Why I Love Media

I have many kinds of love for the media, sometimes I like, sometimes sad, and sometimes I hate the media. But these emotions that have always appeared have given me an inseparable relationship with the media, which has made me “love” for the media.
I like the media because I can learn a lot of knowledge and information in the media world that I cannot accept in the real world. The media made me feel the uniqueness of each individual. At the same time, social media such as short video platforms can sometimes capture the good side of human nature that we have never noticed in our lives. This allows me to see the beauty of the world.
The media also saddens me. Because many people care about the media more and more, everyone spends a lot of time on their mobile phones instead of family and friends. At the same time, the popularity of fast food culture has also made people more and more impetuous, and they are unwilling to spend a lot of time sinking their hearts to think about profound problems.
The media also made me angry. The media is uncontrollable and blind. Although there is a lot of information in the media, the information is not comprehensive. Many netizens become “keyboard men” because of the misleading information and the uncontrollability of the media. At the same time, I think that the media has separated us from the real world, and we cannot distinguish what is the information world and what is the virtual world. Even though I know so much is not good, I still can’t leave the media. Such a sense of powerlessness makes me very angry and at a loss.

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The Mediums of Mediated Media

I like media that curate.

Carefully distill information, those who know and understand,

Those who coerce us ignorant folk into knowing best, too.

The unanimities are oblivious, illiterate.

We are because we lack (form), (educ), (concentr)ation.

Where are the 




and academics?

Who are we to trust? 

One another? 

Another one? 

One one? 

Many others one? 

P    A       P       

O   U      O

P    T       S

U   H       T

L    O       –

I     R       T

S    I       R

M   T       U

      A       T

      R       H







Is new media (dis)connective?

Is full democracy (un)democratic?

— SN 13596942

Who is Mr. Media?

My media is a human. He has qualities and incompetences, good days and bad days, mistakes and successes. This person evolves, he grows, as I do, as we do.

I entertain a relationship with this person, an irregular, emotional, fulfilling, sometimes toxic relationship.

But who is Mister media? 

Mr. Media is my adviser, he supports or critics my ideas or my projects, he gives me the tools to realize myself.

Mr. Media is my friend, he makes me laugh, spend fun time, entertain me.

Mr. Media is my psychologist, he gives advices, can heal me and protects me.

Mr. Media is my teacher, he shares the bank of knowledge he accumulates and I can also partly learn it.

Mr. Media is my co-worker, he works for me but at the same time I work for him, we are a team.

Mr. Media is my lover, he is always close to me or in me, we are in constant intimacy.

Mr. media is also a lair, he sometimes hides information or misinform me or can even completely change facts.

Mr. Media is a thief, he steals my information that I didn’t want to share with him. 

Mr. Media is a stalker, always looking where and when I go, knowing exactly what I like and what I don’t.

Mr. Media is an abuser, possessive, asking for attention on a regular basis.

Mr. Media is a kidnapper, he controls me, my views and my behavior, he puts me in a frame which is a prison.

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I Love Media*

Every time I wake up, the first thing that comes to mind is grabbing my phone to check my socials. When there’s not much to see i just turn to YouTube, Netflix, or any other video streaming app for a few minutes before getting out of bed. That is how much I love media: it is how I start my day off. My media adventure doesn’t stop there though. Throughout the day i constantly check my Instagram and Whatsapp, and I really mean that. On an average, I pick up my phone around sixteen times an hour. Is that really because I love media though?

A little while ago my phone stopped working. It was stuck in a boot-loop (constantly trying to turn itself on and failing), so I could not use it until i had it fixed, which was only one day since it was so easy to fix that i could just do it myself. However, on that day, I still picked up my phone every other minute, only to realise that it was indeed still broken. I kept forgetting that i could not use it. Not only that, but I had never been as bored as I was on that day. Is that love or just addiction? My roommates said that it is indeed addiction and I should try to fight it. However, there is only one problem with that: I do not want to fight it. Media surrounds us whether we want it or not and I love it. It is even the reason why I chose to study Media and Information. Maybe I do rely on it too much and maybe the amount of time I spend consuming media is problematic, but I like it, and I recommend everyone to do the same. But who cares? This is just an addict speaking.


Memes Against Boredom

People love and people hate media. Media informs people with right and with wrong information, media makes you connect with others and media gives us something to do while we’re bored. That’s why I love media. You can use it for so many things, for good and for bad. I like to use media to develop myself, increase my knowledge, make new friends, keep myself updated and laugh at memes. This is my favorite meme and I hope you enjoy it too.

This is me and the friends that I made online.


Why I Love Media

The reason for my love of media is the variety of entertainments it provides. My love of media began through my mother. She was a communications student and a radio DJ who loves everything pop culture related. She began expanding my repertoire by introducing me to movies such as the Sound of Music and Out of Africa. These movies shaped my understanding and knowledge of the world. As I grew older my passion grew. For example, I took higher level Film in high school and developed so much passion that I intend to delve into the world of film production. My growing knowledge in pop culture and media has also been extremely useful in making new friends in university and creating a connection with people in a new environment. Now more than ever I believe it is important that not only do we share our love for the things we are passionate about but use it as a vessel to spread positivity and awareness. 


Why I heart Social Media

It is well known that Media is everywhere and we are part of the Media. As we consume the Media content we are producing the Media content at the same time. For me, social media plays a big part in my Media life, I love and hate it at the same time.

I found that social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are ways to connect with friends you don’t see very often. It is designed to help people socialize virtually. You are interacting with your friends by posting and liking pictures of sports, travelings, great dining experiences you had, even thoughts about anything in life. So the social media apps are very versatile and people are more and more relying on even getting addicted to them.

At the same time, social media is giving people many bad experiences. Firstly the pictures users posting are only represent a tiny fraction of their real-life and almost always they are manipulated. So it’s creating lots of unnecessary anxieties to its users over their appearances, lifestyle through competitions of account profiles. And it also has cultivated more narcissists as time goes.

Secondly, the social media apps didn’t give the social feelings it supposed to do. On the contrary, it has made people a lot lonelier. Due to the popularization of social media apps, people are socializing less in the real life. You could be sitting next to them but they are still paying attention to the apps instead of talking to you directly. Given the fact that body languages and tonality of words are impossible to communicate through smartphones. The only communications on the apps are like/dislike buttons and words of text. Sometimes people misinterpret the messages online so it creates misunderstandings. And waiting for your distant friends to like your pictures or replying to messages can bring more loneliness. So it has destroyed the social vibes people are normally having in the pre-social media era.

To mend these problems I think the tech companies should help people communicate better by using technologies like virtual reality so people can communicate their body language online. And it should change their profits maximizing purposes. Instead of acting as a bridge encouraging people to interact more offline in the real world.


Ode to All Memes

from moment to moment a new beggining

from frame to frame a new vision

from brush to brush a new painting

and the world itself is almost fainting

every moment in itself is so much

breathing and exailing what is eternal

the infinite of one second in my hand i can touch

I deem you the creme of the crop

the answer to my brooding stream of consciousness

I salute you… meme

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my relation with media

my relationship with the media and technology in general has always been a bit fluctuating, because on the one hand I think that media and technologies in general are truly the future, both as regards the circulation of information that can be done freely by anyone, but also as mentioned in Marc Zuckerberg’s text, through the foundation of real digital infrastructures, which would completely revolutionize, to cite an example, the concept of public administration.

On the other hand, however, the media influence our everyday life much more than we think, they also force us to expose all our data on servers, as well as filtering and tracing pretty much all the all the actions we do in the platforms, as mentioned in the last lectures all our researches are received, analysed and interpreted in order to be able to show us ads that correspond to our tastes or to something we need; moreover over the years a real supremacy of some media platforms has been established over the others, the two most striking examples of this phenomenon are certainly Google and Facebook, this has led to a homologation of the contents as well as to a further homologation of the average user of the internet, which was forced to use only that certain social network and only in that specific way.

concluding I find that in order to be able to effectively exploit the functional type of media platforms, it would be necessary to raise awareness of the potential that these tools can offer nowadays, furthermore, in order to have a system based only on media platforms, it would be necessary to inculcate a real digital culture.

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How Digital Media Bridged the Gap

As a young child, I spent the majority of my days completely separated from digital media. My fathers reluctance to expose me to digital media at such a young age provided me with a childhood that I remember to have always been peaceful and enjoyable, especially given the bohemian/surfers lifestyle my parents led. However, as I transitioned into what I suppose could be considered as a more “traditional” upbringing in the city, where I attended a public school with kids who had been using digital media on a daily basis since they were toddlers, I began to think of my disassociation to digital media as more of a curse than a blessing. 

All the music my parents played for me came from cassettes or vinyl records, we read books for entertainment and kept up with pop culture through magazines, and the rare movie nights we had were all watched on vhs tapes my dad had collected throughout the years. Given my parents’ desire to raise my brother and I on the same mediums they grew up with, I came to realize that I was far behind my peers at school when it came to latest trends, video games, film icons…etc. For the longest time I felt incredibly alienated from the rest of the children at school, I loved reading The Surfer’s Journal, and listening to bands from the 90’s such as Mojave 3, Sonic youth, and Elliot Smith and struggled to find anybody my age who I could relate to and share my passions with.

At the age of 7 my family moved to Amsterdam, and due to the lack of swell and surf culture in the Netherlands I began to take an interest in the next best thing, skateboarding. As soon as I’d get out of school I’d rush home to grab my board and spend the hours leading up to  dinner practising the basics in front of my front door. At the beginning of every month I would rush to the skateshop to buy the newest edition of Thrasher magazine and I’d spend the next four weeks reading it front to back, tearing out pages to put up on my wall, dreaming of someday finding my place in the heart of skate culture. As a French speaking young boy I found it intimidating and difficult to insert myself into the dutch skate scene and make friends who shared my passion for skateboarding, so I hardly ever skated anywhere other than in front of my house where I had created my own little skatepark. The curb was my ledge, the speed bump a couple meters down the road was my ramp (which felt so big to me at the time), and the two steps leading into the entrance of our home was my stair set. That area in front of my home had become my favorite place in the world, and I eventually came to know it like the back of my hand. I was aware of every crack and bump in the road and saw them as extra obstacles in my little “skatepark”. Despite loving this space I had created for myself more than anything, It began to feel increasingly lonely as I grew up.

For my 10th birthday I was given my first Iphone and everything began to change. I wasted no time in downloading social media and entertainment apps such as Instagram and youtube, and it brought me extreme joy to finally be able to follow and watch my favorite skaters skate rather than imagine it through a picture. I was discovering twice as much about skate culture due to my new ability to learn about international skate scenes, and about my Idols other creative endeavours through their self promotion on social media platforms, thus inspiring me to dig deeper into different musical styles, fashion design, photography, film…etc, all while still coming to terms with the fact that I was able to access it all with a simple click of a button. This enormous wave of information had hit me like a truck and sent me straight to cloud 9, which I have since never come down from. In other words, my newly acquired access to a plethora of digital media platforms had unlocked the world for me, and anything and everything now felt possible. It bridged the gap between me and the world I had felt distanced from for so long. 

The most important thing digital media did for me is that it allowed me to find others my age who shared the same passions, and made it possible for me to connect with them online, and eventually meet them in person. Media helped me find my tribe, and figure out who I am and where I belong… and that is precisely why I love media. 

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