Janne Leivo /Who you are in the Internet world

To suffer from memory loss, amnesia is a horrible thought. My first thought that came to my mind is the film The Bourne Identity. The main character of the film, Jason Bourne suffers from amnesia after an assassination attempt and has to figure out who he is. Gradually he finds out he is former trained assassin with skills not an everyday guy would have.

In today’s lecture we talked about the importance of the electronic trace you leave behind. In a world were everyone has a degree and are capable of doing remarkable things, does the Internet say who you really are and what you can do, and this is good question. If we look at an unknown person on the street, we can’t say if the person has any special skills, we don’t know there was just a world famous pianist walking by. If I would have to trace back memories or history of me, I would possibly find out that skills in skateboarding and juggling, or another motoric skill. This reminds me off my grandfather, he used to be quite skilful juggler, but since I never got to know him, I have no memory of him. And since it was a long time ago, they did not have access to video cameras to document my grandfather’s skills juggling in a performance. I only recently discovered the talent my grandfather did have, and if I had started practicing juggling at an early age, I would today be a master and maybe have some postings online of me making a performance. This comes back to the question of who we are trying to be and what we can do about it.


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