minutes of fame in media.
    The greatest aspect is that media blurs the thought of an eternal death. I find it absolutely crazy and awesome to think that long after my time on earth is done everything I have posted on the internet will still be there.

  175. What I learned the most during media life is that the constant media exposure in todays world is neither good nor bad. It has truly become a major part in our lives. Throughout the course, I gradually learned both just how much we depend on media and how we act today with and through media. It is hard, looking back on everything, to imagine how any of us functioned before any of this media was available to us. A world without cell phones, facebook, or twitter seems like ancient history. We learned both positive and negative effects of this kind of media. Altogether, the overall message I got was that media is now a part of our lives. It is not good or bad, it is present in almost everything.
    Michael Goldenberg

  176. This class has really led me to believe that media is neutral. What we do with it, can lead to good or bad things. Media is here; it exists. However, when we do things like cyber bully, we turn media into something bad. Yet, on the other hand, when we have a support group through media, such as on Facebook, we turn media into a good thing. I’ve also learned that we are media. To say one should rid themselves of media is like saying you want to commit suicide because everything we do and everything are is media. Media is our life, and so media is life.

  177. Everyday we do nothing but contribute more and more to media. It surrounds our daily lives and without it, we, as a society would crumble. We use it to communicate, get directions, look up pizza place numbers, and even use it to find our soul mates i.e. online dating. This is a lot of media dedication…..But should everyone be aware of how much we use it? It wasn’t until after taking T101 that I realized just how much media we use AND how much media uses us! Mark stated several times throughout the semester that we are “along together” this is what will stick with me far after completing this class. We all hangout in the same area but get lost in our own “media worlds”. All we assume about media is using our cell phones and surfing the web. Not true, we use it to get work done, have fun, and are constantly being watched through surveillance. It is anywhere and everywhere.. Taking this class has made me realize how intense media really is and how hard it is to escape it. Will we ever be able to truly have our own “exit strategy” or will we always be giving in to a media world? I believe there is no true answer to that, just what we make of our own media and how we let it effect us. Gaining knowledge of this subject through T101 has better prepared me in dealing with my media correctly and hopefully using it in some moderation. Hopefully more students will take T101 in the future to further their knowledge too..until then it will remain a constant battle between media and real life.
    Cheers to a great semester, -Thomas Englert

  178. Media is a microcosm of society. This theme, that whatever we do in media, is also reflected in society is something I’ve taken away from this class. The way humans interact with media is unlike any interaction. One assignment that I’ll take away with me when the semester ends is the facebook paper I did with another student. To start, I felt like it was a pretty incredible assignment especially since it’s something that couldn’t be possible just five years ago. But what I really got away with it is how people view others based on their appearance on facebook. And if so, will this change the way we will meet people in the future? I would almost argue that this is already starting, when you meet someone at a party, work function, you name it, and the next thing you do is go online to get to know them more based off their facebook page. This class taught me how we’re living in a time of social changes because of media. We tweet about class before we even arrive to the lecture hall. We ride the subway with earphones listening to our ipods. We eat meals with friends and family, but check our e-mail at the dinner table. This course made me realize how as a society we’ve taken a new direction to social norms with our media.

    Chelsea Kalt

  179. The main point of T101 is that reality and media are indistinguishable. Media and “real” life are fused together and will never be entirely separated into two different worlds. Reality is actually just the life we live when we use media. As shown in The Truman Show, there is no exit from this lifestyle. The media are inescapable.This is neither good or bad, but media are always accelerating at an extremely fast pace that drives the rise of the creative class. The key to economic growth lies in the advances of media. In the “war against the machines,” we are not dominated by the machines, but fuse with them to become media. Since media are secret-exposing machines, we know that we are the media that makes us live on even after we die. The point of looking at ourselves in the perspective of media life makes us more aware of who we are, which is the a mixture of reality and media.

    Alison Agnew

  180. Looking at myself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media has led me to fully comprehend that we are media. T101 has taught me a lot, but the main thing I learned was how predominate media is, and how we as people and the media go hand in hand. Media is, in a way, “taking over”, and I think that Mark is trying to tell us that this shift and change is okay. Media has changed and so have we. Media is our life.

  181. In my opinion, the reason i feel it is important to look at the world we live in through a media perspective is because of one thing; Evolution. Whether it is biological or technological, evolution happens constantly. Animals change to adapt to their biological environment, and technology changes to adapt to social environment. Whatever media is in demand will prosper, and media especially today is in very high demand. Even though it has been around for decades, it continues to shape our society because it is such a dramatic part of our everyday lives changing, and shaping the way we live.

  182. T101 media life is a course that demonstrates all of the ways media controls our lives. It opens your eyes to the fact that we indeed are media and our advancement as a culture is through media. This course shows you how truly powerful media is and how empty people become with out their media. Our social life is so connected to media that it is now seemed to be strange to not be in the social media scene. We have been introduced to staggering statistics and reminded of brutal truths, mainly due to the always-improving technology and media. An interesting aspect of the courses material was the constant of media through out our world. The media friendly countries are the ones with the most powerful and prosperous existence. Media has improved so much so quickly that we don’t know what to think of it. A huge argument has been stirred about whether or not the media is helping or hurting our youth and society. But why shouldn’t we indulge in what is being served. Our technology continues to improve in a way to make our lives easier and run smoother. The media is there to create a simpler life for each of us. This class gave me the framework to make my own decision about our lives and the media. Whether we believe the growth of media in our lives is good or bad is left up to us, there was no forced opinion, only a good foundation of information and push to create your own opinion. That is the most important aspect of this class, the opinion I now have on media’s true importance and power, and a blue print on how to handle the power of media.

  183. T101 media life is a course that demonstrates all of the ways media controls our lives. It opens your eyes to the fact that we indeed are media and our advancement as a culture is through media. This course shows you how truly powerful media is and how empty people become with out their media. Our social life is so connected to media that it is now seemed to be strange to not be in the social media scene. We have been introduced to staggering statistics and reminded of brutal truths, mainly due to the always-improving technology and media. An interesting aspect of the courses material was the constant of media through out our world. The media friendly countries are the ones with the most powerful and prosperous existence. Media has improved so much so quickly that we don’t know what to think of it. A huge argument has been stirred about whether or not the media is helping or hurting our youth and society. But why shouldn’t we indulge in what is being served. Our technology continues to improve in a way to make our lives easier and run smoother. The media is there to create a simpler life for each of us. This class gave me the framework to make my own decision about our lives and the media. Whether we believe the growth of media in our lives is good or bad is left up to us, there was no forced opinion, only a good foundation of information and push to create your own opinion. That is the most important aspect of this class, the opinion I now have on media’s true importance and power, and a blue print on how to handle the power of media.

    Michael Blumenthal

  184. This T101 class is demonstrates all of the ways media controls our lives. This class gave me the framework to make my own decision about our lives and the media. And it also made me realize how intense media really is and how hard it is to escape it. It’s not that media is defining us, but we are defining media. Media gives US complete control so it could never define us because the media is there to create a simpler life for each of us.
    Life without media has developed into the impossible because we live in media and we are the media and and would make the world seem like a more confusing and difficult place that it is or needs to be.
    —jiachen tang

  185. The course T101 Media Life opens your eyes to show you not only how much and often media is being used throughout the day, but also how often you use media yourself everyday. It shows you the ways to use all the different media to your advantage and help you become more apart of society as technology evolves. You realize that media is very powerful and actually controls our everyday lives, and some people who go without media through their day may seem lost. As media has evolved over the years so has our social life in which revolves around media. It was alright to not be fully involved in social media/life, but now you must be involved in media or else you will miss out on many things in life, and it’s almost impossible not to be involved. Media now has evolved to become inescapable and you can often catch yourself using multi-media many times throughout the day. Media will never stop advancing and moving forward which is a main aspect to our economic growth. Media and technology are apart of our everyday lives, and allows us to never really be alone because we are all actually connected through media. We have all become dependent on our media and that will never change.

    Luke Lesniewski

  186. T-101 has shown me that we don’t need to “learn to live in our media”, because not only is our media all around us, we ARE our media. Media in our everyday lives is just another way we express who we are, what we think, and what we do. We develop and perfect our media to tailor to the individual needs of who uses it. Our computer backrounds, tweets, personalized credit cards, etc., are just ways of expressing ourselves and our personalities. Yes, media is all around us, but we don’t need to learn how live in it, because we influence our media, as it influences us. No learning required, just living.

    Ben de Garcia

  187. The point of looking at ourselves and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is because that is the way our world is now and is evolving. An example of our world evolving into even more media oriented reality is the (soon to be) extinction of print media. Think about it, pretty soon there will no longer be paper news papers, everything will be digital. Media is everywhere, even when we don’t intentionally look for it. We can’t really fully escape it, but it’s not a bad thing (at least not yet, I’m waiting for the robots to take over any day now ). Media is key because it gives us control and allows us to network with other people together and/or alone.

  188. By studying this T101 media life class, I got lots of knowledge of living in media and bring me lots of thinking about this. and a point we live in from the perspective of living in media is everyone is get involved into media. As for myself, I put lots of time in media, such as reload Facebook and something like that. I think the reason why we get more and more involved into this is because it’s easier to get access into those sources and everybody around us is doing the same thing. And we also fell more free to talk with others by Facebook, and can also get new stories by reload it, so we have never stop to reload it and get involved into it. I believe this phenomenon will go on, and people will become more addicted to it by those feathers like the Zombie Factors.

  189. Media have become self-sustaining–media exist and evolve even when we’re not engaging with them;moreover, media changes itself. Books, TV, radio, films are all inanimate. They’re fixed, finished; every time you watch a movie it will be the same movie, except for what bring with you to the viewing. Inanimate media don’t really exist when we aren’t engaged with them.
    Media are more interactive, more ‘intelligent.’ Media is more and more complex, and we spend more and more of our time with various media, so our relationship with media is increasingly complicated and uncertain. We don’t know what media can or will be, or how it will interact with us and we with it: no one has ever before had the potential that we do, not just to interact with media, and to create media, but also to make parts of ourselves and parts of our lives into media.
    Since the landscape of electronic media is so changeable (it’s increasingly easy for us to change, and it changes on its own, while we’re not looking), it’s even more difficult to find our bearings;and since media and media technology will only get more complex, it’s essential to consider what one does and is in the evolving media world/life. Unless we have some understanding of how we exist, in that world, we’re likely to get lost, or left behind. And if we fail to consider what we give to and take from technology/media and how we adapt as media evolve, we risk missing out on a significant evolution of our species.

  190. Denice King

    In my opinion, I believe looking at myself and the world I live in from the perspective of living in media is very important. This course has taught me that media is not something to run away from but something to embrace. It is important to see that media is not a bad thing and that with this knowledge we can make anything happen through media. This course was all about getting me to see how media affects the lives of everyone around me, both in good and bad ways. It is now my job to decide whether or not I stand by the media world or walk away from it At this point I believe there is really no out from the media world unless I choose to be someone else. The only thing left for me to do is embrace the media, make the most of it, and find a way to change the world with it.

  191. The single most important thing I learned in this class is the idea that “we are media.” Not that it is a difficult concept, but I had never thought of media that way previously. I especially like Mark’s point about whether we imitate media or media imitate us. One of the most interesting topic’s of the semester, in my opinion, deals with the minds of the media users (pretty much everyone). Because a lot of what we do online is seen by other users, we become narcissistic- really just obsessed with what people are going to think of whatever it is we are displaying for them to see. Since taking this class, it is so obvious to me when I see it happening on the social networks that I use. Before this semester, I never realized how much we need media, or how much it needs us.

  192. The point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is to see how dependent and obsessed we are, as a society, with media. We are so fascinated by technology and media that we try to make in part of our daily living. We are so attached to it and are very dependent of it now as a result. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time because while we have and use the technology for it’s convenience, what will then happen if we are cut off from it or it is taken away. Everywhere you go there is some sort of media device in use. We are trying to turn part robot by syncing all this media with the human body. Most people never go anywhere now without their phone now. That urge to always be in contact and connected to the world has become second nature and a habit to us all. If people do not adapt to the technology or join in with the media, then sadly people will get left behind. As time, people and the technology changes so do the users. We have made it an almost essential item for survival. It is nice to have and use things that make our lives easier/better, but like all things also, you have to use them in moderation.

  193. Media life is the class to shock me. It let me know, and how the world is full of media and information to find themselves. Many people think that the Internet is the true self of their own, such as facebook, we may be affected by eye, we may not be popular, we may share the video, we may share photos, we may organize resistance activities, we may make many fucking friends. . . But I know it’s not really us, it is only in the media we have.I often think that if this day there are no phones, no computers, no TV, no media, then what happens in our lives. You will become very boring, you will become tough. I think the start will. Because we suddenly lost contact with the outside world, our lives suddenly become smaller circle. But we would think after living is easy, because we do not need to worry about dinner, when suddenly the phone rings. We do not need to worry about with friends when there is movement did not return messages.
    We never stop looking over the computer,looking over the cellphone, looking over the TV… We don’t konw what will we get from them, however wo just do it, and never stop. Really like a zombie. Maybe we should stop,maybe the world should stop to look outside, not only through the windows.

  194. The point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is to see how dependent and obsessed we are, as a society, with media. We are so fascinated by technology and media that we try to make in part of our daily living. We are so attached to it and are very dependent of it now as a result. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time because while we have and use the technology for it’s convenience, what will then happen if we are cut off from it or it is taken away. Everywhere you go there is some sort of media device in use. We are trying to turn part robot by syncing all this media with the human body. Most people never go anywhere now without their phone now. That urge to always be in contact and connected to the world has become second nature and a habit to us all. If people do not adapt to the technology or join in with the media, then sadly people will get left behind. As time, people and the technology changes so do the users. We have made it an almost essential item for survival. It is nice to have and use things that make our lives easier/better, but like all things also, you have to use them in moderation.

    Justin Cureton

  195. Durning the time i was in this course we dicscovered that media is taking over and is a aspect of are everyday lifes. There is no possible way to escape this. We should endure the knowledge of media and except the fact that medias taking over this generation.

  196. This class an examination of whether or not movie effects us. It has taught me that media does indeed influence everyone in our society and there actually no way to escape. But, I’ve also learned this isn’t a bad thing. Mark has taught us to embrace the fact that we are media as opposed to try and oppose it, and when we do this, we become much more critical observers of society. I now enjoy entertaining the idea that media is a way of life rather than a decision to take part in. As I said before, once you can embrace this fact that media will exist, it makes observing it’s effect and taking part in it much more enjoyable and interesting. This is what we study in class.

  197. Basically i learned how i can handle the media world. precautins to take, how to handle myself, the risks of things i do. But also how to enjoy my use of media how evolve with my media and how I can help to guide myself toward worse off media futures.

  198. Overall, I did not necessarily learn anything from this class. I already knew that media surrounded us and that there are many differing views on whether media is “good” or “evil” and that as technology advances, we depend more and more on our media. These things were not exactly a shock to me or most likely anyone else in the class. Instead, what T101 taught me was how to look at media with a different perspective. Never before had I considered the potential that media gives us to change the world and how often we abuse that potential, using our media primarily to become more and more self-absorbed. It made me realize how personal media is today, becoming increasingly more human-like and causing us to get genuinely upset when it is not working properly. I could go on and on about all of the various ideas that were presented in this class that I had never before considered when thinking about the impact of media. Primarily, this class has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about media, life, and the impact they both have on each other.

  199. Media life is about a very broad amount of topics. T101 teaches us that media is a growing phenomenon in our society and that we cannot live without our media for various reasons some being that we are social animals or that we value our media almost as another life form. The class shows us the power of our media and how we can use it to act like “Gods” and create an impact on the world. The class teaches us that through our media we can become whoever we want to be. We found out that we are always being watched by our media, and that our media may very well one day takeover the human race. Media is everywhere so therefore we live in media.

  200. Coming into this class at the beginning of the year, I did not expect to learn what I did and they way I did. It is relevant that we live in and through media. Taking a look at what I do on a day to day basis, I realize that we are media. We create the media that we live in and through. Media artifacts are now part of our everyday lives. It wasn’t so much of learning new things about media, but more the way I look at it. There is no escaping media unless breaking down and totally shutting yourself off and moving away. Media is everywhere. As far as this class goes, we used media, whether lecture or discussion, to better educate oneanother on the media works. If you don’t look at yourself through media, then you’re looking the wrong way. Whether we like it or not, media life is real, and a very big part of what IS ‘real’.

  201. I believe that we need to look at ourselves and the world we live in through media because that is what our world has evolved into. We rely on our media. I believe the point of looking at ourselves through media is to find out what we are seen as through the “technological” eyes of others. Majority of our time is spent through media. So, when a person is trying to find out information about us, they immediately turn to their media to do so. We need to look at ourselves and the world we live in through the perspective of our media because that is what the majority of our population is doing. Our world has become obsessed with media…I seriously could not imagine what would happen if one day it all just disappeared. Our world would be in utter and complete chaos. If a person does not hop on the media train, they are going to get left behind. This class has opened my eyes to how our media is constantly growing and it has made me reflect on how far it is going to go.

  202. I find that viewing myself from the media can give me a relatively accurate view of how others view me. In the media, our real identities can be skewed and seen in completely different ways based on the information that we share. In this class I have learned how important the role of media is in each individual life. This is because of how much others can learn about is through the media, as well as what we can learn about the world as a whole. This class has taught me that forgetting can be a good thing. Because everything we share in the media is there forever, it would almost be a luxury for the media world to have the ability to forget.

  203. If this class has taught me one thing it is to just accept that we live in media. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes we worry that it’s going to take over our lives or the world. The truth of the matter is that it has. I didn’t realize before this class is that media has become a part of our everyday lives. Don’t fight it, embrace it.

  204. I think this class has taught me to watch out for media becoming a controlling part of my life. The class is really about thinking more deeply about how our media affects everything around us. The most interesting point Mark made to me is that people often think a new technology will completely change the way of life. This is called technomiopia.

  205. Reflecting on this course, I feel like I look at the world and the ways we use media in a different way. From the perspective of living in media, we then realize how this alters everyone’s lives. This isn’t necessarily good or bad but just something to be aware of. People’s interactions with others are done in ways that didn’t use to happen. In a way, that could be helpful to people that are more outgoing online for instance. On the other hand people can present themselves in a way that isn’t really who they are. So the point of looking at yourself and the world as living in a media life is to be knowledgeable. Know not to take everything at face value, because not everything is what it seems. Realize that the things you do, especially in the media, are forever. Not to live in fear of what you do, but to try to portray yourself in a light that truly reflects who you are.

  206. Well first off, I think it’s important to note that there is a very real and advantageous point of view when looking at your life from the perspective of living in media. All year we have talked about how media is all around us, surrounds us in everything we do, and is even in some cases becoming apart of us; thus, we can’t escape it’s ever extending reach into our lives and this is why I think it’s important to learn to live, understand, and be able to communicate with your media and the media that surrounds us. I think it’s also important to understand how media affects us and our social interactions with each other on a daily basis. We have all year been talking about this phenomenon of being “together alone” and I think this is an important part of learning and understanding our media. I think we need to look and analyze media from this sort of point of view, so we can further our understanding of how we are reacting with our media and how it’s affecting our social and daily lives with one another. Media is everywhere and in every parts of our life, along with this we have came to understand that media is also shaping our lives both socially and in other ways, and it’s important to know and understand how it’s affecting us as a whole; this is why it is important to look at ourselves and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media.

    ~ Nickolas Souers/

  207. Looking back on this course I have developed a different perception of how we live with media. Media is always changing but yet things are never forgotten. Living in media allows for anyone to be on display for the rest of the world making communication easier. At times it may seem that technology is moving to fast but as it progresses so do we as humans. So what i got out of it most is that media adapts to humans and as humans we will always adapt to our media. Therefore creating an ongoing cycle with no deceleration but just constant advancement.

  208. This class has taught me everything about media. We live in the media everyday of our lives. People are easily able to define themselves, just through the media world. It depends upon the person, some people are more truthful of who they really are when it comes to media, instead there are people who try to act like someone their not and being in this class that made that concept really easy to understand. The media affects all of society as a whole, its how we communicate with each other and find out about information. In the end media continues to grow and just keeps on growing!

  209. Looking back on this course and the fact that it isn’t a history of media life really however, trying to get us to understand how media now effects our lives. We are the producers as well as consumers of media. Realizing that we are media allows us as scholars to begin seeing the connections to our lives and media. Everyting we do is either influenced by or is completed by using media. We are what we see through media and how we act is mimicked from the media world. Our view on the world is one we view through media. Thus, media life is the life we live in.

  210. To give some background, I have taken a course like this before and learned about media, however through T101 I have learned how media is not just information on computers or in papers but instead, it envelops us. It is important that we look at ourselves in media so that we may enjoy it without letting ourselves abuse or be abused by it. We need to take moments where we step away from direct media and just observe it, how it surrounds us and how it evolves. We need to find the balance of media and ourselves so that we may remain an individual and not a “Media Zombie” nor be so ignorant of its vastness that we ourselves become obsolete.
    We are Media.

  211. I think it is an advantage for us to look at our lives in media because, as we’ve talked about this entire course, whether we like it or not, our media is expanding. Both the usage and the technology, media has already taken over a large portion of our lives, right now I am using media to complete homework, and it will only expand with time. Being able to see how we fit into this wild picture, the different sides of each argument about media, and generally seeing how one thing effects our lives so much, is essential to fitting in to the increasing media picture. Also, looking at things like becoming zombies in a positive way which I have never heard in my life has given me a different mindset with most things, helping me keep an open mind and see both sides of each argument. Lecture was never hard to go to, I will miss this class and some of the ideas and concepts discussed in T101.

  212. Over the course of this semester we have learned how we interact with and through media. T-101 has taught us multiple things about media and the world we live in. Examples of what we have learned are that even when we are physically alone we are together. The same applies to when we are physically together we can be alone. For example walking down the street with hundreds of people, a person who is listening to their music through an ipod is having a totally different experience than everyone else.Other subjects we have talked about is sex in the media, how we are always monitored and watched by media and how media is important in informing us about what is happening around us. One of the main concepts that we have learned this year in T101 is the idea that we have multiple personalities in media, and that through media we try to advertise ourselves as better than what we actually are. However, I personally have to disagree with this idea. The reason why I believe this is because people are constantly advertising themselves to be more than what they really are. The reason i think this is because when people leave there house or are among other people they usually dress to fit in or appear to people in a certain way. People also act very differently when they are among others. For example, when people are alone they often do things like dance in their underwear, sing in the shower, pick their nose, masturbate, etc… But when people are in public they often leave these behaviors behind closed doors. This is the topic that I have personally given the most thought to in this class and I think is the most important to think about when it comes to media. Why do we really use media? To educate ourselves about what is happening in the world? To text people and post statuses to stay connected when we are alone? Or do we use media because we are unhappy with reality and can use that to satisfy our wants. This is what I have learned through T101 and it made me think more than I would have ever expected this class to.

  213. Initially I heard about T101 Media Life from my older sister who took the course a few years ago. Coming into college without a clue of what I wanted to major in, I took Media Life because I heard it was an overall easy course. From my personal experience I would tell one of my peers to take Media Life for many reasons. Does this course come easy to me? Yes it does, but it is also a very intriguing topic. Looking back, I have learned that our lives are impossible without media. It has been interesting to track my media use in one single day. I am always immersed in media and it has taken over our generation. The topic of “Alone Together” was easily the most interesting to me. It opened my eyes to see that not all interaction with others is meaningful because we are usually using our media simultaneously. It makes me question whether or not time spent watching TV with my family is actually quality time. T101 has given me a new perspective on everyday life and I am now more aware of media presence in my life.

  214. T101 gave me a different way to look at the relationship between us and media. The most important thing i think i have learned from this class this semester and you cannot draw the line between our lives and our lives with media. Throughout the years they have become to intertwined that it is no longer something we can cut out of our lives.It’s no longer “us and media, it’s us in media”. While people can argue all day whether all the media is beneficial or hurtful to our lives, there is no arguing that it’s not just something you can escape anymore and that it has almost become an extension of us.

  215. To me the point of looking at ourselves and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media is because media is such a big part of our lives and many people don’t even realize it. We live in a media world so everywhere you go there is some type of media that has been created by someone else or even yourself available at an instant and a way to connect to others all over the world. As we evolve media will continue to evolve along with us because we are so connected with it, media will continue to change and shape our lives as we shape our media.

    -Blake Collins-

  216. I think that most people, including myself before i took this course, view media as peripheral to “real life.” We see it as a way on to comment on our reality, but still separate from it in some way. I think that it is important to examine our live and our world from the perspective of media life in order to understand that we live IN and not simply WITH media. When this is understood, we will be able to examine how exactly we spend our time in media and begin to make that time more meaningful. We can move past a phase of primitive social media into a period of social revolution, using the Internet to bring people together to affect real change. I think this potential has begun to show itself in movements such as those in the UK, Egypt, and the US. It is an exciting time and I hope people make the most of the power media gives us.

  217. There are several reasons as to why people should look at themselves from the perspective of living in media. The first is the most obvious: we are so engrossed in our media that we use it without thinking about it consciously. It is because of this that this class is what it is about. We take so much for granted nowadays that we fail to see how media is affecting our lives everyday. Even before I started college and got my laptop, I was still using media everyday. Which brings me to my next point. Even when we are not using media, we are still involved in media life. Whether it is people posting on our Facebook walls or our faces being caught on security cameras, there is hardly any point in time where we are not connected to media in some way. The reason we should look more closely at ourselves from the vantage point of media life is so that we can learn how and why we use media the way that we do, and so that we don’t just become zombies that turn our brains off anytime we use media. This class has been a gateway for me to think proactively about my media usage and helped me to look deeper than just the surface of my cell phone buttons.

  218. After taking this course and looking at all the different ways we see ourselves and other through media, I have come to one conclusion. It doesn’t matter how we look at someone or through what source of media we look. Either way, we are still seeing some form of the truth. Perhaps a friend only puts the good pictures or the stories up on Facebook and maybe the person posting about the party on Twitter isn’t really having that much fun. But at the end of the day, it seems that people are more open about sharing their stories. The same goes for myself. I follow some of the tendencies we have discussed in this class, but I don’t believe that makes me a zombie. I still have my personality and my life, and as long as media does not fully affect that, I’m fine. That, I believe, is what this course is all about. Finding your way in a media world.

  219. Through this course, I have learned that Media is more than just the computer, newspaper, apple products, and other electronic devices…rather it is a complex network that guides the lives of many people in the world today. Something that I have pondered frequently about this class is the argument of weather we follow the course of media, or if media follows us. Through discussion, many have shared their opinions that we follow the course of media…monkey see, monkey do…but I still find myself thinking that media follows us. Our freedom here allows us to venture out, take control and grow. We can develop new ideas and it is our needs and wants that create ideas to fix/cooperate with them. The media does just that. We are the media, we decide where it goes, and what it will become…the media follows us.

  220. Throughout this course I have gained a new perspective on the way we view media and the way we are viewed through media. It has really opened my eyes to how often and how much I use and rely on media. Media controls such a massive part of my life. It has been interesting to look at the way we look at each other through media. Looking at ourselves from the perspective of the media, we are completely and utterly obsessed. If all of the media that I owned was somehow all connected to one machine and that machine tracked whenever I was using my media, that machine would probably never stop tracking. We are all media zombies.

  221. T101 has changed the way I look at my media and how it interacts with my life. It has opened my eyes to how close my personal relationship with media truly is. It affects every aspect of my life, everyday. So the question is, what’s the point? Because we are media. Media is us. We live together because we are together. It’s as simple as that. The point of this class is to realize this connection and learn how to embrace it and use it to better your life.

  222. In an ever changing world where media takes on a bigger and more personal role in the lives of individuals and society as a whole it is important to look at yourself and the world around you from the perspective of media. In looking at everything from surveillance to one’s digital shadow looking at yourself and the world from the perspective of media can give real insight into the values of society and individuals, and it can help understand what is behind the very fabric of our social system. Media has become something that can define anything, what people agree upon has come to be fact. Looking at yourself and the world from the perspective of media is crucial to understanding the world in that sense. Take wikiality for example, media is living and to understand how the world changes you need to look through media.

  223. The reason why I think its important to look at our life through media is because our relationship with media is ever changing. Never before have some technological advances been had and the way we interact with media changes everyday. This class taught me how much we overestimate and underestimate media at the same time, at times we don’t think it has a major influence on our lives it does. I have always just used my media never taking the time to really think about what I’m doing and what effects it has on my life. With this class I have. I now notice things I never would have noticed without taking this class.

  224. to me i think the whole point of looking at ourselves and this world through the perspective of living media, is actually the entire idea of perception itself. media is like the human in several ways. constantly changing and evolving, different to each and every person. so it makes sense that we would want to perceive the world similar to the way we perceive each other and the things around us. all too often a younger generation sees smells and believes whole heartedly the ideas and the concepts taught the them by an older, authoritative generation, or even just one figure. al too often we never take the time to look and explore our own thought on most subjects. viewing our lives and experiences through the living media is doing just that. taking a step back and deciding for ones self what everything is really about and understanding that it is different for everyone, but that for once does not make it wrong, it makes it open to interpretation through our perception of living media. and thats what its all about.

  225. Living in a civilized and commercial era, it’s inevitable to be drawn into the information exploede and media-dominated whirlwind; it’s impossible to get rid off the impat of media. Media seems invisible for us but we are definitely not invisible in media. However, panic about media is not necessay, we just need to be alert to the fact that media is not independet, it’s inter-related and it interacts with individual. We can’t control the trend that media goes and develops, but we can control how do we see it.

  226. We should view ourselves and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media because so much of our lives have been digitized. As Zuckerberg’s Law states, each year we are sharing twice as much online as we did the year before. We upload our pictures, videos, thoughts, ideas, and memories to our media. But beyond simply storing these aspects of our lives, our media also help us live our lives. Many of us have become dependent on our technologies, such as our phones, computers, and televisions, to connect with the world around us. For instance, finding the location of the nearest bus stop is only a few taps away on some smart phones, our television sets keep us up to date on world news, and Facebook and Twitter can help us keep in touch with distant relations or even help with the organization of social revolutions like the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Above all, we should view ourselves and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media because even after we die, our digital selves are living on in media, and the pictures, videos, thoughts, ideas, and memories we shared online while we were still alive could continue to affect the rest of world.

    -Maria Khokhar

  227. Today’s world is immersed in media. Everything and nothing is real.One example, do people consider relationships or other such defining traits and events real unless they are Facebook Official? And if it is Facebook official, how can it be real? There is a new diagnosis emerging within the field of psychology called the Truman Show Delusion. The Truman Show Delusion is characterized by five basic elements:
    1) Narcissism
    2) Paranoia (followed by machines)
    3) Performance (to get noticed/recorded)
    4) Solipsism (I’ll figure it out for myself)
    5) Media (amplifies everything…if it was a 10, it is now an 11)
    When the Truman Show Delusion and its qualifiying factors were discussed in classes, I was immediately interested. I would argue that we all display each of these symptoms to a degree, and therefore can be diagnosed with the Truman Show Delusion.
    So what? What is the point of realizing this? “What is the point of looking at yourself and the world we live in from the perspective of living in media?”
    As was argued in the last class, everyone is watching everyone, we are all Truman. With this comes enormous power. You can not use this power until armed with the proper knowledge. Many people like to think that they can make a difference, that they are special. Until a person realizes that they are suffering from the Truman Show Delusion, demonstrating many of the zombie-like characteristics of everyone else, I do not believe this is possible. However, with this knowledge, you have power. Get creative within the world that is media, or the media that is the world. Create the next video that gets bounced, be the next Mark Zuckerburg. You can still make a difference though we are all the same.

  228. “We are all fucking zombies.” Never in my 19 years of existence did I think I would hear that sentence, let alone by a professor. But once it’s analyzed, using a media perspective, it makes sense. With that being said, throughout T101- Media Life I have learned that we really are all fucking zombies. Everyone is connected through media somehow. We are alone, but together. While on social networking sites we we chat with others or “creep” on profiles. We are together looking at photos but can be alone while doing it. We will always exist, even if we are deceased, because we leave a digital footprint. Nothing is really ever deleted. It may be out of sight, but it’s still in the digital world if one digs deep enough. The question I ask myself frequently while sitting in a lecture is, does media help or hinder us more? We are being watched with cameras on the street and with each swipe of our campus access cards or credit cards our moves are tracked digitally. On the internet the sites we enter can be tracked and used for marketing purposes. This helps businesses but does it help the individual? We’ve had debates about this in discussion and consensus was that it doesn’t really affect us being watched on the internet but the same doesn’t go for cameras. When there is a camera shoved in our face we watch our behavior a bit more. This ties in with the Truman Show Delusion. Media is always evolving and this will never change. We plan out our day accordingly with media usage. T-101 has taught me that we shouldn’t be ashamed our our daily media usage, we should embrace it because it’s here to stay.

  229. We need to look at ourselves and our lives through media because our lives revolve around media. In T101 we have not been told what is right and what to think is true or false regarding media, it has just been opened to us and its up to us to decide how we will take it. We live by media. It is almost impossible to go through a single day and not interact with at least one form of media. We need to be aware of how much media influences our lives.

  230. Media is ubiquitous, and as we learned last week and throughout the semester, it is almost impossible to escape from. Everywhere you go you see people focusing on their media instead of the world and people around them. But who are we to say whether this is “good” or “bad”? It all depends on context. All technology has pros and cons, and like Spiderman’s Uncle Ben (or FDR, or Jesus depending on who you ask) said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Technology, and by association media capabilities, increases exponentially and is always giving us more power. New media/technology opens a world of possibilities to us and it is up to us to make the most of them. Being Luddites and saying that media is “bad” is ridiculous because it’s here to stay, and as we’ve seen, it’s only going to become more central to our lives. Like we learned in class by looking at a study of how often people say they use media versus how often they actually use media, it is a huge part of our lives and to a greater extent than we realize. While corporations may own most media, society as a whole helps to shape it (and it helps to shape society), so it is up to us to make the most of media and use it to improve our lives.

  231. Throughout the course of the semester in T101, I have learned that looking at ourselves and the world from the perspective of “living in the media” is really important. While at times this semester it has seemed like I’m not learning much of anything in here, recently I have realized that I have learned one of the most important things, and that is the idea of doubting your reality. T101 has made me a deeper thinker in regards to media life, and just life in general. I have become much more aware of the idea of how differently someone’s perspective can be, and how perspectives on almost everything are directly related and influenced by the media.

  232. The point of looking at ourselves through media is so that we can have a better understanding of who we are and what our reality is. We are media.

  233. Throughout all of my Telecommunication classes, I have picked up a concept that we are always surrounded in media. We live in media by having it constantly circulating in our lives. Although its supposedly a decision to be able to live in media, is it actually your choice? With media inescapable, it brings me to the point of being “Alone Together.” This class concept really caught my intention because it cleared up a thought I have always had. I have always been someone who loves to be surrounded by my peers and feel more comfortable with people than without. This made me notice that even when I am alone I spend an insane amount of time keeping connected with my peers through media. That is how i am trapped in media and will always have it surrounding me, and I am completely fine with that

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