What is media life to me? (Tyler Wardrop)

At the beginning of the semester when I saw the ‘5 Secrets of Media Life’ on the screen I found it hard to believe that over the course of a semester someone would be able to sway my opinion so that I would strongly believe in all of them. Before this class I, like the majority of people today, are oblivious to the unique and somewhat uncanny connection we have with media. Think about it! We sleep with our cell phones, laptops, and other media devices. We feel more comfortable and connected just knowing our cell phone is there and we feel strange and alone when it’s not. After someone gets back from a vacation in which they couldn’t check their Facebook the first thing they do is check how many notifications they have. Our interdependence on media is to a point where we cannot escape it. But then again why should we? Everyday new technologies are coming out to make our lives more simple and more productive which is always really great. Don’t get me wrong I do think there is a point which we should not cross but I don’t see us getting to that bridge for quite a while. The point is that ‘we are everywhere’, ‘we are together alone’, ‘we can see everyone and everything’, ‘we are on the move’, and most importantly ‘we are media’. In all honesty I don’t believe most people could live without media these days. We rely on it so much that it is us and we are it and that is always going to be the case from this point on. What it comes down to is the point and name of this class, Media Life. Media is life. It is living, breathing, changing, and it is us.


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  1. I love this class because all of the great things it has taught me. I was obviously an avid user of media before I became a pupil in this course, but the class has given me a greater appreciation of the media world. The class has made me more media “savy,” and I have a deeper understanding of how people use media, in all ways (positive, negative, indifferent ways.) Every lecture is insightful and I always leave class thinking even after I get back to my room. The one thing that this class elicts from me is the thought of what media will be like in the future, which is the most interesting aspect of the class to me. There is so much technology out there that we still don’t even know about, but is waiting in the wings to be released to us. This class gave me a full appreciation for the technology that we have today, and will have in the future.

  2. Charlie Chamness- I’ve really enjoyed this class because it made me think about things I had never considered before. Being together alone through media, how zombies are like us, and many other topics that really made me consider reality and how media affects my life. I took media for granted before this class but now I realize what an impact it has on my life. Without media I would be disconnected from the whole world! I’ve agreed with basically everything Mark has taught us over the semester. I would love to live in a media friendly city when I get older. Being part of the creative class is also very exciting to me. This class has really opened my eyes in a lot of different ways.

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