What T101 Is All About – Molly Cason

To be honest, I have actually been asked this question almost every time I mentioned that I was taking T101. And I think the answer is somewhat simple, even in a complex class. T101 Media Life is basically about learning just how much media has taken over our world. Making us aware that we cannot hide from it, and how it will always be with us. And the class has proved this is not an opinion, it is a cold hard fact. From there, it is up to us to decide, after learning about the complete dominance of media, what exactly we want to do with it.The class is giving us different ideas, and we have to decide what we agree with, what we completely disagree with, and how we are going to live our lives in a media-driven world. But the truth is that media is here to stay, and will only continue to grow. In a way, I think some of what we have learned has also helped us to learn what people do wrong in media, and what we can do to avoid it, whether that is one of the goals of the class or not. Since the class started, I have put my facebook and twitter on the most private settings, deleted “friends” that I did not know and become much smarter about what I post. In the end, T101 has taught me how to be smart in media, by helping me realize that it is everywhere, and that you cannot escape it. But you can still have a sense of control, if you choose to.


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