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At first thought, I had a hard time coming up with something new I had learned and will take away from T-101. However, I realized that I had actually just mainly learned a lot about myself and the way I interact with the media world. I realized that the point of this class was not only focused of how the media world is changing, but also how we are changing with it. I learned through the Facebook Essay how people can perceive even the smallest detail in a negative or positive light. With this, I also learned that it not only matters how I carry myself in the real world, but also the media world. Through the Google Essay, I learned that what I do and say online can be seen by just searching my name. This made me realize just how easy someone could find information on myself. Lastly, if anything I will take away from this class the fact that though I’m just another person on the web, my mark will always remain online.

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