Why I Love Media

Media is like a relationship, you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can either perceive a relationship to be good or bad. However, sometimes it’s just a scramble of both and you’re not sure how you feel. Things can either be filled with content or they can not. There will be a constant battle of finding the perfect balance. Ultimately, it’s a love-hate relationship.

10 reasons why I love media:

  1. It allows individuals to experiment with who they are
  2. It allows individuals to share their passion with others
  3. It allows friendships to form
  4. It allows long-distance friends and families to connect
  5. It allows opportunities to be open
  6. It allows others to talk about taboo subjects
  7. It allows us to capture memories to look back on
  8. It allows us to create films that explore other dimensions/universe
  9. It allows us to not feel so alone (mental illness)
  10. It allows us to explore everything from 10 to 100 years ago

10 reasons why I hate media:

  1. It allows fake news to be spread
  2. It allows individuals to cyberbully
  3. It allows individuals to create fake personas
  4. It allows unhealthy habits to be promoted
  5. It allows untrue/problematic theories to spread
  6. It allows one to underestimate their self-worth by comparing themselves
  7. It puts pressure on young kids to grow “faster”
  8. It portrays stereotypes on different communities
  9. It portrays certain beauty standards that individuals feel the need to uphold
  10. It creates addiction

Media has been in my life since the second I was born. I do not know a life without media. We are surrounded by media every second of the day. Media isn’t just social media apps, it’s everywhere and we can’t really escape it. Media is a wonderful thing but like everything, there’s always a negative aspect. I always try to view it as living in the in-between. You get to decide how you want to view media and how it affects you.

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Media keeps me together

My family lives around the world. I only see them every now and then but thankfully every morning I wake up I am able to send a good morning text and wish them a great day. Media truly keeps me sane because it allows me to keep in touch with my family. 

I remember being little and my dad going away for work trips. Phone calls were expensive if you were out of the country and so keeping in touch was not easy. I got to say hi and ask how he was but that was it. Missing someone was different then. 

Now that FaceTime and Google Duo are such a big part of our lives missing your family is not that bad. It almost feels like you are with them when you can see their face in HD and hear their voice like they would be in the same room with you. 

I often think how life would be if these things did not exist. How could I go without texting my sister that lives in Dubai asking which shirt I should buy for the party. Or calling my brother that lives in Finland asking how do I fix my TV. 

Realizing how much I take different media for granted is crazy. If one day everything were to just shut down I truly do not know what I would do. My life is how it is because of media. Being able to stay in contact with family and friends even if we live in different countries is truly the best thing ever. 

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Why I love my media

The reason why I love my media is because they help me with everything every day. Medias have helped me keep in touch with friends and family that are in a different country. Although there is a lot of fake news going around, I have gained a large amount of knowledge, it also gives me the opportunity to look at news that are less biased than mainstream medias. For example I knew about George Floyd’s death because of Instagram, I was also able to see different videos from different angles because of Instagram, mainstream media usually didn’t show more than one video. I love my media because it helps me set goals for myself (of course achievable), for example seeing all those rich people makes me want to live the same lifestyle, so I set myself some goals in order to slowly get closer to the lifestyle I want to live. As I just mentioned, social medias only show us the bright side of our idols’ lifestyle which can be nice when we want to escape from reality, but sadly can also quickly turn into something bad, such as raising social standards. A good example would be the Kardashian family, now a large number of women (mostly teens) think that having their body shape is the new social standard and hope to have the same result, but without doing surgery (which is clearly impossible). Unfortunately, not achieving their goal will make them unsecure. Social medias also give us the opportunity to see things that we might never see in real life such as animals or landscapes.

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Misplaced Passion 

What is it to you? People ask me

I DO not know it is confusing

Maybe it’s wrong maybe it’s right

Am I in control or am I losing the fight

I have it on me late at night

Or in the morning at breakfast



I NEED it 

I don’t

And now I lost it

Wait where did it go?

I look for it high

I look for it low

My media Oh Media

Do not leave me alone

In the dark I am cold

A light comes from afar, full of warmth

Is that what I think it is

Surely not…

It is back to me 

My savior from afar

It looks down on me and picks me up

We are eye to eye 

We are one

What is it to you? People ask me

It is MY media, is that not enough.

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Name: Yasseen Ramadan

Media is love. Media is life.

I love my Media because I feel that it keeps me in touch with contemporary culture – but also allows me to access culture that is not contemporary to my time. As a music lover I love to listen to all kinds of music. My media in the case of music has become so intimate to me, that I have a few albums that I very so often come back to and enjoy to guide me through the day, hype me up or comfort me in certain situations. I like to think that Media is the one thing that is going to leave our signature on earth; this can be projected on us as individuals or the whole human race. This is why I love my Media.

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Time Going Too Fast

The first time I realized my love for the media was when I was eleven or twelve years old. My parents had a Sony Camcorder and they used to record me on tape with it since I was little. Of course, because I was so young, I had no recollection of that happening. We had bought a new television and we were going to project the tape videos to the screen for the first time via cable, which at the time was a huge technological advance. The possibility of recording a moment forever, watching it again years later, and being able to relive it, albeit with a hope, had a profound effect on me. From that moment on, I started to think that perhaps it would be more important to record that moment rather than living in it. I thought that it would prevent me from forgetting those memories it in the future because I was so afraid of amnesia. The reason why I was so afraid is because I was aware that everything was developing very quickly, just as time passed very quickly. Therefore, I also am angry with the media for the same reason because everything is losing its originality. While I could easily watch cassette tapes before, over time I had to convert those tapes to CD and CDs to USB. Now I’m trying to keep the recordings on the USB alive and the fact that it’s an endless loop is driving me crazy.

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The reason why I like media is because it got me and my best friend to reconnect. We had been friends for over 11 years but only during the quarantine we got close. When the quarantine began, we started calling each other at least 3 to 4 times a week, either doing homework together or cooking. Being able to talk to her during the 1 year and a half made the lockdown a little more fun and less terrible. That is why I will end my blog post with, even in the darkest times there is light.

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Loving Media, Suspiciously

As most people of my generation, I have been exposed to and grown into media when it was advancing at a pace it has never yet advanced and, in turn, when new ways of commodifying media practices often went unchecked and unrestrained. Now looking back it is interesting to see how I fell for traps laid out by commercials on TV and catalogues and, eventually, the pressures of social media. This strategic use of my childhood urges for profit sounds almost dystopian and, once I realised the risks, made me view media with suspicion. Mistrust, however, was followed by curiosity.

Questions regarding media consumption now arise involuntarily: Why am I still watching this? How come this ad has an effect on me? Am I enjoying this because it wants to sell me something and I am its target audience? Media is a growing yet unexplored terrain and I will inevitably fall into its trenches but my hope is to do it consciously. I am not attempting to answer the question of human freedom, as so many people did and there is no consensus so far. Regardless of whether I am free to make choices at my own will in the mediated world I want to be able to tell, for myself, how these choices are coming about. And to do that I am learning to look at media through suspicious naivety.

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From love to hate and back again

My relationship with media is pretty complicated I think. I’ve been using it since I was eight years old. I would go on forums for girls my age and I’d made a lot of friends. In real life, away from media I was pretty shy and reserved. I had a hard time making friends and expressing myself. But online I felt like I could be myself. I’m still in contact with some of the friends I made back then and I think that’s really special. Because of those forums I discovered my passion for writing. I’d write my own stories and fanfictions and my biggest dream was to become a published writer. This later changed to becoming a journalist. That dream still hasn’t changed.

Media has saved me from loneliness and boredom. When I would have a hard time making friends at school, I would come home and talk to the friends I made online. This has also been keeping me sane during the pandemic. You see, I like being at home and I enjoy spending time alone, so I think the lockdowns didn’t affect me as much as other people, but after a couple of weeks I felt like I was going insane. I talked to my friend about this and he got some friends together to play games. About once a week, this group of around ten people would come together and play games for a couple of hours. It was online, yes, but we had something to do and something to look forward to. 

But this pandemic also made me realise how much I hate media. There are so many positive sides of (social) media, but the negative sides were something I started to notice. I’d watch the news and see mostly negative reports and I got a lot of anxiety because of that. I noticed that even though I wanted to, I couldn’t stop consuming media all the time. I started to feel trapped in it. I started leaving my phone in my room for the day, but then I would still need to lose my laptop or watch television or I’d hear about something involuntarily. 

While all of this was happening, I was studying journalism. And what is a journalist without media, right? 

Media intrigues me still, it’s like an addiction. I see the problems and negative effects, but I still love it. It’s the reason I chose to study Media and Information.

In conclusion, media shaped me to who I am today and I am grateful. But it also frustrates me and I want to take a step back sometimes. I know this isn’t realistic, so I just deal with it and accept it’s flaws and embrace the positive sides of it.

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