Shirin Ali- What Is Media Life?

After taking this class I have decided that Media Life is about realizing that we live in two realities. This class introduces the idea that our media creates a new reality for ourselves, through Facebook profiles, blogs, emails, videogames, cellphones, etc. we are creating an image to an online community that is supposed to be ‘representative’ of who we really are.

Media is creating a new society. It’s a society that has zombie like features, enforces strict surveillance, and is constantly on the search to integrate media in any shape or form to our daily realities. Media isn’t just part of our society today it IS our society today. We simultaneously use multiple media devices throughout the day and integrate them so that we depend on them to get things done efficiently , effectively, and quickly.

We have passed the stage of trying to keep media out of our lives, we now are approaching the stage of accepting that fact and instead embracing media and really allowing it so help our lives. We are beginning to integrate our media reality and our live reality into one, in order to create the ideal reality that incorporates media and real life into one.


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Website dedicated to the Media Life/Life in Media project of Mark Deuze, Professor of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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  1. I learned in media life that there is no loving or hating media. It has become to influential in our lives and we have become so dependent on it, that we are one. If you come it loving media, you will end up finding many faults and negative things with it as well as the positives. If you come in hating media, you will hind many pros and positive things, as well as the negative things. You study how media has truly become an everyday part of your life, and the course allows you to decide all topics for yourself.

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