Ben Bohlin

We’re all ****ing zombies.

Could leave it at that, but there are probably at least four others doing the same.

This class hit all the high notes, and I think that it was a great source of learning on how we interact not only with media, but with people on a daily basis.

I feel the course was about… how we are blending together. Machines, people, intelligence, reason, emotion, it’s all coming together online, and we cannot escape from it. We can, however, shape it, mold it, give it substance to stand on, because when it comes down to it we made the Web, we control what’s on it.

I have just realized that I have been blathering on auto-pilot for the last paragraph.

*sigh* Okay. What it comes down to is this:

-We are together alone.
-We are interdependent and independent.
-We share more and less than we want to with the world.

Contradictions, yes. Much like living dead is a contradiction.
So the point of this course is:

We are all ****ing zombies. But is that actually a bad thing?

Thanks to Mark Deuze for teaching an awesome class.


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