María Hernández – who I am according to Google

My total amnesia made me curious about my own life, so I tried to discover myself by looking for my name (the only information I have about me) on the internet, and this is the result:

The first thing I get to know is that I have a very common name. In order to find myself in Google, I first have to click on three other profiles of women called María Hernández Solana. Once I find the right one, which I recognize because of the picture, I go into my Linkedin profile; the only things I could learn about me from this profile is that I study Journalism and I have been involved in several projects, in addition to the fact that I have done two internships related to graphic design.

From my Facebook profile I could only see three or four profile pictures, all of them in very sunny and nice places.

So the only thing I now know about myself is what I do profesionally speaking and that I love the sun according to my profile pictures.

After this experiment I reach the conclusion that it is quite difficult to know my personal details just with a simple Google search. I guess that a more in depth search would have different results, but now I know that it is not very easy to find out who I am in the internet.

About the question of who I am trying to be, if I had to understand myself only from this search, I would have the feeling that the most important thing is my work and that I want to have a happy and responsible image towards the others. I guess that I am trying to be perfect for a future job, like many other people do.



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